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[Team Tactics] Tips for tanks.

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Hello, i have few tips which might help you as tank user.
Here are few tips for becoming a better tank player! Obviously, some of these tips cant be applied to all tanks as it depends on which tank you are playing! For example, if you are playing Franco  instead of clearing the enemy wave, try to ruin the enemy junglers farm by bothering him in the jungle and hooking the blue and red buff.If the enemies start chasing you just run and try not to die. This will gain ur team an advantage as they will be able to kill the turtle and get more gold. If you harassed the enemy jungler in early game, he might still be lvl 3 while your team might already be lvl 4 which will gain you a huge advantage!

On top of that, the key to being a good tank player is to understand ur role first. Obviously, most people know that a tank's job is to protect the team and especially the main damage dealers (mage, mm). But how can one protect them in the best way?

Giving vision as to where the enemy jungler/mm/mage might be by checking bushes in order to avoid your main damage dealer getting ganked is an important task for  tanks.
poking enemy !! fight for objects tower turtle lord that all , always  check map before you go in if everyone ready to fight with you, dont just go 1vs5 and ask wheres my team . And tanks as khufra loli tig loli have big advantage to ambush ultimate on bushes can turn the game just with 1 ulti its obviously enemy wont face u in front so try to play smart and come from behind check if ur teal read then use ultimate  +flicker that would be like opportunity to finish the game. And as mentioned battle spell ! Stop using ur fliker for nothing if u gonna die just die and dont waste it because that flicker have 120s cd and who knows in 120s you could make perfect combo with ulti+fliker . And another point . Ks kill stealing (grock user i see you ) you know when your core or side have advantage on 200gold its make a lot different to dominate lane.
-Feel free to share any other tips you have in comment.
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I like your tips, especially about giving vision is so important wish more beginners tanks did it
Post time 2021-4-24 06:15 PM | Show all posts
Note: The author has been banned or deleted.
 Author| Post time 2021-4-24 07:12 PM | Show all posts
CloudDevelic replied at 2021-4-24 06:15 PM
@Tempestt @IZxCOLD

Agreed. Even up to Mythic, it is common for tanks to not be aware of importance  ...

Yeah, thats is exactly what i tried to explain.
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IZxCOLD replied at 2021-4-24 06:41 AM
I like your tips, especially about giving vision is so important wish more beginners tanks did it

Agree for this
Post time 2021-4-28 06:18 PM | Show all posts
If you as a tank play together with a hyper carry. Go with him all or at least most of the time and protect him with providing vision and crowed control when he fights so that he does not die.
Post time 2021-5-1 07:52 PM | Show all posts
SteveB replied at 2021-4-28 06:18 PM
If you as a tank play together with a hyper carry. Go with him all or at least most of the time and  ...

Yup, but in early game, don't ever do a jungle together with the hyper carry. So the exp from the jungle mobs won't split in to half.
Post time 2021-5-2 05:32 PM | Show all posts
Eizy replied at 2021-5-1 07:52 PM
Yup, but in early game, don't ever do a jungle together with the hyper carry. So the exp from the  ...

Just leave the monster early enough, no? Tank has mask anyway.
Maybe I did it wrong, but most of the weak early hypers also request the help and that you prepare red already while they are on blue to save time...
Post time 2021-5-6 11:42 PM | Show all posts
Nice tips bro. Hope you won't mind if I add some tips:

*Your team has you as a tank and support(angela,estes,rafaela etc.). If your support bought mask at the start, don't buy mask because both of you will be stacked at level 1 for a long time. Only buy mask if you and that support are on same lane.

*About helping jungler. You don't help him while he taking buff. Both red and blue buff has more durability if 2 heroes attacking them. This was announced in one of updates 6 months ago. Instead of helping him, better provied vision and protect buff.

*About the thing @SteveB mentioned. It's ok for your jungler to prepare him red buff while he taking blue but it is not good for your team. You will lose huge amount of HP while he comes to red buff and your team will be without vision. Until you recall to base and heal, enemy can gank any lane they want. Do this thing only if you are a 5-players team.

*Pick the right tank for the right situation.
Ruby, Esmeralda and Alice are not tanks. Some players (who are probably carried to higher ranks) still think mentioned heroes are tanks. No, they are not and they will never be.
Gatotkaca, Hilda, Barats and Uranus are offlaners, not pure tanks. In this META, Barats is better jungler than tank.
Sadly, Akai is rarely picked today because he needs revamp. Without his ultimate, he is useless. Franco is good if you are godly Franco who can hook with closed eyes or if you have another tank in team, otherwise don't pick him. After recent nerf, Johnson is now also useless because you can see him while he ults. I didn't play Gloo that much so I can't speak about him. So, what is left?
Atlas, Grock, Hylos, Khufra, Belerick, Baxia, Lolita and Tigreal. All 7 are very good. IMO, Atlas is still the best tank in game. He can be so annoying. He can roam around map really fast, has durability, has amazing CC skills, he is the right pick for many situations. My favourites are Baxia and Khufra. Baxia can roam around even faster than Atlas and has amazing durability. Ult + venegance and Chang'e and her ult can go home. Even he is nerfed so many times, Khufra is still amazing tank and nightmare for enemies who depend on dash skills. Fanny is still crying when see him and with so many flicker tricks, he can turn around game with one combo. Hylos and Grock were always good tanks and will always be. For fast attack speed enemies, Belerick is your man. There are some doubts about Loli and Tig so I will let other member to talk about them. Cheers.
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