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[Hero Concept] Initial suggestion about "Support/MM" hero

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Solia, daughter of flowers

Role: Marksman/Support
Specialty: Heal/Damage

Property: Nature Blessing

Solia can aim and Target her allies with her Basic attack, and give the ally her Effects.
When Solia receives damage, or uses skill and hits enemies, she will summon a Butterfly to fly around (up to 5 Butterflies at maximum).
Solia can award Butterflies to allies or enemies with her Basic Attack (up to 5 Butterflies for each ally/enemy).
Solia's Basic Attack range increases by 0.2 yards with each Butterfly she summoned, and her Movement Speed ​​increases by 3%.
The movement speed of the ally with the Butterflies also increases with the same proportion.
The Butterflies stays with allies/enemies for 8 seconds (giving a Butterflies for target renews this period), if Solia does not use the Butterfly, it will return to it again.

Skill 1: Nature's Will
This skill is divided into two parts, and its type (healing/harassment) can be determined by the type of the specific target (ally/foe) provided that there are Butterflies surrounding it.

Nature's Will - Heal: Within 5 seconds, every half second. Butterflies will disappear and heal the ally for 60/70/80/90/100/110 + (30% total magic power) HP, if the ally's HP is full, the healing will be converted into a shield equal to 50% of the healing value.

Nature's Will - Harassment: For 5 seconds within a certain range, keep the enemy visible on the map. For every 1s, the Butterfly will attack the enemy, Dealing 150/160/170/180/190/200 + (30% total magic power) and reducing the enemy movement speed by 10% for a short time (it can stack).

The effect can be regenerated and long lasting by giving the ally/enemy a Butterfly while the skill is activated.
The skill's Cooldown will be reduced by 0.3 seconds with each Butterfly that heals or attacks an enemy. With this skill, more than one ally and more than one enemy can be healed and attacked simultaneously.

Second skill: the nature wall

Solia dash in and protects herself with tree branches (she cannot be targeted during a rush).
Tree branches stay for 4 seconds in the area, while Solia or a close ally is walking through it, they will get 20% / 35% / 40% damage reduction.
The branches will move once in the direction of solia movement and renew it Duration.
The enemy will immobilize for 1s when he enters the branches.

Ultimate Skill: Parent Seed

Solia throws the parent seed in the specified direction. If it hits an enemy, the seed will get attached to the enemy and reduce its movement speed for 5 seconds.
If 3 butterflies attack the enemy or if the allies kills it, the seed will rise to the flower of life that will extend its roots in the area.
The main Target will receive 200/400/600 + (140% total magic power) magic damage, while the another enemies will receive 200/300/400 + (120% total magic power) Magic Damage, and Immobilized the main target for 1.5s, if the roots catch another enemy, it will immobilized for 1s and immobilized the main target again for the same duration as well.
The main Target will re-immobilized whenever the roots catch other enemies, and dealing the damage again (the damage reduce to 30% with multiple hits).
Solia will summon a Butterfly whenever roots catch an enemy, roots can catch each enemy once.

So, I hope to see a hero as "Marksman / Support" in the game.
This is one of my suggestions.
Solia can continuously do damage with her first skills. At the same time, she can heal allies too, from a safe distance.
Of course, you need speed and attention to get the most out of Solia.
Solia's ultimate skill gives the ability to confront enemies and control team fighting, the skill can act as a initiator of the fight, of course the main target will suffer from a long period of control during team fighting, and it will also be affected by damage.
Magic damage equipment will be very useful with Solia, it will boost her first skill abilities and also the amount of damage that the enemies receive.

So, i hope that you love my suggestion, thank you♡
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I think support/mm is not viable in moba games. It's okay if the hero is a supp/mm if she/he will only grants shield. Too op if it's heal. It'll be unbalanced.  

It's really ridiculous to combine support and marksman role, just like marksman and tank, mage and marksman, or even assassin and tank.
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