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[Hero Concept] Hero Concept: Zuben the Solar System Defender

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Edited by Kratos007 at 2021-5-5 10:15 AM

-  He is Mage/Support Hero

-  He is the ancient being that took the human form filled with pure energy, and his purpose is to protect our solar system from dangers.

-  Passive Skill (Nobel Defender)
.  His basic attack will be in form of small dark bluish violet color energy beam that has slighly medium range.
.  He will grants to himself and to his nearby ally heroes 15% magic defence and 10% physical defence.
.  If Zuben himself didn't cast any of his skills for 5 secs, he will be floating over a dark purplish cloud, which will grant him 15% movement speed and can bybass all obstacles.

-  1st Skill (Royal Pressence)
.  CD is 7 secs
.  A sudden sound of royal drum beats will be played around Zuben. Once that happened, all ally units nearby will increase their moral, which will increase their both attack speed and attack strengh by 10%. For Zuben himself, he we get damage resistance by 20%. It will lasts for 3 secs.

-  2nd Skill (Wormhole)
.  CD is 15 secs.
.  He will create 2 portal openings, one will be right in front of him, and the second one he can put anywhere in the map. Through that portal, only Zuben can cast any of his basic and skill attacks throught it and attack whatever object in front of this second opening. This portal is just for delivering attacks throught it, not for teleportation. it will last as long as Zuben stayed in close proximity from the first portal opening. Both portal sides will have their live icons in the mini map, so all players of both sides can detect them.

-  3rd Skill (Antimatter Explosion)
.  CD is 35 secs.
.  The following will occur in order:
*  The player will choose any location nearby within medium range
*  Then Zuben will take 1.5 secs to charge to collect antimatter from his surrounding
*  Then he will release large black ball energy filled with smaller energy bright reddish ringes of energy particles come out of it toward that target
*  Once this ball hit its target, it will cause dark purple explosion that knocking back all enemy units affected by it, causing massive damage to them
.  If this ball went throught wormhole "2nd Skill", it will gain momentum and will cause extra stun for 2 secs after those knocked up enemy units landed on the ground.

-  Ultimate (Meteor Shower)
.  CD is 60 secs.
.  The player will choose any location nearby within large range, then Zuban will hold his staff with his both hands and put it in stand position on ground in front of him, and will call 3 big meteors to summoned.
.  Once they are summoned, they will hit that target causing massive damage in the impact location.
.  After the impact, they will not be exploded, instead they will keep rolling on the ground for 4 secs, causing any enemy target hit by them to be knocked back and reciving medum damage.
.  In the end of their journey of 4 secs of rolling, they will cracked up and be destroyed.
.  When they are rollling, each one of them will take different direction: right, straight and left, and they will slowly get away from each other.

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Really, I love the picture! What a badass hero lol. Is that your own art?
Post time 2021-5-4 01:24 PM | Show all posts
instead of making him as a pure mage, becoming a mage/support is also not bad if seeing on his passive and 1st skill
support from me!
 Author| Post time 2021-5-5 10:16 AM | Show all posts
Ncup.Ajh replied at 2021-5-4 01:24 PM
instead of making him as a pure mage, becoming a mage/support is also not bad if seeing on his passi ...

I changed it, thank you :)
 Author| Post time 2021-5-8 11:18 AM | Show all posts
Zamanino replied at 2021-5-8 08:14 AM
Really, I love the picture! What a badass hero lol. Is that your own art?

That picture is not my own, i just founded it online. I have zero experience with photoshop or drawing at general unfortunately :(
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