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[Talk With Developer] Voice From Developers 28/04/2021

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[i=s] Edited by StreetGamer at 2021-4-30 04:12 PM [/i]

Hi MLBB players. Developers have been paying attention to MLBB's community feedback. Thank you for your feedback. Here are some suggestion of date 28/04/2021. (Suggestion resources from: players from official MLBB Discord groups, players’ proposal to customer service.)

If you want to see the previous feedbacks, you can refer to these links:

[Talk With Developer] Voice from Developers 21/04/2021

MLBB Player Suggestion #1

Player Nickname: Nyla#2832

Please finally do something about wintrading and intentional feeding. For me totally ok if someone practice new hero in classic and might feed. But look at the screenshot from the last battle. This was beyond any normal game. Mage + the 2 support gave Estes a triple kill in the first minute and kept behaving like that. Hyper was mostly farming and helped me once, but ignored the rest. There's also no normal way to report to the in game customer service as the form just leads to your website. But this kind of game play is not acceptable at all. I hope you will find a solution that all other player can enjoy your game.

Keyword: #feeding #punishment



 Developer Reply

Thank you for your suggestion. We will analyze this situation and optimize the game environment.


MLBB Player Suggestion #2

Player Nickname: Forbb#8554

new item: vengeful battleaxe u guys kinda claimed that this item is made for fighter, however the passive which activate and stack by continuous attack is unreasonable. I admit this do bring good stats for fighter, but hold on this will make mm op from it. To prevent mm from using this, pls make the effect reduced to half if its a ranged attack(fighter which is melee will benefit 100% as normal)

Keyword: #Vengeful Battleaxe #equipment


 Developer Reply

Thank you for your suggestion. We will make some adjustments based on the data and feedback during this period.


MLBB Player Suggestion #3

Player Nickname: Kairuu#0876

The nerfs to ruby weren't necessary at all because she was never a hard hero to counter nor a must pick or must ban. She lacks the damage of a meta fighter and lacks the tankiness aswell. When we compare her to someone like paquito or even yuzhong, she lacks the sustain and the damage because she is quite item dependent. The last thing that made her weaker than ever before is her unique passive is now affected by anti lifesteal. Why nerf a hero that is already hard to use in the meta but let the meta heroes like paquito unnerfed? I recommend to give her unique passive where she cant be affected by anti lifesteal and give her old defense stats back. You call her a tank/fighter yet the fact still stands her base defense stats are so horrible that it makes her quite squishy in the early game. You also nerfed the lifesteal of the item Endless Battle when that item wasn't being used mostly cuz of the lifesteal but the true damage it provides. Please Buff this underrated Hero

Keyword: #Ruby


 Developer Reply

Thank you for your feedback. Changes on the strength of the heroes are also affected by the game version, which is one of the reasons that we constantly adjust the heroes. We have noticed that the competitiveness of Ruby in this version is indeed a bit weak. We have made some optimizations on it and will be launched on the official server soon.


MLBB Player Suggestion #4

Player Nickname: Anonymous

players complain about long cooldown of respawn time in this patch. It would be better if instead of a longer respawn time, they should make the minions stronger and faster in order to end the game fast. Because there are some matches that both teams are wiped out, which results to 2 mins of waiting time for both parties which frustrates many players.

Keyword: #cooldown of respawn #minions


 Developer Reply

Thank you for your feedback. We have observed that when the match progresses to 30 minutes or more, the current respawn time is indeed a bit too long. We will optimize it in the June season version.


MLBB Player Suggestion #5

Player Nickname: Anonymous

Rework layla, increase escape/dogde ability

Keyword: #Layla


 Developer Reply

Thank you for your suggestion. Layla’s specialty is an explosive marksman with no dash skill, so we won’t consider revamping her for the time being.


MLBB Player Suggestion #6

Player Nickname: Anonymous

Players are dissatisfied that Granger’s new legendary skin is not in the magic wheel event

Keyword: #Granger #Starfall Knight


 Developer Reply

Thank you for your feedback. We will pay attention to the accurate representation and transfer of the information in the follow-up events.


MLBB Player Suggestion #7

Player Nickname: Springboi~

Could you add the drafting option (like an email draft) in the customer service section. It’s very troublesome to keep retyping everything just because you accidentally pressed back. This has A lot more function as well but the one above is just one of them.

Keyword: #customer service


 Developer Reply

Thank you for your suggestion. It is available now!


Post time 2021-8-25 08:39 AM | Show all posts
Please fix the bug on nathan's passive. It only last for about 2 seconds instead of 5 seconds. Thanks
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