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[Hero Concept] Malerion, the Chained Spirit (SUPPORT)

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Edited by alt4ria at 2021-5-3 02:59 PM

The Chained Spirit

ROLE: Support


SKILLSPassive — Chain Immunity
Casting crowd control effects to Malerion decreases the cooldown of all his skills equivalent to 1.5s * control duration. In effect, Malerion can only benefit from a maximum of 20% CDR on items and emblems. Instead, excess CDR will be converted as additional physical and magic defense.

EXPLANATION: Malerion is not immune to CC effects. However, he gains additional cooldown reduction on skills when enduring CCs whether from skills (e.g., Abyssal Arrow) or items (e.g., slow from Ice Queen Wand). For example, if Malerion is hit by Selena’s Abyssal Arrow stun for 3s, all of Malerion’s skills will be reduced by 4.5s. Moreover, if Malerion has 20% excess CDR, his existing physical and magic defense will increase by 20%. However, the unique passive of Fleeting Time is not included in the CDR limit.

Skill 1 — Dark Energy
Classification: Buff, AOE
CD:        12s
Mana Cost: 80

Malerion turns into a spirit making him immune to all basic attacks and giving an additional +50% movement speed that decays over 3s. During this state, Malerion can walk through any obstacle including units. When passing through enemy units and creeps, Malerion deals 350 + (60% total magic power) magic damage once only. Passing through the same enemy hero reduces its damage by 50 percent.

MECHANICS: Above the HP bar of Malerion, there are 5 red bars. Every time Malerion receives a basic attack from enemy heroes, minions, creeps, and turrets, he loses 1 bar. If all bars are used up, he returns to his normal form. Casting the skill again won’t refill the bars. He only gains +50% movement speed over 3s.


Lv. 1
Lv. 2
Lv. 3
Lv. 4
Lv. 5
Lv. 6
Magic power bonus
Base damage

Skill 2 — Chain Link
Classification: CC, Heal
CD:        20s
Mana Cost: 150

Targeted on Ally Heroes: Malerion casts out chains to nearby ally heroes for 5s. While connected to the chain, CC effects inflicted by enemy heroes will be reduced by 30 percent. Allies linked to the chain will receive additional attributes from ally heroes with lifesteal effects from skills and items equivalent to 10% of the HP regen.

EXPLANATION: For 5s, heroes can benefit from the lifesteal effects of another ally hero. For example, Alice’s total regeneration is 100 HP per second. If Malerion casts Chain Link and Alice activates Blood Ode, all other ally heroes will receive 10 HP regen per second. Moreover, other ally heroes will receive the same benefit from allies with physical lifesteal. Allies who endure CC effects from enemy heroes while linked will also trigger Malerion’s passive. However, the chain breaks if an ally hero retreats at a particular distance. CDR on CC effects will be computed as [CC duration * 70% * 1.5s].

Targeted on Enemy Heroes: Malerion casts out chains to nearby enemy heroes and slows by 90% for 0.7s. The chain lasts for 5s. While linked to the chain, other linked enemy heroes will receive 15% of the damage inflicted by ally heroes on the primary target. Enemies linked will receive 10 + (80% total magic power) magic damage per second.

EXPLANATION: Enemy heroes can’t use Purify to remove the link. However, the chain breaks if an enemy hero retreats at a particular distance.


Lv. 1
Lv. 2
Lv. 3
Lv. 4
Lv. 5
Lv. 6
Lifesteal attribute sharing
Damage sharing

Ultimate — Chain Control
Classification: CC
CD:        60s
Mana Cost: 200

Targeted on Ally Heroes: Malerion unleashes his chains that pulls back an ally hero. If the ally hero is completely controlled, Malerion’s chains will purify the ally hero and pull them back. The cooldown resets if successfully used on two ally heroes.

Targeted on Enemy Heroes: Malerion unleashes his chains that suppresses an enemy hero for 3s. While the enemy hero is suppressed, Malerion cannot move or cast Chain Link but will be immune to all types of crowd control. He also gains a 300 + (50% total magic power) shield that converts any remaining shield into HP after the control duration.

Use Again: Malerion can either target ally or enemy heroes on the second cast.


Lv. 1
Lv. 2
Lv. 3
Base shield

1) Malerion can pull back two ally heroes or two enemy heroes at max. However, he can also target it on one ally hero and one enemy hero. After casting the skill, the skill remains active for the next 10s. During that period, Malerion can cast again to either pull back an ally hero or control an enemy hero.

2) If Malerion initially casts the skill to an enemy hero, he can only cast again to an ally hero that's within the skill radius during the control duration (since he cannot move). Since this ultimate skill won't deal damage to compensate with the longer CC duration, it can immediately interrupt any blink or mobility skill (Meaning, heroes like Fanny or Ling can be easily interrupted).

3) Pulling back ally heroes like Odette, Pharsa, or Yve (and all other similar heroes) during their ultimates will cancel the ultimate. The skill won't work if used against hero that gain control immunity while casting skills (e.g., Kadita's Ocean Oddity and Rough Waves)

4) If and only if Malerion successfully pulls back two ally heroes, the cooldown of this skill is reset. The cooldown reset won’t work if he successfully controls two enemy heroes or when the 10s timer is up. Hence, the cooldown will start after 10s timer.

5) This is not an auto-target skill. Aiming accuracy and movement prediction is highly recommended for players.

6) Spells like Flicker, Aegis, Vengeance, Execute, Petrify or Revitalize can be used.

7) If Malerion initially controls an enemy hero, he may cancel the skill by clicking the CANCEL button at the top-right corner of the screen. Cooldown will start after cancellation.

Recommended Emblem
Agility (3/3), Gift (3/3), Pull Yourself Together

Agility (3/3), Contract (3/3), Impure Rage

Recommended Build
Pure Support
Demon Shoes
Ice Queen Wand
Shadow Mask
Dominance Ice
Bruteforce Breastplate

Arcane Boots
Enchanted Talisman
Ice Queen Wand
Holy Crystal
Dominance Ice

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Charles replied at 2021-5-2 07:00 PM
I'm curious to how this hero will be in the game, a really game changer. Though, would it be possibl ...

Me too. I hope we can see a hero with this mechanic in the game. Yeah, I kinda agree. Perhaps, we could make adjustments on the magic power scaling. If played as a tank, players might just use 1 magic item. So with higher MP scaling, he could also deal fair damage. Thanks for your insights :D
Post time 2021-5-2 07:00 PM | Show all posts
I'm curious to how this hero will be in the game, a really game changer. Though, would it be possible to also make him Tank-oriented? I feel like he'll be easily burst down making his kit useless.
Post time 2021-5-4 12:18 PM | Show all posts
Three words, Noice
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