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[Gameplay] How can MLBB become a balanced game?

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Edited by Kha-Kun at 2021-5-5 07:19 AM

How can MLBB become a balanced game?

Here are some points that I hope the developers take seriously: -

1. Equipment
The game equipment is relatively few, of course it is balanced, but its number is less than necessary, there are some heroes who need completely new equipment that enhances their capabilities.

2. The roles in the game
The focus must really be on roles, because there is a lack of equipment that is difficult to define the role of heroes on the battlefield.
For example, the support cannot choose one role in the team (usually, support is divided into Healer or Sheilder / Buffer / Debuffer / CC ) due to the lack of equipment, which makes fixing roles in the game a little difficult.
You should also focus on roles in different ways.
Where the roles of the heroes are usually divided into other secondary roles that have not been emphasized in the rest of the MOBA games, namely: -

CC / Debuffer:
Heroes with the ability to Annoy the enemies and weaken their offensive and defensive capabilities.

The heroes with the ability to start team fighting

Guard / absorber:
Heroes with the ability to absorb damage and protect allies, who can defend or shield themselves

Burst Damage:
Heroes with high damage but weak defenses/Mobility

Continuous Damage:
Heroes with the ability to deal multiple damage in a short time, but they must use the skills quickly.

Heroes with long attack range

Heroes with short attack range

Buffer / Healer or Sheilder:
Heroes with the ability to support, heal or shield allies, and strengthen their offensive and defensive capabilities

Various equipment must be provided to meet these secondary roles. These roles should also be taken into account and not relied on only basic roles (Marksman / Mage / Tank, etc.).

3. Team fighting
Team fighting in MLBB is very fast, players cannot easily show off their strength (especially Marksmen and mages with poor mobility). In teamfight, they are an easy target to kill.
This is a downside, the longer the team's fight, the more fun, and the easier it is to highlight the players' abilities, you must focus on this point. Imagine having a MM against MM at the Late Game, of course the fight will not last more than three seconds, the MM with higher damage has a higher chance of winning. This is unfair, so the other MM cannot show his strength, especially if The MM have long Compo like Wanwan, Brody, Kimmy, etc.

4. The chance to Comeback and defense towers
The chance to Comeback in MLBB is what's special about it. By cooperating, you can turn the tables and win even if there are 20 kills teams between the two teams.
I hope that devs try to develop this, as an example
With each base tower that your team loses, the base will grant 10% damage reduction to allies close to it, and when your ally dies near the base, the remaining allies will gain 5% damage reduction.
With each ally close to the base, the base will gain 5% DMG reduction and 5% Attack Speed.
With an idea like this, the chance to protect Base would be really great, this is how you can defend Base even if there is only one ally left. You can also add this idea to the rest of the signs.

5. movement speed
Many heroes need to adjust their movement speed, especially those who do not have very good mobility.
And here, I hope to renew the speed boots.
Instead of the current boots, this concept could be better
Speed ​​boots - unique passive
When you don't receive or deal damage, your Movement Speed ​​will be increased by 5 points every 2s, stack up to a maximum of 20 points. One stack will be lost with every damage you receive or cause. Use blink skill wil reset the stacks.

With this concept, the heroes with low mobility ability would have a good and high chance to shine.

6. The Matchmaking
To be honest, MLBB Matchmaking is really good, but the problem is the players themselves.
But I have an idea for a new Matchmaking System for rank mode.
When the ranking match starts, you can choose 3 heros from three different roles and arrange them according to priority.
You can choose 3 heroes from 3 different roles that you also wish were on your team.
The system will search and match players using this data. The allies will be found based on the heroes that have been chosen.
Also, your default role in the match will be determined by the roles of the allies who have been found (provided they are among the three chosen heroes), of course, you can change it during the choose stage.
, With the system focused on providing allies who chose different roles.
At the same time, the system will try to find a suitable ally who selected a hero from the three heroes you wished to be in your team (but this does not mean that it will select him).
This system is only available for single players and for doubles and triples teams, if a team of 5 players is formed, this system will not be available to them because they are one team and will choose the heroes more carefully.

Well I hope my suggestions were helpful, thank you ♡
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ciaociao replied at 2021-5-7 07:28 AM
The game won't be balance because they only care about the money. They buff and give skins to top pi ...

Matchmaking was improved a lot and it still needs improvement.

For example, if a mythic player invites two of his friends in Legend rank, then the trio will be matched against five mythic players. It is really unfair to the other two mythic players who got teamed up with the trio with two legends.

It is really unfortunate that the troll players and toxic players are spoiling this game. I hope they listen to our voice and improve the punishment system and matchmaking system too
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diwang replied at 2021-5-8 07:54 PM
I didn't say mlbb balance didn't improve , what i say is that despite the improvement of balance ,  ...

Every game is the same because of same boring pics. Same picks every game because of reason you mentioned... OP heroes.

Every game is like this:

Bans: Esmeralda, Paquito, Natalia, Wanwan, Jawhead, Granger

Mages: Chang'e, Pharsa, Vale, Kagura, Yve and Kadita...Other mages are simply way below, except maybe Cecilion

Marksman: only Beatrix and Wanwan(if not banned) because others are played like junglers(Brody,YSS,Claude)

Fighters: YZ, Chou, Guinevere, Paquito or Lapu

Supps: Rafaela or Angela (poor Faramis)

Tanks: Atlas, Gloo, Hylos, Khufra or Franco


Exactly ! You speaks my mind !  Post time 2021-5-8 08:45 PM
Post time 2021-5-7 07:28 AM | Show all posts
The game won't be balance because they only care about the money. They buff and give skins to top pick heroes only. They give unecessary nerfs to balanced heroes etc. Matchmaking is also bad. Most of the time my team consist of lower rank than enemies. I didn't press fast queue still bad team. To somehow improve the game, they should increase punishment for troll and toxic players.
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1. Yes, we really need more equipment as for heroes who, I think, don't have a suitable item for them.

2. I don't think you need to have secondary roles because I think the "Primary" roles are enough to differentiate their respective roles. Sure there are many "sub roles" but I don't think that you should call it
'roles', how about 'type'? Like for example, Marksman DPS/Burst Type, Fighter DPS/Skill-based type, etc.

3. As far as I know, Moonton is define as a Fast-pace MOBA game. So I think nothings wrong with having a very fast team fight. It may also depend on players whether they will just charge in with close eyes (Fast) or wait for perfect timing and have a good strategies (Which tends to extend a team fight).

4. Easy dude, having buff for the losing team is a very big disadvantage for the winning side. Also, this will make a single game last longer than the average game for MLBB. If you want to comeback and turn the tables on, there is just only one thing you need, STRATEGY. MLBB is a team game where you play with 4 players and come up with good strategies.

5. I don't think it would be balance that way. Yes, heroes with low mobility would be delighted with the buff but how about heroes with high mobility? They would be overjoy, jumping, and rolling on the ground.

Marksman and other long range heroes have low ms because they can just hit enemies in long range and if someone approaches them then they will still have the time to react. While Fighter and other melee heroes have high ms because they will need to chase heroes because of their short range attacks. And I think it is balance this way.

6. Nope, please no. This issue was also in other MOBA game I played long time ago. They updated the game like you suggested and guess what? Finding a match took only 10-15 mins because only few, and veeeeeeery few players are playing the role of the tank and support. I strongly disagree with this pup.

Well, I guess that's it in my mind.

Correct me if I'm wrong.
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Edited by diwang at 2021-5-5 12:24 PM

Dude just give up
I've been playing since season 1 and mlbb never balance . I've complained since i register this forum and still not balance.

Then i moved to the wild competitor game when it is released and realized how toxic mlbb grinding system was . In mlbb it require me to grind bp for hours per day for month or year like an addicted lad. If player didnt spend at least 2 hour per day in mlbb , they won't have all hero because mlbb release new hero so fast. Of course you can pay irl money to buy the hero but that is the very definition of pay to win .
The same thing isn't the same for mlbb competitor wild game .  I cant say the game name here but im pretty sure u know about it.
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Edited by shinee. at 2021-5-5 04:59 PM

diwang replied at 2021-5-5 12:21 PM Dude just give up I've been playing since season 1 and mlbb never balance . I've complained since i ...
It's obvious you just discovered that game. I for one have played it for more than 10 years (a few years ive played it hardcore competitive) and i'm telling you that game also went through same issues as mlbb. So my opinion on this is the opinion of a player who has been on that other game since the beginning and saw all the process of it's evolution. It's what every game like this goes through. That other game also had way too op new released heroes...unbalanced meta..toxic trolls players..everything. Even a ranking system everyone was complaining about. Mostly because when you won you received like 10 points and if you got like -15 or -20. So what are you talking about? All I see on this forum when I see your name is just a salty comment. Not 1 helpful one tho. There's changes made to mlbb with every patch and changes keep coming. This is most important. Not to mention that devs give feedback to suggestions from players which clearly means players are heard. (Thing that wasn't really happening on the other game, and still isn't). So pls stop. Even the other game used to release heroes too fast. But now they have too many so obviously they're releasing more skins than heroes. Anyway, to get back on topic, i think players unbalance the game more than anything else smiley emoticons But overall, the author has a point there.


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Edited by Kha-Kun at 2021-5-5 09:55 PM
shinee. replied at 2021-5-5 04:58 PM
Edited by shinee. at 2021-5-5 04:59 PM

It's obvious you just discovered that game. I for one have ...

I strongly agree, only old players of that game will know the hardships it had in the beginning, and how really bad it was, but they improved by time!. I see MLBB needing time to improve too.


Exactly. Only the old ones know the struggle that other game also had and in some ways, some issues were worst than on MLBB. In 3yrs mlbb has improved more than any other so give it some credit right?  Post time 2021-5-6 01:12 PM
Post time 2021-5-5 10:14 PM | Show all posts
MLBB is always unbalanced in everything like hero balance, equipment balance, matchmaking, punishment, etc

It is really fun if you are in the winning side and losing side will be frustrated

Right now I am enjoying the mayhem mode with Johnson
Post time 2021-5-5 11:50 PM | Show all posts
diwang replied at 2021-5-5 12:21 PM
Dude just give up
I've been playing since season 1 and mlbb never balance . I've complained since i  ...

I think it's unfair to say that MLBB hasn't changed through out the years. Yes, there's still imbalance in the version today but today's version is a lot better than the previous ones. Even if the devs focus on balance, it will be impossible to create a balanced game. Perhaps, they can balance it to the point that deviations aren't that noticeable or impactful. I only knew MLBB recently and I must say that every patch makes the game better even in a small way. However, I do agree that the point system in MLBB is quite stingy to say at the least. It's hard to earn 32k battle points to buy a hero for free. But, I still understand MLBB. Moonton is still a business and they need people to buy diamonds. Considering that Moonton got sued before, the company is still recuperating from the loss. I'm not sure but I think $2.9 million is a large sum and it'll take years before they can finish paying it off. But nontheless, MLBB is still a good game. There's no reason to hate it as well. If you don't like the game, uninstall it from your phone. Simple as that. If others want to play MLBB, let them. Don't discourage them just coz you dislike it. Let other people be happy. If you're happy with the competitor game, then stay with it. Attacking MLBB won't do you any good except for added stress and hate. Whether it's MLBB or competitor game, it's still MOBA. Enjoy MOBA. Though you grind in a different world and not in the Land of Dawn, MOBA is MOBA. Let's strive to make a healthy and non-toxic gaming community.
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Edited by Charles at 2021-5-6 08:43 AM

@diwang It's funny how you still stayed throughout, despite your rants since like day 1? Like the rest of the comments here, it's only unfair to say that the game didn't improve someway when you claim to be playing since then? Likewise, only actual players of the first few seasons are the ones that can acknowledge how much the game has improved greatly, better or at least. Because if the game didn't, it wouldn't actually last long until today. If you have also played the game since day 1, BP wont be already a problem. Because as time passes by, you'll buy all heroes eventually and the fact that they don't release heroes more often compared before eased the problem of having to farm BP. Not to mention, there are events that can help stack BPs.

Now for your case, some of these are actually getting changes. If you haven't heard, they're putting up a new equipment system. Although, it's like a common scenario for 1 hero to build the same usual equipment like others do, it's only probably because they're just doing what's in the meta when unusual things, builds, roles, lineups can be effectively seen in tournaments.

Yea, there's still a lot to be fixed or balanced, but the game is still ongoing with the massive changes they're doing. Also, you can't really dedicate each hero to a specific role, because, this game is a strategy game. Sometimes playing them for just only a specific role wont do.
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