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[Complaint] Bro, I lost motivation

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Edited by CloudDevelic at 2021-5-6 06:22 AM

GG this what happens when you nerf Natalia when she is already BALANCED. Now she has the worst Winrate in the game
In Legend+ Rank games, her Winrate is even worst. I too, now losing with Natalia more than I used to.
"Oh HeR SIlENcE iS So AnNOyInG & hER DamAgE Is SO BrOKeN" you can cry, one defense item and warrior boot is all you need to counter her completely now. I'm losing interest in the game now and motivation to play because there is other Broken heroes now to the point I don't think this a strategy game now.
Post time 2021-5-7 07:02 PM | Show all posts
Hey, I understand where you are coming from as I also enjoy to play Natalia. However, before her "nerf" Natalia has been quite OP due to the fact that she was strong early game as well as late game. This was a huge disadvantage to many squishy heroes like mages, marksmen and support who can get killed by her silence early on in game. And mages or support cant just buy warrior boots because many mages rely on mana regen and just building defense items as a mage is not worth it. For me, I call her nerf a balance even tho she got weaker. But I suggest u try to look at the positive side of it: she is now stronger in late game and can still one shot squishy heroes, you just need to hide in bushes and wait for mages/ marksmen to be alone without their team. As a natalia, you probably know thats u shouldnt start team fights as u will die by the CC of the enemy. That is why you should try singeling out squishy targets, split push or give vision to the team by roaming on the map! I hope these tips can help you a bit! And dont forget to try to see the advantages nata still has, she is still a good hero!
Post time 2021-5-6 06:23 AM | Show all posts
Note: The author has been banned or deleted.
 Author| Post time 2021-5-6 06:42 AM | Show all posts
CloudDevelic replied at 2021-5-5 04:23 PM

I empathise with your stance. However, please refrain from using profanities as this b ...

ok, I'm sorry, is just, they ruined natalia and the game for me, and I'm trying to improvise my gameplay and adapt to it. But is just too impossible.
Post time 2021-5-6 07:32 AM | Show all posts
Why dont you practise those other broken heros you mention?
You cant lose motivation because there is a nerf in your main.
I was main jhonson dude, now i usually pick tigreal or even franko.
Post time 2021-5-6 08:34 AM | Show all posts
Though your main got nerfed for some reason. Probably because somewhere in other region or other elos she's still one of the most banned heroes, etc. Like what Hoa said, you can try other heroes in the meantime. Undeserved nerfs will soon be reverted or at least compensated.
Post time 2021-5-6 10:51 AM | Show all posts
C4lam1tyG0D replied at 2021-5-6 06:42 AM
ok, I'm sorry, is just, they ruined natalia and the game for me, and I'm trying to improvise my ga ...

Go ruin the game for other players.
Create mule, go in trash all the players daily, from Warrior to GM.
Then repeat.
Post time 2021-5-6 11:29 AM | Show all posts
Edited by Anand at 2021-5-6 11:36 AM

yes revamp Natalia and remove her invisibility.

Natalia is the only hero troubling my Layla.

If invisibility is not removed completely, reduce the duration of invisibility to 1 second or 2 seconds max
Remove her buff and immunity to basic attacks. Layla's attack has no effects on Natalia when she use her skill to buff herself

This will release her from ban list

Lets make Natalia great again


I think you are slow natalia with low damage  Post time 2021-5-7 02:21 PM
Only way to win with Natalia now is your team is able to snowball early start of the game.  Post time 2021-5-7 11:06 AM
All Marksman? What about Brody, Granger, Yss, Kimmy, Popol? and plus, in Mythic rank, rarely anytime the Marksman are alone, making it almost impossible for her to kill, delaying her farm.  Post time 2021-5-7 11:05 AM
I wanted to say Natalia is a counter to all marksman. If there is no mm, you better not pick Natalia  Post time 2021-5-6 10:39 PM
I really hope this is a joke  Post time 2021-5-6 01:34 PM
Post time 2021-5-6 11:54 AM | Show all posts
Anand replied at 2021-5-6 11:29 AM
yes revamp Natalia and remove her invisibility.

Natalia is the only hero troubling my Layla.

What about Karina?


Anyways, i am agree with people. Your(not you anand) like - "buff my mains, nerf all other characters". Its a not good position.

i have situation like it, when they nerf barats, but i am still play him, even when hes 1 of the worst. And still kill 1vs2. Just because love hes playstyle. If you really main of this character, its nothing for you. But if it fake and you play it only because its OP, you will just crying and stop play.

Also, we can explain this winrate with banrate. Like - it ban in 70% games, but when it not, someone pick it, just because "OP charcacter". And no matter is he really bad on it. Paquito also have a bad winrate, for example. Low or good winrate for f few days is nothing, anyway. We need to wait some times. And if she stay there, they will buff her.
Post time 2021-5-6 01:37 PM | Show all posts
I think i'm one of those peeps crying because of nata being too op and a pain in the foofoo for my marksmen aim smileys But even so..I also think she was pretty balanced now, on my region I don't see her much in games tho..however, in lower elo she is banned in ranked. My thought is that she is under testing, as it usually happening and based on players feedback they might change it back to how it was or just leave it as it is right now..
Post time 2021-5-6 10:53 PM | Show all posts
Magnum_bangbang replied at 2021-5-6 11:54 AM
What about Karina?


Karina also has immunity to basic attacks but I can see her. She is not invisible like Natalia

If I stay inside turret, Karina will not try to attack me. I can run away after seeing Karina

But Natalia will use invisibility and kill me inside the turret. There is no running away from Natalia. My Layla is dead before I knew it
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