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[Lineup Strategy] Complete guide to become a good offlaner

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Playing on EU server where Ukraines, Belarus, Russians and Turks know only one tactic 2-2-1, I would like to make a short tutorial in hope they will become smarter one day...keep dreaming With mentioned nations, when u are offlaner on EU server, you are going through hell, but that made me even stronger and better offlaner. So lets share some tips, feel free to comment.

1) First and most important, golden rule: 1-2-2 will never ever be better than 1-3-1. Never! When I see in myth rank players still going for 1-2-2, I seriously thinking of playing only classic and brawl. Man, I rly can't believe. This game exists for 6 years, it has change many many times in all segments and millions of players still playing the old MLBB where fighter is exp lane, MM and tank are gold lane and mage and jungler are middle lane. This tactic is biggest shit and never works. So, if you have at least normal team who know how to play 1-3-1, go to next step.

2) Pick the right hero for the offlaner.
Never pick marksman for offlaner unless it's Wanwan! Wanwan is the only marksman atm who can go solo lane. Always go for fighters, tanks or some rly good mages. Best picks are in next step.

3) There are some good heroes for offlaner, some average and couple of amazing. Let's start with amazing

Yu Zhong - Probably best offlaner in the game. He is so good that he can turn around game by himself. His passive allows him to harass enemy even at lvl 1. Don't be afraid to trade at the start, just try to hit enemy with the edge of 1st skill and when you reach lvl 2 and upgrade skill 3, you can kill enemy in simple combo. And remember, always press skill 1 before you jump onto enemy. Recommended spells - Venegance or Petrify.

Paquito - What an amazing hero...If he is not banned, go for him right away. Massive dmg from start where he can bully more than 1 hero on same lane. Your only mission with him is Try not to miss skills. You will need time to master him, but when you become good Paquito, you will carry games with easy.

Chou - Good old karate kid. Even if he is picked as a tank in today's META, he is still an amazing offlaner. He has durability, CC imune skill and he is so fast you won't even see him when he throws you directly into the tower. The only problem with Chou is you need time to master him. Seriously, you need one whole season of practicing him and you still won't become pro Chou. But be patient. When you master him, you will do miracles. One and only spell you need is flicker.

Guinevere - One of most annoying heroes to face with. She can poke you, burst you in a second and regen half of hp lost. Good for chasing, good for escaping, good for ganking, good for everything. When you finish Concetrated Energy, you will become literally immortal. One short and well-known tip: Never jump into team fight without full red energy bar. Recomended spell: Execute

Good offlaners: Ruby, Hilda, Zhask, Alpha, Kagura, Gatotkaca, Chang'e, Kadita, X.Borg, Balmond, Lapu-Lapu, Martis and Khaleed.
Ruby is maybe the best out of good offlaners. Her lifesteal is amazing and she can pull 3 heroes under the tower with her ult. You can put Zhask on any lane and he will be good. He has his small friend for fast lane cleaning and protection. Hilda is one of my favourite heroes. She is simple to use, has abnormal durability in bush and can one shot many heroes when her ult reach maximum stacks. Alpha is getting better and better every update. He can rly clean lane fast and 2nd skill allows him to survive many attacks. When new revamped Alpha come into original server, he will become jungler only. Kagura is for me the most completed mage in the game. Poke, damage, escape, immunity...she still has everything, even with all those nerfs. Since his revamp, Gato is now brutal fighter who can survive Tsunami. X.Borg was destroyed with so many nerfs but somehow he is still good pusher and still has good durability. Balmond...some kids may laugh, but Balmond is amazing offlaner. Killing minions restore your HP, you have good damage and 1st skill for escape. Lapu-Lapu recieved many buffs and his ultimate can destroy 3 heroes at the same time + he has poke skill and escape skill. Martis is a good counter to offlaners with CC skills. He can also clean lane fast and be very usefull in team fights. Khaleed's 2nd skill makes him also a very good offlaner and if you manage to hit enemy with 1st skill at the will have good time solo laning. In today's META, Chang'e and Kadita are becoming more common solo lane picks. Chang'e's movement speed and shield allows her to do whatever she wants and Kadi is a legendary mage who can restore a lot of HP and can one shot you if you are squishy hero.

Average offlaners: Barats, Freya, Terizla, Uranus, Argus, Badang, Leomord, Bane, Masha, Dyrroth, Thamuz

Shortly about every hero. Barats is a stack depending hero. One time he lose his stacks, you can eat that little lizard in one bite and his ult can be avoided in many ways. Freya is simply better as a jungler than offlaner in today's META. Same goes for Dyrroth. Leo is weak until lvl 4, Terizla is too slow, Uranus is nerfed to death and Badang is weak against many heroes. Believe me, he is one of first heroes I master and you can just pass around his wall. Bane's users were happy for one week after he recieved huge buff and than they nerfed him and he is back to old average Bane. Thamuz is ok offlaner and very good counter for Yu Zhong.
I have some doubts where to put Masha and Argus and maybe they can be in 2nd category. Masha is a best pushing hero in game, but somehow she falls in late game. She is good for taking objectives and ambushing melee heroes. I hope Argus will be better in next update because this one didn't go well. 70secs, 1 minute and 50secs are way too long CD for any ultimate, even immortality. MLBB became short time battle MOBA and that CD is too much time for him to shine.

I didn't put here some heroes like Silvanna, Jawhead, Minsitthar, Aldous. First 3 are mainly tank nowdays and Aldo is more effective as hyper carry than offlane. Now let's go for other tips.

4) Push, push and push! That's your main job!
At the start, turn off the chat. You don't want to watch how some "inexperienced low win rate forever low rank baby Gusion" crying for help from you, trash talking you and blaming you for his stupid death in 3rd minute. Big LOL for these kind of nubs. Your job as offlaner in early game is not to help and protect your hypers. Your job is to push and defend your lane. Believe me,if you manage to destroy 2 towers on your lane very fast, that is like you had an early Savage. Kills are not your objectives. Whenever you want to join team fight, to contest turtle or lord, always, but always first clean your lane. As much as you are good on your lane, that will put rest of your team into very good position. Time by time, when enemies see you are destroying their offlaner and their side lane, they will start to gank you more often and that will open map for you teammates. Minions and towers before kills = EZ victory.

5) Don't farm...just don't...
You see that small camp behind you? That's not for you, that's for your jungler. You see that small golden crab infront of you or near you if you are at the top lane? That's not for you, that' for your jungler. "But I am low hp and low mana and didn't want to recall and miss minion wave." That's because you didn't build defensive item at the start and you trade too much. You didn't judge well the situation, you went too far against enemy offlaner, whatever mistake you made that's YOUR PROBLEM, not your jungler problem. If you are unnecessarily taking farm around you, you delaying your jungler's farm and he will be in big problem. Like it or not, he is your carry and he needs that more than you in any way. Focus on cleaning lane, poking and harassing your enemy and ofcourse pushing. If you manage to low enemy hp, he will be forced to recall, or, if he stay to defend tower, your teammates can gank him and gain ez kill.

6) Proper build
Half damage half defensive, but first build one defensive item. Your enemy will be so desperate to kill you, but you always manage to survive, bait him and kill him in the end. Why is this important? As a offlaner, you are left to yourself. Since you will be ganked many times, you need defense to survive. And we go back to fact from tip number 6. Your objectives are not kills.

7) Be brave, be smart, be patient and be prepared for everything

Be brave - It is late game. Initiators of most teamfights are you and your tank. Don't let your core and mages go first! Beside pushing, you also need to protect your damage dealers in middle and late game. For your team, better you die than your core. Don't be spoiled stupid child who is angry because your hyper struggling.

Be smart and be patiet - As offlaner, bush is your best friend. Let them think no one is on the side lane and when they get near tower - BOOM! You ambush 2 heroes, kill melee and left some serious scars on their tank. Another example: You cleaned your lane, you left enemy offlaner low hp. He recalled and comeback full of confidence he will destroy you now, but he is still level 3 and you are level 4. No point in showing yourself to him. Let him think you gone other lane and when he is offguard - BOOM! Proper combo and ult and he is with angels. Try to play mind games with your enemies, drive them mad because they don't know what to expect from you anymore and they will become more and more impatient and prone to mistakes.
Be preapared for everything -
Offlaner is doomed to himself only. You will be ganked many times and die alone like a shit. But it is what it is, the game is like that and you can't change it. But there are many good things for your team in those situations. Enemies ganked you and killed you but your team secure turtle or destroyed middle lane tower(most important tower in game). Some strange composition and tactics and you find yourself against 2 enemies from start. Excellent! That means, your team is 4 vs 3 on 2 lanes and that is huge adventage in taking objectives and finally victory. When you find yourself in that situation, just think about tip above - be patient and be smart.

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I really liked ur guide its really PERFECT  for those who want to be the best offlaner! Ur guide goes really in depth! I would just add that offlaners should try to go to level 4 as soon as possible so that they can help kill the turtle as well as ambush the enemies near the turtle area so that your team gets an advantage.


Thank you very much! Yeah, just last hit minions and you will be lvl 4 very fast  Post time 2021-5-8 04:49 PM
Post time 2021-5-8 12:01 PM | Show all posts
Yeah, I agree with your guide. But most players play 2-2-1 unless their Marksman was Wanwan like me, I use Wanwan. But what frustrates me is when my team do 1-3-1 and can't even beat the enemy team that is doing 2-2-1. I played some MM heroes where I went solo in bottom and then enemy in my lane was a Franco or Atlas and their MM and then I can't play because I didn't get help and even if my tank go to mid lane, they're still pretty useless.

I agree with Jungler taking the crab, but if I was Wanwan, I would only let Jungler take like just one crab because I need it as well. Like I am certain I can't get the crab in the beginning, but surely I can get it by myself in mid-game and when I get enough gold advantage, I can almost 1v5.
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This is a seriously well written guide
I have experience with most of the heroes but I must say that fighters/offlaners are the most difficult to me just because its a total mind game. It all depends on how smart you play in situations and how efficient you can be with managing your lane + providing vision.
If anyone beggining with fighters, its mandatory to follow point.7 and follows to maximize your gameplay performance
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This is a perfect guide for newbies and even experienced player. Your step by step guide can really improve others gameplay if they practice it in-game. Let's share it so that we can improve our gameplay and make the game more epic and awesome! No.5 is new to me and I think you do have a crucial point. I will keep it in mind and thank you so much for the helpful tips(。•̀ᴗ-)✧
Post time 2021-5-15 08:26 AM | Show all posts
I mostly agree on your guide, but Wanwan isn't the only MM you can use for gold laner, you can still pick Claude with Support Emblem (Avarice talent)
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