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Author: MightAlly
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[Poll] Best picks to rank up

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 Author| Post time 2021-5-11 11:24 PM | Show all posts
Edited by MightAlly at 2021-5-11 11:27 PM
Magnum_bangbang replied at 2021-5-10 11:52 PM
Nah, counter granger is ease for me.

But Claude. All of you thought work only against noobs. Good ...

Just look MMR power and you will see heroes with the most power. If you use brain like that every hero can be countered.

Which heroes are the most baned ih high elo above 1000+points?
They are Esmeralda, Jawhead, Mathilda, Ling, Granger, Paquito, Xborg.
No one bans Claude.
Lets try pick your Claude against my Chou I will eat u for breakfast kid.

There are people in high power MMR position thanks to their teammates like global Fanny players.
And there are pro players that can solo like Chou, Jaw and Silvana.
Pick Zhask above 1k points for a first pick everyone will laugh at u noob.
Btw thank good moontoon is nerfing granger enough is enough.

Next job they will nerf Yi and buff Claude rinse and repeat in circle.
Post time 2021-5-12 02:21 AM | Show all posts
Edited by Magnum_bangbang at 2021-5-12 05:35 PM
MightAlly replied at 2021-5-11 11:24 PM
Just look MMR power and you will see heroes with the most power. If you use brain like that every h ...

There i am also have only one question.

Are you thought as meta character = OP character?

upd. Also, i am check a top of characters... And man. Top grangar is wintrade. Also a most top players, as we know. I defintly agree as we can use this top. But not now, and not that ease. You need check profile of the top players. And we must understand as this system is really bad. You must play full team and etc.

upd2. Claude has more points that grangar(except wintrade now) for now. But its look like he not really play him. Just get place and play 1 game of week just to save it.

upd3 Zhask have common points as Grangar. Zhask - 3722, Grangar - 3782, Claude - 3803, Paquito - 3677, Miya - 3410

upd4 Or idk. Maybe all Claude players wintrades. I was check to-5 profile and they all have a 92%+ winrate. Its hard to tell.
But Top-1 Grangar is 100% cheat. And top Miya 100% cheat. Top Zhask 100% - didnt
Post time 2021-5-14 06:26 PM | Show all posts
Hi, new here. I think Chang'e is one of the best heroes in the current meta. She has a great potential, can be played offlane/support. Her ulti can change the tide of battle specially in mid/late game, fast wave clear, can easily dish out squishy heroes, even tanky ones. She's best played offlane I think as she can harass almost any offlaner in early game. excels at both offense and defense.  I'm 700pts mg in the current season and Chang'e wins most of my games. ^^
Post time 2021-5-26 11:25 AM | Show all posts
MightAlly replied at 2021-5-10 07:08 PM
As a mythical glory only hero that I can't counter is Granger. What a joke for Zhask and Claude. Zha ...

The problem with ur list is that in mythical glory and low tier epic and mythic people playstyles are just  different for me to consider it the best picks to play. Granger is great simply bc in mythical glory, u have teammates who know to snowball at lv.1 whileas low mythics and epics don't really do that and games end being 15 minutes and by then many of the heroes u pick are not good except miya. Its really annoying bc in my brain I know the dmg of my enemy and teammates early game and late game and other people don't their heroes late game or enemies late or early game potential. There are a lot of good picks with that said which I really like.
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