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Author: s5tank
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[Mood] VPN retards

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 Author| Post time 2021-5-20 06:13 PM | Show all posts
shinee. replied at 2021-5-20 01:38 AM
Hei there. Please try to be nice, I for one understand your frustration, as same VPN situation happe ...

Ok, lets go 1 by 1.

as same VPN situation happens sometimes on EU servers aswell

It's not "sometimes", it's every day. I play 2 games in the morning and 3 games at night. For last month in every of those 2 morning games there were 2 or more Myanmar players with 256MS.
Your "division comment" was mean and totally irrelevant. For example, i've been epic and legend these last seasons (tho highest was mithycal glory)

Why you compare yourself with her when your highest rank was glory and her Mythic V?! You know 90% of the game, she knows 50%. How will she fix someone's problem(here on forum) when she knows just little more above basics? So, my comment was on place.
matchmaking is a complicated issue and it may take some time to improve it in a way that won't cause bugs and other trouble on the game.
VPN, even if I also hate it, is legal and everyone is using it, on every game or program.

Need time? LOL. Company that earns millions of dollars on weekly basis can and MUST solve any problem within an hour. For fixing matchmaking system, punishment system and excluding VPN from game, our dear developers need ONE WEEK and that's even too much. Ask any good programmer about that. For VPN, locking servers is just 1 of solutions. But wait....Moonton doesn't want that Moonton has 750 employees in total. 750 employees on 100+ million players!!!
What if MLBB won't be available in your country anymore? Maybe you'll miss it. I'm thinking this is what is happening to these people, they struggle to play with ms because they love the game and won't quit it, or perhaps they spent a lot of money just like you.

If MLBB won't be available in my country from tomorrow, I won't play it anymore. Logically. I will definitely not use a VPN, play with 256MS, torture myself and 4 other teammates knowing that we will definitely lose in the end. There is no difference in that and trolling/intentionally feeding.


Post time 2021-5-20 08:12 PM | Show all posts
Edited by Kathey at 2021-5-20 08:16 PM
Why you compare yourself with her when your highest rank was glory and her Mythic V?! You know 90% of the game, she knows 50%

First of all, you think I know only 50% of the game? You think I don't want to become a Mythical Glory? Oh please, I have tried that and I got matched up with bad players.

How will she fix someone's problem(here on forum) when she knows just little more above basics? So, my comment was on place.

We've all received training on how to help fix other's problems here and I have even assisted other players on steps to retrieve their account and remove hacker's account. In fact, if you check bug report threads, I am 99.9% helping other players there so I don't know why you think if I am Mythic V, I only know 50% of the game.

If MLBB won't be available in my country from tomorrow, I won't play it anymore. Logically.

So you're saying after spending "the amount of money you have spent" on this game and the game is not available in your country anymore and saying "you can be frustrated" over issues that have no connection to you or other players, you will never play the game anymore after spending that amount of money?

Have you ever considered that there might be players that also spent a lot of money on this game and suddenly Mobile Legends is not available in their country or they can't play the game?

You're here saying they would just magically stop playing the game and move on because they can't play when they also have the option to use VPN.

I mean the issue with VPN is that it is legal to use VPN and I have complained to customer service about VPN and they have told me that it can't be banned. Moonton also use VPN because they are a company from China, if they don't use VPN when Mobile Legends is banned in China, how do they access the game? I mean it's sure not our problem, but they won't ban VPN.

For VPN, locking servers is just 1 of solutions.

VPN itself won't cause lag, lag is mostly caused by high latency or poor internet connection. The distance is what may cause latency, which in turn can cause lag. In this case, even if it is server locked, the distance is what causes them to lag. If they use a VPN to NA or to Europe, they will lag regardless of server. But I think that their problem is that they can't connect to a country that is nearby so that it won't cause them to lag and their options was made available to limited countries based on their VPN app.

I was also matched to 3 Myanmar Players and they all lagged, but that was a brawl match so it really didn't matter except it mattered to my winrate.
Post time 2021-5-22 02:18 AM | Show all posts
Edited by CloudDevelic at 2021-5-22 02:21 AM


What @HoaHoa says make sense as well. And it's just like the recent attempts at stopping low battery devices from shutting down in the middle of the game.

Also, while I understand your frustrations, please calm down and understand that this isn't a nationality or racial exclusive issue.

Now, I personally believe that VPN is ultimately a good tool (for stable connections at times actually), but it can be misused. I feel that there has to be some sort of solution which can prevent misused, but also allow for users to utilise it in order to get a better ping.

Thus, why I mention that preventing players that has high pings from joining is a good solution. But then again, lots of players do not have access to good networks, so we can be banishing an entire group of players. Which isn't good as well.

And lastly, no, rank has no relations to the requirements to becoming a moderator (and shouldn't be a requirement). However, speaking as an ex glory and global player myself, I suggest you to find a 5 man team, or a few 5 man team for now if indeed the problem is rampant. At least until we find a solution for this.
All in all, take a chill pill, drink some nice warm cup of tea and do what I suggest.

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You are pejoratively refering with a word thats used to insult people with mental disability. You shouldnt refer as others that way just because they are from a different country, if you're enraged just stop playing for a while, go play some normals or get used to it.
Post time 2021-5-28 07:41 PM | Show all posts
No secret that those two countries are being bullied in SEA Server because of their "genious" to ruin this game. In here, when you are solo or trio players, you will always pray that the other teammates NOT come from those countries. Playing with them is like a curse and when you find them in draft, I believe your expectation to win will dissolve into midair like nothing. You know what, playing with them is like playing with grandmaster who stay there for eternity. I dont know but this is very common in here feeling horror to be paired with them. Playing with them in classic and brawl is ok, but in rank match I should pray "oh dear Lord remove anybody out of my life that means no good purpose and is not real and loyal. Bless me with the discernment to realize and give me the strenght to let go and dont look back".


Oh no you racist ahahahaha  Post time 2021-5-29 09:56 PM
Post time 2021-5-31 03:14 AM | Show all posts
Columbian players..most of them are trash.
Plays terrible and then complains..”hola WiFi singel is berry weak.”
And how is that my concern.
If you got cheapo internet running on 2g..don’t play this game and spoil my experience.
Post time 2021-6-7 06:32 AM | Show all posts

S5tank, if you aren't satisfied about rank and classic, try magic chess. In March of this year, Bytedance (through its videogame subsidary Nuverse) acquired Moonton for US$4 billion.
Post time 2021-8-14 04:49 AM | Show all posts
Edited by membooa at 2021-8-15 06:46 AM

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