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[Hero Concept] Cryomancer

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Isbrand (Name)
Cryomancer, Stribog, Jack Frost (Alias)
Mage/Assassin (Class)
Guard/Reap (Specialty)
Mid/Side/Roam (Lane)

?? (Race)
Male (Gender)
20± (Physical Age)
Cold Weather Manipulation, Ice Manipulation and Flight (Power)

Hoarfrost (Passive)
Each time hero hits an opponent Hero or Monster with a Projectile attack (Basic attacks, Skills, Flameshot), grants hero 1 stack of Hoarfrost. Can have up to 8 stacks of Hoarfrost.

When hero has maximum stacks of Hoarfrost. Hero enter Aquilo Form for the next 4 seconds; increase Hero's Magic Power by 7%/8%/9%/10% and all of his Skills has additional effects.

Hero's Basic attacks deals 35(+11 per level)(+50% Physical Attack)(+50% Magic Power) Magic Damage.

Hero cannot gains Stacks when Aquilo Form is active.

Chilling Wind (Skill 1)
Hero releases gust of chilling wind in the designated direction that deals 304/351/398/445/492/539(+50% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage to all opponents hit and slow first target (opponent Hero or Monster) hit by 50% for 0.75 second.

If a target is hit, all opponents hit afterwards will be immobilized for 1.5 seconds. Does not immobilize target that triggers the immobilize effect.

Chilling Wind has two charges, but the second Chilling Wind will have different effects, (the first target hit will be immobilized for 0.75 second and all opponents hit afterwards will be slowed by 50% for 1.5 seconds).

When he casts Chilling Wind in Aquilo Form, Chilling Wind will heal 6%/7%/8%/9%/10%/11% Hero's Lost HP if an opponent Hero or Monster is hit and will halting all opponents' Projectile attacks in the Chilling Wind direction.

2 Seconds (Cooldown)
14/13.2/12.4/11.6/10.8/10 Seconds (Recharge time)
85/90/95/100/105/110 (Mana cost)

-Halting duration is 0.8 second.
-If hero casts Chilling Wind again in Aquilo Form, halting duration is increased 0.8 second.
-Chilling Wind can only 'delay' projectiles.

Slush Rush (Skill 2)
Hero flaps his wings and dashes forward, stopping at the first target (opponent Hero or Monster) hit, dealing 152/207/262/317/372/427(+140% Total Physical Attack)(+30% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage to opponent minions he passes through.

If he collides with opponent Hero or Monster, he will launches 7 ice missiles, each missile deal 48/82/116/150/184/218(+45% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage to all nearby opponents in range and slow them by 25% for 1.5 seconds.

If ice missiles hits stunned targets (immobilize, stun, suppress and frozen only), the Movement Speed Reduction, they should have gotten will become Additional Damage to the stunned opponent hero instead.

When he casts Slush Rush in Aquilo Form, hero gains Magic Damage Immunity, CC Immunity and Slush Rush's cooldown is reduced by 50% and 50% of Mana cost is restored.

14/12.4/10.8/9.2/7.6/6 Seconds (Cooldown)
60/68/76/84/92/100 (Mana cost)

-Immunity of Slush Rush last for (0.4 seconds (Dash) + 1.4 seconds (Ice Missiles)) = 1.8 seconds.
-Ice missiles deals only 75% damage to minions.
-Simplified version: Ice missiles deals 125% damage to stunned opponents (immobilize, stun, suppress and frozen only).

Flight (Skill 3)
Stomp the ground, releasing a shockwave that deals 166/216/366(+45% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage to all opponents hit and knocking them back. After 0.5 second, hero take to the skies for up to 5 seconds, increase hero's Movement Speed by 32%/41%/50% but hero is unable to cast Skills (Chilling Wind and Slush Rush). Hero can move over obstacle while in the air.

When he casts Flight in Aquilo Form, he removes all control effects.

Use Again: Hero throws ice bolt to designated area, opponents hit by the bolt are frozen for 1 second. After opponents are thawed, they take 400/525/650(+105% Total Physical Attack)(+250% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage. If targets are uses purify skill/thawed early, they take true damage instead.

After throwing out the ice bolt, hero will fly to the same location after 0.375 seconds and ends Flight Mode.

65/53/41 Seconds (Cooldown)
120/135/150 (Mana cost)

-Cooldown starts after hero throws ice bolt or after 5 seconds.

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     Yune's Boyfriend ... hread&tid=83784

let's do a lore for them
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