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Author: evoj
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[Complaint] Being matched with low winrate players before season ends

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 Author| Post time 2021-6-3 10:45 AM | Show all posts
Anand replied at 2021-6-3 05:13 AM
Reaching Legend rank is very easy for me as they are mostly solo players like me.

I will use a mar ...

Thanks for this. This is a good strategy.. At least if you lost the game you still get MVP


There might be better strategies with other heroes. I hope someone shares it here  Post time 2021-6-3 01:00 PM
Post time 2021-6-3 04:45 PM | Show all posts
Anand replied at 2021-6-3 04:59 AM
I think mages are the meta now. They attack you from a very long distance and each attack deals hi ...

Mages were always META because this game became all about CC skills. If you have many CC heroes in team, chances for defeat are very low. This is for lower mythic, legend, epic etc. For example, you can't lose BRAWL if your team consists 4 or 5 mages. Whatever new hero they realised, he has some CC skill by default.

My point is, only playing heroes like Aurora, Nana, Guine, Odette(which are her mains), you don't need that much skill. What skill is needed for Aurora? Stay in bush with prepared passive, lock enemy, press 2-3-1 and you are done. That's all your commitment. Nana? Pfff, 5 yrs old kid can play Nana. Odette? Same thing as Aurora. Only for Guine you need some skill.


My point is mages are carrying most games. They are not carried by others  Post time 2021-6-3 07:07 PM
Post time 2021-6-4 10:52 AM | Show all posts
welcome to moneyyyyytoooonnnnn they term are i dont give a shit. all i want is your money
Post time 2021-6-4 11:38 AM | Show all posts
It happens to me all the time. I have a 80% win rate, so when I play solo the system puts me with low skill duos (800 games 45% win rate and 300 games 49% winrate), or a bunch of noooooobs, new players or simply afks. Today I played 3 games solo, I had an afk in the first game, lost with mvp. Second game had a duo who picked kagura and aurora, we lost me mvp. Third game I almost won but i played against 2 friends who were playing solo as well, they are both good. Almost won but lost. So unfortunately i cant keep playing solo today, i will keep losing. I will wait for friends but it takes longer and i dont always have lots of time.
So yeah, whenever you are doing great, the system makes sure you lose, so everybody can be 50% no matter how many games.
Post time 2021-6-5 05:43 PM | Show all posts
I find it not wise to play ranked at the end of the season, nor the beginning of a new one..I've always had bad experiences playing during these times. As solo is hell, cause everybody plays for himself..
Post time 2021-6-6 08:17 AM | Show all posts
HoaHoa replied at 2021-6-4 11:38 AM
It happens to me all the time. I have a 80% win rate, so when I play solo the system puts me with lo ...

And this is the perfect example of how NOT to balance matchmaking.

Balanced matchmaking should mean the players within a team are within a certain skill bracket/range (measurable by a combination of rank, mmr, win rate, ELO, etc.). Balancing should also mean the collective skill bracket/range of the members from the teams on either side should be equal or roughly equal to each other i.e. if one team has members whose scores (just hypothetical 0-100 scoring) are  80-85-78-79-83, the members of the opposing team should have a composition that would roughly equal 405 as well (maybe 80-80-81-81-83). This ensures there's proper and balanced distribution of skill levels.

This matchmaking issues has been going on for, I think, over 3 years now... only last year did they finally admit it needed improvement... and yet, there is still so much imbalance in the game.

People keep saying it takes time to imrpove a system... but 3 years is a VERY LONG time. Most software companies roll out massive improvements to their core programs every year, and Matchmaking balance is at the core of MOBAs.

So it's quite a puzzle why they are not putting as much effort into making sure they take the algorithm to the best possible level.

It really makes you think they just don't care. For as long as there are still people playing the game and shelling out money, they won't care.
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