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[Hero Concept] (Renew old post) Solo Leveling collab hero idea

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Edited by Armar16 at 2021-6-4 08:23 AM

I have a suggestion about collaboration with the famous korean manga - Solo Leveling with the Main Character - Sung Jin Woo. He is the strongest hunter in the world with class Assassin and has Mage ability to ressurect the dead to be his shadow army. I haven't see any collaboration hero idea so I made one. What do you guys think?

Liwun (Shadow Summoner)
Role: Assassin / Mage
Specialty: Chase / Control
Skill Cost: Mana

Movement Speed: 258
Attack Speed: 0.87
Physical Attack: 122
Physical Defense: 21
HP: 2560
HP Regen: 36
Magic Defense: 11
Mana: 447
Mana Regen: 18

Background (From old post):

Liwun is the weakest hunter among all the hunters in the lace that has a great and strong hunter and is feared by everyone and monsters. Because of that he is often bullied, ridiculed, and hated by everyone including his own family because they are ashamed to have a weak hunter except a girl who sympathizes with his condition. She was always with him, helped him a lot and always made his life happy but he did it without the knowledge of everyone including his father who was the chief hunter. One day when the girl's actions were known to everyone, she was separated from him and locked up to avoid meeting him while he was severely beaten by everyone.

The next day, he felt strange because he was called to join a mission with many hunters to defeat the powerful monsters and everyone was behaving well with her but the girl yesterday did not join the mission. After arriving at the destination, only had an abyss in front of him. He was then asked to see what was in the abyss and he was suddenly pushed from behind. All the hunters who saw he being pushed down into the abyss looked on with joy as the incident was planned to bring him into the abyss which was the most dangerous area for execute the weakest hunter. Liwun got a serious injury and was very difficult to move due to being pushed down. He was saddened by everyone’s behavior towards him just because he was so weak compared to all the weak hunters.

Suddenly he is approached by a unknown monster he has never seen before and it is said in the story that it is the most dangerous and mysterious monster where the monster has the power to create shadow army from the dead. The monster understood and had seen what he had gon ethrough all his life. He was then given the option to get a second chance to become stronger with the monster giving his power to him. He accepted the offer without hesitation because he was tired of everyone's treatment of him when he thought back.

After the incident, Liwun travels around the world to and kills the monsters that are on his path including the strongest monsters he himself used to often injure when confronted with him and made him his shadow army and leveling up. Although his strength was far greater than that of everyone but he chose to hide his power and become an unknown ordinary person and if have violence, he stopped the act and he only use his power when fighting many enemy. Throughout his travels he was able to see the wonders of nature and make friends with animals as well as laugh with everyone including with other travelers every time he paused to rest.

While he was traveling, there was violence in a place where there were terrorists who invaded the area and killed anyone who stopped them. He could not bear to see the lives of the people suffer including those who wanted to kill a boy who wanted to defend his residence and Liwun came to kill one of the terrorists. He was shocked when the terrorist was a hunter in his hometown……

Passive: Debuff Effect [Speed] [Buff]

- Received CC from Mage and Support enemy hero will reduce 50% controlled time
- Each level will increase 3 Movement Speed, 10 Physical Attack and 5 Magic Power

74.jpg (Chapter 74)
14.jpg (Chapter 14)

First skill: Throwing Sword [AoE] 7/6.6/6.2/5.8/5.4/5 second

- He throwing sword to direction and it will come back
- Dealing 230/276/322/368/414/460 (+130% total Magic Power) along the way
- Dealing less 30% if hit the same target

- First enemy hero avoid the sword before it coming back will marked
- The sword will chasing the marked enemy at the end of path it before coming back
- Dealing extra 20% damage

54.jpg (Chapter 54)
54.1.jpg (Chapter 54)

Second Skill: Don’t step at my way! [Blink] [Speed] [Burst] 14/13.4/12.8/12.2/11.6/11 second

- He move to direction, cutting all enemy along the way
- Dealing 180/220/260/300/340/380 (+90% total Magic Power) (+1% every 3 Magic Defence enemy)

- Increase 50% Movement Speed for 2 second if successful hit the target
- If not, increase 30% Movement Speed for 2.5 second
- In that time, can avoid Basic Attack skill and targeted skill
- If not moving in 0.4 second, Movement Speed buff will disable

- After Movement Speed buff add new skill
- Jump and chasing the enemy hero and slash his sword at area
- Dealing 350/410/470/530/590/650 (+170% total Magic Power)

72.jpg (Chapter 72)
33.jpg (Chapter 33)
74.1.jpg (Chapter 74)

Ultimate skill: Come, my shadow! [Summon] 60/55/50 second

- He calling all of his saved shadow at around him for 20 second
- The shadow has 70/72.5/75% of their attribute and also can use skill (hero)
- In that time he can't attack for 6 second
- The shadow can’t attack the tower except minion shadow
- Using again skill will command the shadow to attack selected target

51.jpg (Chapter 51)

Fourth skill: Arise [Summon] 2 second

-Passive: All of the dead will leave a soul for 7 second but only appear when he come near the soul

- He extract the soul to be his army in 7 yards
- The chances is different according type (Minion 90%, Jungle 70%, Hero 40%, Turtle/Lord 15%) and has 3 chances
- Success to be a shadow will inherit 70% of their attribute for 5 second
- Also add 1 stack saved shadow until 15 stack and reduce CD ultimate skill 4 second for hero and 1.1 second for others

- Hold skill will remove the selected saved shadow and change it to others

45.jpg (Chapter 45)
45.1.jpg (Chapter 45)
45.2.jpg (Chapter 45)

Tips:- Best battle spell for him is Arrival, since ultimate skill can fight all of the enemy when your teammate start fight or get attacked without need any help from others

Solo Leveling is the best manga to read for who know first time. Link at here:
Any Solo Leveling fans here?

Post time 2021-6-3 06:16 PM | Show all posts
OW DAMNNN. I really love this one! This is one of my favorite manhwa though. The plot is so amazing. I bet if MLBB can collab with Solo Leveling, It will be so lit!!!!! XD

His skill is undoubtedly powerful and maybe can be one of the game's hero. Thanks for your suggestion. I support you.


You are right◉‿◉  Post time 2021-6-6 12:11 AM
If ML really collab with Solo Leveling, I'm sure all of the Solo Leveling fans will be crazy :V  Post time 2021-6-4 08:28 AM
Post time 2021-6-4 12:15 AM | Show all posts
The story is pretty interesting and I like the ultimate skill. It would be cool to have shadows who could also use skills. Thanks for sharing.


Yeah, the story is reference from Main Character story and also when the Main Character calling all of his shadow, he only watch the fight and only join when necessary. Not to OP when use ult skill  Post time 2021-6-4 08:46 AM
 Author| Post time 2021-6-4 07:58 PM | Show all posts
I think this hero are bit OP in movement speed
Example: 258 + 45 (passive full level) + 40 (boots) + 30% / 50% (2nd skill)
= 445 (2nd skill didn't hit the eneny)
= 514 (2nd skill hit the enemy)
Post time 2021-6-5 12:25 PM | Show all posts
I haven't read solo leveling. But I will support any hero with collaboration from Tower of God.
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