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[Item Balance] Make it impossible to buy more than one roam item.

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Edited by EighteenXVIII at 2021-6-13 03:49 AM

So I have 27 ranked games this season, and I auto-lost at least 6 games from draft because someone picked a second tank and bought roam mask.

I understand that double roam used to be meta, but it's clearly been explained that you now have a dedicated jungler and a separate mid. Now it will be hard to punish people for picking a second tank and playing as if they're the tank. Leaving you stuck either abandoning a lane and going tri-lane, or playing a lane as a tank which you can't win against good players. But I hope we can at least stop them buying double roam mask.

Granted I'm still in Epic and everyone sucks. I used to be Mythic and I have 62% WR, so I'm alright. All I'm asking is if someone buys a roam mask, then the other teammates cannot buy a roam mask too. This is to prevent people intentionally wasting 1000s of gold and basically throwing the game. Now of course you can not buy mask, but sometimes I don't even notice before it's too late. I also explicitly tell them to not buy roam mask, and then I see them buy boots level 1. So I think I'm safe, but after they finish boots they buy mask anyways (which is a terrible order to buy them in but I digress). So now I wasted gold and have to sell my mask, and play mid or solo as a tank which sucks.

It's hard playing roam in soloq as it is, this would make my life a bit easier.
I just played four Mathilda games. Two in casual because apparently they copied that dumb requirement from that other mobile MOBA. So now I have to waste my time with trolls and smurfs in casual. Then next game I don't get her in ranked cause ofc I don't. Then next game I get another double mf'ing tank pick (see draft screenshot, that dumb Tig). I can't have fun like this... -_______- I'm so mad rn.
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The two tanks should not buy the roam mask at the beginning of the game. If they both buy at the same time, no one will get the gold and exp from mask because both of them have same amount of gold and exp.

There is a simple trick, one tank should buy the mask at the beginning of the game. The other tank or support should buy the mask after killing a minion or a jungle creep. This will work because now the gold and exp of both tanks will be different. Now the tank with lowest gold will benefit from the mask.

This will work but it is still not as good as the old passive of mask where everyone with the mask gets gold  
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Note: The author has been banned or deleted.
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aznager replied at 2021-6-14 01:58 AM
many tanks in mythicals glory are played as sidelaners. Epics don't know that and it is even rare fo ...

Yeah well but you don't buy roam in sidelane now do you? So I don't see how any of that matters?
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Note: The author has been banned or deleted.
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aznager replied at 2021-6-16 12:38 AM
My pt is this, the meta changes were a lot. Before you used to buy multiple masks and now you don' ...

Yeah but they're not even going hypercarry. They pick a second tank (often Tigreal) and they just walk with the ADC in gold lane. And then the jungler is taking his buff, so there's two lanes left and depending on what the last guy picked (mage or fighter) I now have to go mid or sidelane. I think they just don't get Mathilda is a support.

I literally spent 32k on Mathilda, played two games in classic cause that's some new requirement? So didn't get any stars from those two wins when I have like 3 days left to reach Legend because I came back like a week ago after not playing a year. And then the next one someone insists on going tank which like never happens but I give it to them since they get to pick before me. And next 3 games I get hit with the double tank picks, all losses.

So basically I wasted 32k on a hero that I don't get to play because people are dumb. And don't tell me to lane with Mathilda, I think she literally has the worst lane clear in the whole game. Even with max spirit stacks it does only like half to the cannon minion. Her strength is in her mobility with s2, her ult ganks and her insane poke that requires you to move and not stopping to hit lane minions.
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Note: The author has been banned or deleted.
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