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[Complaint] the last update made zhask horrible

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Post time 2021-6-15 09:21 PM | Show all posts |Read mode

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he got completly gutted out
isnt it enough that his ult has 60 s cooldown ???now he cant even reposition it properley and deals less damage than what a minion does ,this is trully terrible

how does chang who has 37.6% ban rate get away with a slight movment speed nerf but zhask is completly destroyed and gutted out

its not fun being useless for 60 seconds waiting for your ult only to get oneshot and completly destroyed
isnt it enough that he is a terrible first pick because of how many counters he has(claude ult , khaleed S1, chang ult, jungler's retribution)

now he is not worth picking not even in grandmaster rank , this hero is doomed straight to trash can
Post time 2021-6-16 12:40 AM | Show all posts
I agree with you, I feel that his nerf wasn't really necessary as he is not one of the top tier mages in the current meta to begin with. He is also not used that much in high mythic rank as he can be easily be countered by Change'e or Claude when they focus his ultimate spawn. Before the nerf, I feel like he was perfectly fine, maybe even a slight buff would have been good for him. But this nerf makes it hard for him to be a good mage.

Although I am not a Zhask player, I hope that the developers rethink this nerf and buff him again, at least on Ultimate's CD .
Post time 2021-6-16 02:19 AM | Show all posts
zask was nerfed. zask is very weak. change it there
Post time 2021-6-16 04:19 PM | Show all posts
Chang e have nerf much worst - radiant armor. Now everyone can just buy one item and counter her.
But its also kill zhask.
Post time 2021-6-20 12:17 AM | Show all posts
Edited by Anand at 2021-6-20 12:18 AM

I think he is still strong that nerf only stops him from summoning the ultimate with full hp. This is a problem in late game for him but in early game no one can stop his ultimate so that nerf will be useless. Overall, this nerf made him weak during late game and does not affect early game.

I think reducing the cooldown of his ultimate might be a good idea
 Author| Post time 2021-6-20 02:15 AM | Show all posts
Anand replied at 2021-6-20 12:17 AM
I think he is still strong that nerf only stops him from summoning the ultimate with full hp. This i ...

you are completly wrong, i played zhask for a while this season and i have found out many weaknesses he has

1 of his major weaknesses is that the jungler's retribution can be cast on his ult removing a huge portion of its hp, an alucard/granger/roger can literly oneshot zhask ult early game because of retribution damage
but luckly zhask is able to spawn another ult to fight back

i meet plenty of mythic players who know about it and thus making zhask pretty unreliable in mythic elo

before the update his ult hp was like this: 500-1000-1500
after the update its:                                500-1500-2500

that means his early hp is still the same,a big nerf to his early game without a buff to compensate

in addition zhask in early game before getting attack speed items zhask counts on his enhanced S3 to do damage (since his enhanced S2 has a big delay and cant hit anything)

and since his S3 is nerfed it  greatly impacted his early game

not only his late game got nerfed but his early game too, if you take a minut of your time to check the official site for winrate and pickrates

you will see that zhask winrate decreased from 55% to 48% and his pickrate decreased from 1.1% to 0.6%

and i am expecting it to go even lower, he has been overnerfed to the point that lesley is more reliable than him
Post time 2021-6-20 03:26 AM | Show all posts
Edited by Magnum_bangbang at 2021-6-20 03:28 AM
iatebabies replied at 2021-6-20 02:15 AM
you are completly wrong, i played zhask for a while this season and i have found out many weakness ...

I am agree with you point. Its overnerfed. He was op, but radiant armor was enough for me. And i am pretty sure that hes winrate go down even more.

BUT. 48% is not unplayble. Chou has 47.8%. Hilda 48%. 48% is okey. Not OP and meta, like 55%, but if you have some skill, you will still carry.

So its if it stay 48. But i am sure it will go down. And go down even more on mythic+ rank, because they was nerf early.
Post time 2021-6-20 04:02 AM | Show all posts
iatebabies replied at 2021-6-20 02:15 AM
you are completly wrong, i played zhask for a while this season and i have found out many weakness ...

I agree it is a nerf but my point is it affects the late game very much not early game. Early game might be affected a little

I think the retribution effect in early game was present before the nerf too. The only difference is he could summon his ultimate again before the nerf but not now. They might be able to kill his summon but he can jump out of it and run away. If we try to fight like usual instead of running, the result is obvious.

I can see the stats going down for Zhask because of the nerf. One reason I can think for this drop is due to the nerf affecting his survivability. I hope they buff him a little to increase his survival in both early and late game.
Post time 2021-7-4 09:43 PM | Show all posts
Edited by Anand at 2021-7-13 04:19 AM

I rather suggest at least change the passive of Zhask and make it even more useful to him in teamfights. His current passive can easily be dodge and very unuseful for a mage in teamfights. It is better to give him a passive that can be truly dependable for a mage.

MLBB must fix a bug that can one shot the nightmaric spawn using retribution even in enhanced form just like a jungle creeps. We all know that this issue also happen before to Hanzo's body in which it receives huge damage by retribution.
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