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[Lineup Strategy] Complete guide to become a good mage

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Edited by s5tank at 2021-6-23 10:37 PM

After a guide about offlaner, I represent you my 2nd favourite role - mages. IMO, if you don't have good mage in team, you will suffer heavily. In this in depth guide, I will try to describe everything one mage should do or not in rank game and for depends on the situation and practically most of mage builds are pretty similar. So let start with quality of mages in MLBB, who are amazing, who are good and who are for avoiding.

1) Pick a right mage for a right situation

Yve, Esmeralda, Alice, Kagura, Chang'e and Luo Yi - these 6 mages currently dominating and they are excellent choise for most situations. But there is one problem: most of these are top bans, at least in higher ranks. Yve is probably not just a best mage in game, she is probably best hero in game atm. I always ban Yve if my team don't have first pick because she is simply broken atm. Until developers remove her shield during ultimate and if she is not banned, do not hesitate to pick her. Esmeralda was always on top of ban list. She is alongside Alice most durable mage in the game and she is perfect for many situations. You can play her as offlaner, as a jungler, as a midlaner (not recommended) and I use her sometimes as a tank. The only problem you will ever have with is her ultimate. Just don't go over the range. Better cancel it than go out of range because you will waste your ult and you will be in big trouble. Alice is practically similar hero like Esme, but she is even more durable. In current META, she is mostly offlaner, but many players use her as a tank or support. For me, Kagura is a perfect mage. She has the best set of skills in this game. CC, damage, escape options, poking...she has it all. Once you master her, you will rarely pick any other mage. Chang'e is the most popular pick among mages, ofcourse with a good reasons. Even with those nerfes, she is still kinda broken. Her 2nd skill is something which should be nerfed long time ago. She can clean lanes fast, steal buffs, survive many attacks, melt down most of heroes, she is perfect team fight hero. Before start playing her in higher ranks, try to master her movement during ultimate. Don't be like half of Chang'e users who just shoot straight and finish game with defeat and 15 asists. Luo Yi is on seesaw of getting buffs and nerfs, but she is still META. When you unlock 2nd skill, prepare for dealing insane amount of damage. Just try to hit enemy heroes with different colors and they will start dying when they start to collide
When you see your team is not quite experineced and you will probably enter late game, Cecillion is a right choice for you. He is like Aldous in body of mage.  The longer the game lasts, he gains more stacks and becoming more and more powerful that he can make Maniac in less than 5 seconds. If you feel you can carry the game, I recommend these 4 mages: Zhask, Vale, Kadita and Cyclops. I know Zhask suffered completely unnecessary nerf, but I rate him still powerful. He can be offlaner and he is still good as a mid laner. Not like before, but he can turn around battle if you smartly position yourself during team fights. Kadita is really annoying hero to deal with. Her set of skills and HP regen makes her good on any lane. She is not Kagura, but she is very very good mage. Vale is alongside Chang'e one of most popular picks. No matter what some people will say, you will need only few games with him to master his 3-2-1 combo. With Vale, you have 2nd skill for escpaing and he also increases his movement speed with every assist or kill. I often play Cyclops as a jungler and ofcourse he is good midlaner, good support and even can be on sidelanes. Many players underestimate his damage which is huge adventage for you. Feel free to pick him if you see your team will have hard task to counter enemies assassins or marksmen. Ask pro Ling users who is their biggest nightmare Pharsa is all around mage with amazing set of skills. Bad team mates and probably defending base from the start - Pharsa can save your day. Good team mates who know how to invide, who put a lot of pressure from start - Pharsa is perfect choice. Valir was most OP mage for a long time and for me, he is still good choice and counter to many heroes. I definitely rate him as one of best supports in game. Your team is afraid of Karina? No problem, just pick Eudora. Eudora is a bush hero. Never show yourself if you playing her and always aim for cores and main damage dealers. I didn't play Lylia, Harith and Lunox for a long time, so I am not the best one to recommend you these mages. Lylia is hell of a good mage but you will need a lot of time to master her, based on my experience. Harith was destroyed with many nerfs but Lunox seems to be overbuffed by latest patch and I will definitely start playing her again. Rest of mages are for avoiding until Developers revamp or buff them. Aurora is a pale copy of Eudora and that delay on her ult makes her kinda easy to read. One more problem is you need to maitain her passive stacks. There are separate opinions about Odette and I am on the side who think she is really bad choice atm. Without that epic combo Johnson+Odette, she is ez to kill. When I first start playing MLBB, Gord was my favourite hero mostly because of his look Time by time, I realize he is most useless mage in game just because of his immobillity. You can pick Gord only if enemies have heroes who can't jump at backline of your team. Any assassin is his nightmare and since ML became "who has better CC team, he wins" Gord is definitely for avoiding. Sitting at 0.03% of pick rate, Vexana is crying for revamp. She is good for Brawl btw

2) Ganking

When I see how my team mate mage litteraly circling for 5 minutes around mid lane tower and just cleaning lane, i got a nervous breakdown. That's one of 3 things I hate most in this game. Dude, you have a task as mage which is not to sit at midlane and do nothing. First of all, you need to protect your jungler while he is taking buff if you play disgusting 1-2-2 formation. That doesn't mean you necessary need to stay near blue or red buff. Move around, check bushes, poke enemies midlaner and HELP your jungler to secure Litho, DON'T TAKE IT FOR YOURSELF. For cleaning lane, you need few seconds, so try to help your jungler around mid as much as you can. When you reach lvl 4 you start ganking top or bottom lane. This is a time where your map awernes comes to the fore. This is only about YOU. Mages need to have really good map awernes and know how to assess the situation. If you are a 5-man team or you have good team who will play normal 1-3-1 situation, than you you go with your core and tank, litteraly they will lead you where to go. Just don't be inactive! That's a biggest mistake mage players are doing. As for ganking, always try to suprise enemies from bush. Perfect time is 70% of ganking, but I won't teach you how to gank, that's what you need to learn yourself.

3) Midlane

Many players don't understand how important midlane tower is. When you destroy or lose midlane tower, map is widely open. By looking at advice above(advice number 2), that doesn't neccesary mean you don't need to be careful with your lane. Like I mentiond in Offlane guide, always clean your lane before doing anything else. If you see opportunity to push and destroy enemies midlane tower - don't hesitate, go for it.

4) Necklace of Durance

Don't even try to play mage vs regen heroes, vs angela/estes/rafaela without of NoD. NoD became core item today since in most cases there are at least 2 heroes in opposite team with regen abillity.

5) Positioning

There is no much difference between playing mage or marksman. Positioning is a key of succses. If you are not Alice or Esme, never go infront of your team. Always position yourself behind tank and just aim for damage dealers. Playing mage is not easy at all. On the contrary , you will need some time to master most of good mages. Any missed skill will put you in trouble and you will look like a clown and your team mates will lose faith in you. If you don't feel you can go for mage in specific game, just don't go for it because mage is important for team in a same way as tank.

6) Wanna trade your life for enemy core? Do it. (optional)

This is something you need to decide only by yourself. When I play Kagura, Vale, Kadita, Eudora or any hero who can one shot squshy heroes and if I see opportunity to kill him, even if I know I will die for sure, I go for it. It will be 4 vs 4 fight but it is definitely bigger handicap for enemy. Don't get me wrong, I don't do this all the time, it is something that can win game but sometimes it can be deadly.

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Thanks for the tip. I find all of the tips above is helpful to provide the basic usage tips of mage.
Keep it up buddy!


you are welcomed my friend...but this topic need update every week :)  Post time 2021-10-27 06:10 PM
Post time 2021-6-23 11:58 PM | Show all posts
As a mage player myself, I can tell these are good tips. Keep this up my fellow magi.


Ty :)  Post time 2021-6-24 12:37 AM
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Good tips. I rarely these tips from you so I hope you will continue.
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It's easy to secure Aurora's passive stacks, I just keep spamming 1st skill. You just needs to make sure that Aurora is at her maximum stacks.

But I noticed with a new set of equipments that I've never used before, Aurora was much more OP than she was when I used her. I wasn't sure if she was buffed recently. If her ultimate hits enemy MM, it will instant kill. In the past, her ultimate did not instant kill. Not for me, I always had to freeze and ultimate and 1st skill, but without me using second skill and first skill, I was able to kill enemy MM with just one ultimate.

Vexana sure does need some revamp. I played Vexana in the past and she was good to me at least, but with the new heroes that came, she came to be a bit bad compared to others. One good thing about her in the past was that she was able to make enemy minions horrified, but now she does not have the ability to do that and that disappoint me because that was how she was able to kept enemy minions was reaching the base. It made her a good base defender, without it she is useless at base and turrets and it makes her easier to being tower ganked.

Vale's combo is 2-3-1, second skill to knock up enemies and ultimate (you need to do it instantly or enemies can still escape) and 1st skill to deal more damage and ensure enemy death with ultimate. I've made a guide on Vale before.

I agree! Learning where to position yourself is very important, it's very annoying when you can't find a position to use your skills because someone in the groupfight is missing and then the assassin or fighter ganked towards me and tank is nowhere to be found. Try to have an escape route when you use your skills because any fighter or assassin could gank you when you use your skills.
Post time 2021-6-28 12:28 AM | Show all posts
Kathey replied at 2021-6-25 11:59 PM
It's easy to secure Aurora's passive stacks, I just keep spamming 1st skill. You just needs to make  ...
Vale's combo is 2-3-1, second skill to knock up enemies and ultimate (you need to do it instantly or enemies can still escape) and 1st skill to deal more damage and ensure enemy death with ultimate. I've made a guide on Vale before.

Assuming you're upgrading Vale's second skill to the knock up, the combo for the crowd control ultimate is 2-3-1 as the cc from the ultimate renders them unable to escape. But for the burst ultimate, the combo is 3-2-1 to ensure that enemies can't escape the ultimate if they don't have a purify.
Post time 2021-6-30 06:48 AM | Show all posts
Pasta4Life replied at 2021-6-28 12:28 AM
Assuming you're upgrading Vale's second skill to the knock up, the combo for the crowd control u ...

I don't use the crowd control ultimate.

I use burst ultimate for my 2-3-1 combo. This combo would deal more damage needed to kill enemies.

It's perfectly fine to me if enemies escape my ultimate, I just know that flicker have a longer CD than Vale's ultimate, so I could use it again later. The point of my 2-3-1 is you need to be quick, if you have lag or too slow to use combo with burst ultimate, you can't use this combo. But I have gotten more than 10 kills and zero death with my 2-3-1 burst ultimate combo with Vale.
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Kathey replied at 2021-6-30 06:48 AM
I don't use the crowd control ultimate.

I use burst ultimate for my 2-3-1 combo. This combo woul ...

Yes but flicker isn't the only thing that can help an enemy escape. For example, Heroes with dash skills like Kagura, Granger, Alucard, Argus, Harith and many, many more.
Post time 2021-7-3 01:03 PM | Show all posts
Sadly you can't pick Gord on any rank when you're tring to climb your rank, he's not worth it compared other mages. But anyway it's good guide tho, people who are new at this game should read it.
Post time 2021-7-3 09:46 PM | Show all posts
Pasta4Life replied at 2021-7-1 01:42 PM
Yes but flicker isn't the only thing that can help an enemy escape. For example, Heroes with dash  ...

That's why you need quick hands... most of the time when I use my combo, they can't react fast enough to avoid my ultimate and get out of it as soon as possible.
Post time 2021-7-4 09:38 PM | Show all posts
I suggest to change the passive of Zhask and make it even more useful to him in teamfights. His current passive can easily be dodge and very unuseful for a mage in teamfights. It is better to give zhask a passive that can be truly dependable for a mage.
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