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[policy] Add harsher punishment for AFK

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So I can understand some leniency in what is a casual mobile game for most players. However, I believe 5 credit score reduction for going AFK from the start is way too little. It should be 15 always. I don't believe there is a place for going AFK in real player matches. Making them lose 15 points immediately kicks them from ranked. And it forces them to grind credit score by trying their best in classic. Which is good for increasing the amount of healthy classic games, as many people just troll in classic mode. If they still go afk, they will have to play against bots. That's how it should be because it's their own choice. I also think the detection for feeding/overly passive gameplay is not sensitive enough. I had a 0/5/2 wanwan in a 29 kill game who did 9% damage and 9% tanked. She even went AFK at some point but the system didn't even punish her at all. It detracts from the experience when toxicity isn't punished. That's my opinion.
Post time 2021-6-25 05:05 PM | Show all posts
Agreed it would reduce afks by a lot and i like that idea. The more harsh the pumishment the better
Post time 2021-6-25 06:37 PM | Show all posts
As mentioned before adding in-game moderators for specifically these reasons would improve the gameplay experience by at least 50% compared to the current one.
 Author| Post time 2021-6-26 02:18 AM | Show all posts
Yes probably, but I don't think they would hire staff for that. Changing the credit score reduction is easy though. Five points basically isn't a deterrent. It won't stop them from going AFK in the first place, and it won't keep them out of player matches either. You could also do a temporary ban, like 12 or 24 hours. But I prefer forcing them to regain their credit score through playing many games without going AFK or feeding. Because they would just wait out the ban and go AFK again, and forcing them to play in a positive way is a good lesson imo.
Post time 2021-6-27 11:05 PM | Show all posts
AFK punishment is 12 credit score deduction if reported by many players and 5 mins ban. I think your teammates did not report the AFK player
 Author| Post time 2021-6-28 05:29 AM | Show all posts
Edited by EighteenXVIII at 2021-6-28 05:33 AM
Anand replied at 2021-6-27 11:05 PM
AFK punishment is 12 credit score deduction if reported by many players and 5 mins ban. I think your ...

So just because my teammates can't be bothered to report people (which with how useless it is to do so right now, it's not surprising that they don't) I should just lose stars and they get to keep going AFK forever?

I got a mail from one of those dudes ingame. Says he "accepts his punishment" which is "increased matchmaking duration". I don't see how that's a punishment in any way. It's crazy. I don't even believe you because I haven't seen one guy lose 12 points and I've had reported multiple people going AFK this season. Those two screenshots was in the same game.
Look at this Wanwan. The game told me she went AFK. She was gone for a long time. I think she came back, but she basically did nothing. She might as well have sat in base. I told her to follow me as a bot. She didn't get any punishment. The game didn't even register that she went AFK. It's way too lenient.

Funnily, it did consider my report of Leomord feeding as valid. So it's more harsh to feeding (which is somewhat subjective as everyone has bad games) but going AFK it doesn't care at all? It's dumb.
Post time 2021-6-30 07:47 PM | Show all posts
EighteenXVIII replied at 2021-6-28 05:29 AM
So just because my teammates can't be bothered to report people (which with how useless it is to do ...

I agree punishment should be equal irrespective of the number of reports. The reason why Wanwan was not punished might be related to connection problems.

I remember receiving rewards for AFK due to bad connection problem instead of credit score reduction. Sometimes it punished me even though I was AFK due to connection problem. Maybe the punishment system checks certain conditions before punishing the player for AFK and if the player passes those conditions he may not be punished I guess.
Post time 2021-6-30 10:43 PM | Show all posts
afk is the same as harm
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