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[Hero Concept] Hero Concept: Shenhun - Soul Musician (Reworked)

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Edited by 君莫笑 at 2021-7-5 04:21 PM

(神魂 shenhun means Spirit)

Description: A skilled zither player in Cadia Riverlands that plays solemn music in calm times, and plays warsong in war times. Shenhun was an excellent general that loves to play zither. One day, he was assign to a mission on finding the Lost Jade in the heart of Cadia Riverlands. He was ambushed by the guardians of the Lost Jade, giving him fatal wounds. Shenhun's was about to die when a wisp found him, restoring his life. He gave the wisp a performance with his zither as a token of appreciation. The wisp was delighted and formed a spiritual bond with him. Together they hunted down the caverns where the Lost Jade lies.

Shenhun adjusts his zither for 0.5 seconds and shifts into two styles of music: War or Peace.

War Phase: Shenhun's skills will deal damage, he will gain 10(+Hero Level) of Magic Penetration.

Peace Phase: Shenhun's skills will grant movement speed and shield, he will gain 10(+2×Hero Level) Physical and Magic Defense.

CD: 10.0/9.5/9.0/8.5/8.0/7.5
Manacost: 100/120/140/160/180/200
Shenhun plays music that resonates to a certain range around him.

War Phase: Shenhun will play a music that resonates around him, damages the enemy for 150/200/250/300/350/400 (+80% Total Magic Power) magic damage and slowing them by 25% for 2 seconds.

Peace Phase: Shenhun will play a music, granting shield equal to 200/275/350/425/500/575 (+30% Total Magic Power) and bonus 25 movement speed to himself and allies around him. Lasts for 4 seconds.

CD: 4
Manacost: 75/100/125/150/175/200
Shenhun will strike his zither quickly, calling the wisp with him.

War Phase: Shenhun fires a wisp to an enemy, dealing 250/300/350/400/450/500 (+50% Total Magic Power) magic damage and adds a mark to the target for 5 seconds. If the target was hit again while the mark is up, they will be slowed by 30% for 2 seconds. Has 5 charges, recharges 1 every 5 seconds.

Peace Phase: Shenhun releases a wisp to an allied target, granting them a pulse that knockbacks enemies near the target every second and strengthening both of their Physical and Magic Defense by 10(+4×Hero Level) for 2 seconds. If Shenhun has a shield, the ally target will gain an extra shield 50% of Shenhun's shield amount. Has 4 charges, recharges 1 every 8 seconds. (Can target self, but won't gain extra shield)

CD: 60/50/40
Manacost: 300/350/400
Duration: 10 seconds

Shenhun will activate the power of the zither, striking the ground and releasing a ritual circle around him (he can still move) that grants buffs according to his phase.

War Phase: Shenhun grants 30% attack speed and releases 4 wisps with his basic attacks and skills, each wisp deals 25/50/75 (+25% Total Magic Power) magic damage and 5% slow effect (stackable up to 60%) to the enemies hit by Shenhun's basic attacks and skills.

Peace Phase: Shenhun will reflect 75% of the damage of all damage to the attacker, grants 50% damage reduction to himself. Each ally that steps inside the ritual circle grants 15 movement speed to all allies inside the ritual.  

Shenhun (appearance inspired from Lan Wangji)

Shenhun (appearance inspired from Lan Wangji)
Post time 2021-7-3 09:31 PM | Show all posts
it's a huge improvement from the old concept. I thought the mechanics are pretty much the same as lunox if I'm right, I like that
Post time 2021-7-10 12:20 PM | Show all posts
As long the passive isn't the same like Yve shield, i think it's ok, he's not gonna be that OP.
 Author| Post time 2021-7-3 10:42 PM | Show all posts
Ncup.Ajh replied at 2021-7-3 09:31 PM
it's a huge improvement from the old concept. I thought the mechanics are pretty much the same as lu ...

I figured out that it's too OP for a Mage/Support to have extra Magic Power from passive and has a shield/heal/movement speed. So I tuned it down. His passive will now give Magic Pen in War Phase, then made the second skill's Peace Phase into knockback  defense. He's not that quite OP and he's balanced for me.
 Author| Post time 2021-7-10 05:58 PM | Show all posts
Edited by 君莫笑 at 2021-7-10 06:02 PM
Eizy replied at 2021-7-10 12:20 PM
As long the passive isn't the same like Yve shield, i think it's ok, he's not gonna be that OP.

It's actually pretty small and not so OP. In late game the magic pen it gives is like a Eudora's nerfed level 2 second skill. And the hybrid defense can only rise up to 40. It's not that very overwhelming
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