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[Hero Concept] Azura - Fallen Dragon

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Edited by Armar16 at 2021-7-17 10:16 AM

Azura (Fallen Dragon)
Burst / Heal
Races: Human type Dragon (But he is completely human - Special case)
Untitled.jpg (I want to search human with dragon power but there is not any related picture)

In the kingdom of dragon, there is a dragon who had strange appearance compare to everyone else. His races are dragon with human body but he looks completely human without any signs like dragon such as tail, horn, wings or skin. When talk about the power his dragon abilities is more stronger compare with others but he didn't want to show off and want to be a normal person like others...

(No idea to continue)

Passive: Dragon Power [Buff] [AoE] [Heal]
- His body are harder like dragon scales which has 13% damage reduction

- Losing every 350 HP or using skill will stack Inferno for 4 times
- Sacrifice different amount of Inferno will enhance Basic Attack, 1st skill and 2nd skill
- 30% enhance damage will heal him

- Next Basic Attack will consume 1 Inferno and he raises a wave of fire with his sword (Like Khaleed passive)
- Dealing 150% total Physical Attack along the way and generate firewall for 2 second
- The enemy step on it dealing 40 (+22% total Physical Attack) continously every 0.3 second
- CD 1.5 second

First skill: Blaze Fireball [Burst] [AoE] | [CC]  (6/5.6/5.2/4.8/4.4/4 second)
- He casts a big fireball to direction and it will explode when hitting an enemy
- Dealing 180/220/260/300/340/380 (+120% total Physical Attack) and slowing them 40% for a while

- Inferno Enhance: (Consuming 2 Inferno) Casts a massive fireball
- Increase wide skill and explode range dealing 55% more damage
- Direct hit to the enemy will knocking back and stunning them 0.7 second

Second skill:
Geyser Hit [Blink] [AoE]  (11/10.6/10.2/9.8/9.4/9 second)
- He jump to area, dealing 150/180/210/240/270/300 (+60% total Physical Attack) and summon a geyser
- After period of time, the geyser will sending jets of fire
- Dealing 200/240/280/220/260/400 (+90% total Physical Attack) and slow 25% for a while

- Use again: He charging for a while and strike forward in fan-shaped area
- Dealing 240/290/340/390/440/490 (+100% total Physical Attack)

- Inferno enhance: (Consume 1 Inferno) The gayser will summon 4 small gayser at random area around it
- Dealing 35% more damage and slowing 40% for a while and the small geyser dealing 40% total Physical Attack

- Use again: (Consume 2 Inferno) He sending a powerful fire wave forward (Like alucard ult)
- Dealing 200/240/280/320/360/400 (+160% total Physical Attack)

Ultimate skill: Tornado Disaster [CC] [Burst]  (45/41.5/36 second)
- He sends a massive tornado to direction (Move slow like Bane ult)
- The enemy in area around it will slow 30%
- But if they not moving or attacked, they will continously pulled to the centre of tornado
- If reach to the centre, received 700/900/1100 (+180% total Physical Attack) and knocking airborne for 1.2 second at random direction to outside skill range
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Hi @Armar16

support from me!
be sure to submit it to our in-game cs as well

thank you~
Post time 2021-7-15 05:03 AM | Show all posts
I like your idea about creating new badass and charismatic heroes ! His skills seem op and interesting
Support from me~
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