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[Hero Concept] Ragnok, the lone hero

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Edited by 321ace at 2021-7-16 07:35 AM

Ragnok, the lone hero

Idk I never knew how to make background lel-
Passive: Godly Enlightment
He knew he was special ever since he is unusual compared to the others.

Instead of the normal level up system, leveling up doesn't give him a chance to upgrade his skill, instead he need to practice again and again to upgrade it. Instead he can choose to have an extra +20 physical attack, +100hp / +20 def, +20 magic def / +20 speed, +5% cd / +10% crit chance, + 5% crit attack. But welp Ragnok can only gain half the stats from equipments (doesnt affect unique passive)

Skill 1: Sword strike CD: 8/7/6/5/4.5sec
Ragnok raises his sword and bring it down heavily, striking all enemies in front of him,dealing 100/150/200/250/300 (+90% physical attack) . (Range: like flicker size & length), Immobilising all enemies striked for 0.5 second. Use this skill 5X times to level it up (X is the skill's current level).
If skill reaches max level,
Instead of immobilising enemies striked, he now stuns them for 0.5 secon

Skill 2: Normal Foward Roll CD: 6/5.5/5/4.5/4sec
What did you expect? I mean he's human (probably). Anyways- simple is always the most effective.
Ragnok rolles forward (length like Harith's skill 2), reduce damage taken by 80% and cc effects by 90% during the roll, deals 50 (+50% physical attack) to enemies along the way. Roll 10X times to level it up (X is the skill's current level)
If skill reaches max level, can choose to gain 50% movement speed increase or 30% damage increase for 2 seconds after roll

Skill 3: Poke poke *surprised pikachu face* (I have bad naming skills-)
Swaps to slingshot mode, deals (40% physical attack) , slows down enemies by 10% for 2sec when hit, reduce enemy physical def and magic def by 5 for 4 sec when hit. (Unlimited stacks). Tap again after at least 2 second to swap back. Can't use other skills in this form.

Skill 4: I say thou's evil and thou shall be CD:30/28/25sec

As the chosen one, Ragnok believes he was born to defeat the evil that threatens the Moniyan Empire, but he don't know who is it so yeah- Ragnok marks a random enemy hero as the incarnation of evil.
The "incarnation of evil" gets (50/60/70)% def & magic def reduction and (10/20/30)% slow but also gets 100% more gold & exp during the duration . (I mean final bosses should always be kinda more powerful yes?). "Incarnation of evil"'s location will also be shown on map every 5 second, they cant recall too. (Final bosses should always show themselves yes? c: ).  
If he and his teammates kills the "incarnation of evil" in 30 seconds, he and his teammates will be blessed by the uh world? (Idk either) and gains (30/40/50)% more critical chance for 30 seconds.
But if they don't, Ragnok will suffer and gets a 50% exp & gold reduction for 20 second. Allies beside him will get a 50% crit chance reduction too.
Defeat 3X "incarnation of evil" to upgrade the skill.
(X is the skill's current level)
When upgraded to max, he and all of his allies is blessed and gain 20% perma extra citical chance.

Art Reference:
[Insert image of random anime's main character that is destinied to save the world]

P.S.: Tbh I feel like his passive is too op and his ulti is too random

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