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[Hero Concept] [Hero Suggestion] Yomi

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Yomi, Demon Sword Maiden
Role : Fighter/Assassin
Speciality : Counter/Burst

Lore connections with other heroes

The Yomi family was a very well known family in the Land of Omyouji. Their family deals with many rogue and powerful Yokai and artifacts that threaten the peaceful lands. One such artifact is the sword of "Yamata no Orochi", a sinister blade forged from a very powerful ancient Yokai that was sealed away by the combined efforts of all the clans in the Land of Omyouji. Even when "Yamata no Orochi" was sealed into a blade, it's power did not diminish, not even the slightest. The Yomi family was entrusted with safekeeping this sinister blade, passing this cursed blade down generations by generations of the Yomi family. This demonic blade feeds off the wielder's life force, it corrupts the minds of even the kindest and pure of heart, beckoning them to unsheath the blade and draw blood. The Yomi family had trained their whole life to resist such manipulations and mental corruption from this cursed blade.

With the passing of the previous safe keeper, Yomi takes her mother's place as the next sword maiden. Yomi, a frail and young beautiful girl. Many members of the family thought that she could not resist such corruption from the blade but when she held the blade, it seemed as she was not having any difficulty at all. Even at the death ceremony of her own mother, Yomi did not even shed a single tear despite many people knowing how she is as a person. It seemed unordinary and out of character of Yomi. Fearing that the demonic blade has completely controlled Yomi, the members of the family persuaded Yomi to pass the sinister blade to another wielder to safeguard it. But Yomi refused sternly, saying no other person shall hold this blade as long as I live. With the decision made by the older members of the family, they plan to steal and separate the sinister blade from Yomi.

Past midnight, the older members of the family snuck into Yomi's chambers. She was sleeping soundly, both hands clutching the blade on her chest. As one of them attempted to reach for the blade, his hand was sliced off cleanly within a blink of an eye. As he and his family members fell on their backs shivering in fear as they saw, Yomi's face, a gentle sweet smile as fresh blood drips from the blade. As dawn breaks, the Yomi family has been wiped out, they've searched the entire estate and found no trace of Yomi or the demonic blade. Concern for their own safety and others, they've sent hunters to track down Yomi...

Base Stats
HP : 2658HP Regen : 35
Mana : 540
Mana Regen : 18
Physical Attack : 126
Physical Defence : 20
Magic Power : 0
Magic Defence : 10
Attack Speed : 0.95
Movespeed : 260
Basic Attack Crit Rate : 0%
Ability Crit Rate : 0%

Skills and Abilities

[Passive] Bloodlust

When Yomi damages the same enemy 3 times within 5s,she gains 50% movespeed boost for 3s and becomes immune to all slow effects. The movespeed boost does not stack but can be renewed when hitting another enemy. Only works on enemy heroes.

[Skill 1] Coiled Serpent (Counter)
Mana cost 35/40/45/50  CD 20/18/16/14

Yomi enters a 'defensive stance' for 1.5s. During the stance, Yomi will be immune to all incoming damage and her movespeed is reduced by 40%. If Yomi is hit by a control ability, she will counter-attack in the area around her stunning all enemies that are hit for 1s dealing 200/250/300/350(+50% total physical damage) physical damage

[Skill 2] Devourer (Buff)
Mana cost 45/55/65/75  CD 15/13/11/9

Yomi feeds the demonic blade with more mana, temporarily empowering her attacks for 5s. During those 5s, Yomi gains 55%/60%/65%/70% attack speed and her basic attacks only deal 65% of her total physical stat.
Passive : On every 3rd basic attack, deal additional damage equal to (20% Enemy's Lost HP) as true damage and recover HP equal to 100(+35% total physical stat)

[Skill 3] Lunging Serpent (Blink)
Mana 25/35/45/55  CD 18/16/14/12

Yomi dashes forward within a blink of an eye, dealing 120/140/160/180(+45% total physical stat) physical damage to all enemies on the path. This skill carries basic attack effects. If Yomi successfully counter's a CC skill from an enemy with 'Coiled Serpent' or successfully killed an enemy, this skill's cooldown instantly resets.

[Skill 4] Unsealed : Yamato no Orochi (Purify/Damage/Blink)
Mana 60/80/100 CD 60/50/40

Yomi unseals the blade and unleashes Yamata no Orochi. A sinister aura surrounds Yomi and it strikes fear into the enemies. Yomi is possessed by the blade and enters an unconscious state for 3s and instantly removes all current debuffs and control effects. During this state, Yomi becomes untargettable. Yomi can cast this skill again within 3 seconds to end this state and dash forward and deal damage equal to 300/400/500(+90% total physical stat)(+10% Enemy's lost HP) physical damage to all enemies on the path. This skill's cooldown is reduced by 60% when securing a kill and 30% when getting assists.

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