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[Hero Concept] Samantha, Support

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Edited by Rayara at 2021-7-22 02:44 AM

Samantha, The Unifier of the Kingdom, is a scientist of the Erudit, she works in a kind of organization with the aim of unifying and healing the affected souls around Moniyan.

Speeches: "I will defend this place, even if you don't believe me!!", "I will heal all these lands", "If it weren't for us, this world would be in complete chaos", "Don't back down!!" Speak when using your ultimate: "I'll show them I can do it!!"

Links: Samantha as a scientist created chemicals capable of healing not only physical stinks, but also the corruption of the abyss. She has a connection with Alucard (she healed him from the corruption of the abyss), Harith (she never liked Harith for being a Leonin, because they have a reputation for not controlling their powers), Granger (she is in love with him), Benedetta (secretly Samantha distributes her chemicals to Benedetta to help her in her unification mission), Natália (Although they don't have great things in common, they like each other), Tigreal (Tigreal doesn't find the unification organization effective, so he doesn't trust Samantha very much, so she tries to convince him otherwise), Kimmy (Both since they were younger are best friends, and so each faithfully supports the idea of ​​the other until today)

Battle Function: Regeneration/Poker

Passive Skill, Bioscientist: Samantha created different chemicals with different properties, each with different effects. After leaving combat Samantha will be able to organize her chemical system in her own way. Blue Elixir- when used on allies, the elixir will grant 25% movement speed and 15%-25% attack speed (scale with Samantha's level) for 2.75 seconds.  When used on enemies, Elixir grants the same effects as debuff. Red Lotion- When used on allies, the Lotion will be able to increase the maximum HP of the targets by 150-300 (scale with Samantha's level) HP points, this effect can be stackable up to 3 times and lasts for 15 sec. When used on enemies, the lotion will be able to stop the enemy's HP, that is, he won't be able to recover that amount of blocked HP until the lotion time runs out. Yellow Flasks - When used on allies the flasks will increase 10-35 hybrid attack points (scale with Samantha's level) for 6 seconds, this effect can stack up to 2 times. When used on enemies, they will have the same effects as debuff.

Skill, Portion Bag: CD 2 seconds, cost mana 70/80/90/100/110/120. This skill can stack up to 4 times, gaining a stack every 11 seconds. Killing or getting assists will earn 1 additional roll. Active: Samantha throws a portion in a chosen area, spreading the chemical around for 3 seconds. Allies within the area will recover 200/225/250/275/300/325 (+45% magic power) HP points every second while receiving effects from portions of that portion.Enemies upon contacting the area will be briefly paralyzed and take damage equal to 150/200/250/300/350/400 (+50% magic power) every second, getting 10% ​​slow for the next few seconds, activating portion effects of that portion type. Joining two or more scattered areas will increase your damage and regeneration effects by 5%, with a maximum of 20%.

Skill, Chemical Mixtures: CD 12 seconds, cost mana 60/70/80/90/100/110. Samantha jumps in an area while dropping a portion along the way, causing 150/175/200/225/250/275 (+60% magic power) and increasing 10% to 35% slowdown to enemies in the scattering area. This portion lasts for 5 seconds and can only affect enemies, adding effects according to the Potion Bag portion. After the jump, Samantha mixes her rations, thus earning an additional stack for the Potion Bag, while adding all of the ration effects to her extra ration.

Ultimate, Essential Support: CD 45 seconds, cost mana 200/300/400. Passive Effect: Permanently increases your movement speed by 20/30/40, this effect is doubled when the skill is charging. Active: Samantha hurls a chemical rainbow into an area, restoring allies' HP to 400/550/700 (+100% magic power) every second for 5 seconds, while including all your portion effects only once. Enemies within the rainbow portion scatter will have their movement speed reduced by 50% in addition to having a shorter distance from their targeted displacement abilities.

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A chemist really? Also another thing ive been seeing too many good guys in ml make it a mad scientist id prefer it to be a mad male scientist but if you want to spice it up go with female. Either way it would be fun to have a mad scientist with an evil yandere laugh running around the map.
 Author| Post time 2021-7-21 06:16 PM | Show all posts
CapacityPrince replied at 2021-7-21 02:59 PM
A chemist really? Also another thing ive been seeing too many good guys in ml make it a mad scientis ...

she's not a mad scientist, she's a bioscientist lmao
Post time 2021-7-24 07:02 PM | Show all posts
she looks more like layla's sister, with those glasses XD

anyways, thank you for sharing your concept with us
be sure to submit it to in-game cs along with this thread link
 Author| Post time 2021-7-24 09:28 PM | Show all posts
Ncup.Ajh replied at 2021-7-24 07:02 PM
she looks more like layla's sister, with those glasses XD

anyways, thank you for sharing your conce ...

it looks like it, but it's to represent that my character is from Erudit lol, I will send the suggestion, thanks!!
Post time 2021-7-25 04:57 AM | Show all posts
More like estes in chemical way
 Author| Post time 2021-7-25 06:15 PM | Show all posts
Soweirdzz replied at 2021-7-25 04:57 AM
More like estes in chemical way

yes, she's basically a Este, can enhanced
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