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[Share] Dont play solo, just wait for friends or else...

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I dont play solo anymore, its just not possible. Here are my last solo games, some rank some classic. I guess the only option is to leave the game open while you watch a movie or short youtube videos while waiting for at least one friend to be online, which is pretty sad. I am more of a solo player but the game cant be play solo, chances of winning are very very low, and even if you win its not fun, as I ll show you in these photos. I could definetely be playing many more games, but I have to wait for friends, so instead of 10 games a day now its 5 or less, depending on how much your friend wants to play.
Game 1 IMG_7677.PNG
No idea how we won, the argus and the guinivere didnt buy any items the whole game, so they did 3% damage and 0%. Of course no punishment because they were moving. Fortunately the enemy masha was afk, which balanced things a little. Really weird game.

Game 2
They all fed like 1-10, I was 17-6, almost won but they were 2 or even 3 enemies defending when I tried to push. All enemies were normal players, they didnt try to fight me cause I was full set, instead they just killed all my team and push towers. Impossible to win, when ALL ENEMIES ARE NORMAL PLAYERS and I have 4 idiots who are worse than bots.

Game 3

I was 25-5, my teammates 0-9,    2-12,     1-7..... not much to say about this game. I picked a mm they picked 2 more mm, Eudora was following me without a mask, stealing some of my buffs... Again, its me, one normal player with 4 low skill randoms vs 3 good enemies 2 low skill enemies. 1 vs 3 is NOT POSSIBLE TO WIN. (Why didnt they give me one normal player so its balanced, 2 vs 2??? Whats the point of deciding the result of the match before it starts?)

Game 4

Again, I picked a mm, they picked 2 more mm and an alucard, all 3 of them with retribution, so I have to change my retribution spell but I always asume they are all stupid so fock it, Ill keep my retribution. None of them try to jungle. 3 of them go bottom, one top, leave mid alone while I jungle. Top player dies, one of the 3 bot dies, Enemies get our mid, then killed the other 2 bottom. Top player dies again before Im even level 4. I was able to get some kills but money difference is too high to fight any of the enemies, I managed to get some kills because it was 1 vs 1 but soon enemy backup came to kill me.
Again, 1 normal player and 4 retards vs 4 normal players and one retard Miya.

No matter what hero you pick, what spell, these games are decided before the game starts. I guess if you are winning too much the system makes you fail so you go down to %50 and the low winrates go up.
The only way to fight against the system is with friends, but even then its very common to have a very strong trio, thousands of games, highest mythic, versus a trio with just hundreds of games, highest epic (or even less when its classic).

Its very sad, I really want to play but no more solo games for me, nope. The game is unplayable. Hopefully its only in my server, Japan, really hope you guys can play and have fun with no big issues.
The most frustrating part is seeing all these garbage people with credit scores higher than 100.

Post time 2021-7-29 05:16 PM | Show all posts
Soloq is just for if you wanna lose wr, stars/points, braincells etc i always relay on friends that can actually play the game because carrying 4 others is just not worth it
Post time 2021-7-29 01:33 PM | Show all posts
I am also getting players like these in solo rank

Everyone forgets there is a tank role while playing solo. In my opinion, tank role should be buffed so players pick tank frequently.

It's really hard this season and I find it challenging to reach Mythic playing solo rank
 Author| Post time 2021-7-29 02:45 PM | Show all posts
more than the missing tank or the triple mm, its the all low skill in one team vs all normal players in the other team.
I could win with friends, even if we are 3 mm and no tank, but one would be jungling, the other one support, and the other pushing towers. These people going 3 bot 1 top 1 jungle and nobody mid.. its like wtf
Post time 2021-7-29 03:09 PM | Show all posts
Yea I agree there is something not right going on this season, I played 3/4 with only turkish players on both team and always mine are the low skilled ones.
My history is all mvp games but loses ones xD.
I recommend you find a duo or trio and you shall be good, unless you are as competitive as me and committed to reach mythic solo q, then you are a true warrior :3
Post time 2021-7-29 05:48 PM | Show all posts
IZxCOLD replied at 2021-7-29 05:16 PM
Soloq is just for if you wanna lose wr, stars/points, braincells etc i always relay on friends that  ...

Than go tell Developers to remove Solo and write on start screen of game "You are braindead imbecil if you play solo, this is only for duos, trios or 5 men team".

Btw, hundreds of people were complaining here how it is impossible to play solo this game and you and all other moderators were talking how everything is ok, how we are toxic and now suddenly by your own words, we should stop playing solo because solo is for losing wr, stars, points etc...
Let me inform you something, if you didn't know, it is SAME SHIT playing with 2 more friends when you get 2 trolls in team vs 5 men normal team.
Post time 2021-7-30 12:51 AM | Show all posts
s5tank replied at 2021-7-29 03:48 PM
Than go tell Developers to remove Solo and write on start screen of game "You are braindead imbeci ...

I understand your frustration. I used to a be solo player too, but gave up coz its the same shit every game.  Its just how the moba works, happens in other mobas too but solo becomes good in mythic -glory tier in my exp. Atleast plying duo trio with trusted team mates will increase the chance of winning, thats what I always do.
Post time 2021-7-31 11:59 PM | Show all posts
It's very hard to play under your circumstances, we understand.

Our servers are different and some players can solo without getting matched with players like this.
 Author| Post time 2021-8-3 03:42 PM | Show all posts
Again, played yesterday 3 games solo. I had one AFK and two guys bottom the whole game, didnt come mid. And one feeder. Lost the 3 games, MVP in all games. Played again at night, with friends, won 5 games 0 loss, so its either super easy or plain impossible. No fair games, not fun at all.
Post time 2021-8-4 06:16 AM | Show all posts
Edited by Vincenza@849 at 2021-8-4 06:18 AM
HoaHoa replied at 2021-8-3 03:42 PM
Again, played yesterday 3 games solo. I had one AFK and two guys bottom the whole game, didnt come m ...

Can I know your current ranks with your accounts (I know that you are an ex Mythic)? You aren't the only player not satisfied about the balance of matches. In the previous month, I had a match in classic solo queue where the system reported that all my teammates were afk and even voted to surrender (I was the only one to oppose). After the end of the match, the system assigned only one of my teammaes as afk. I reported all of them out of afk, negative performance and low skill. In my opinion, this game should improve the matchmaking towards the end of the seasons (especially the last 1-2 weeks).
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