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[Account] Recover my account: issues with chat censorship and punishments

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Edited by Hydraulic at 2021-8-2 03:37 PM

A little introduction.
Hi, my nick es Hydrαulic (ID: 594191051, server: 1240). I have been playing Mobile Legends: Bang Bang for more than two years. I have invested money in the game and I have spread it through my organization ( It had almost all the emblems at level 60 and thousands of games playerd, consequent of the allotted time. With my main hero, Wanwan, the last week, after a lot of effort and perseverance, I reached the TOP 4 in the global ranking, playing only in soloq and without squad ( Coincidentally, a few hours before obtaining my first national title (, I received this message: (

How to be heard in a system that is indifferent to me?
I do not know how frequent the communication is between the staff of this forum and the game technicians or those who are in charge of unbanning accounts, but my user was suspended merely due to a system error. The chat censorship is completely flawed and inconsistent, and I understand that, even the translations of the abilities of various heroes have an intelligible spanish translation. Just a few days ago, videos in spanish began to be uploaded to the official Mobile Legends YouTube channel, and it is logical that they intend to expand the content for Latin America due to the number of users and the interest that the game arouses in this region. And now, how do I do? How do I report this error? How do I obtain a prompt and effective solution to this inconvenience? That is, a ban for more than a decade, imposed by an inefficient system that penalizes in the name of a language it does not know. That is not "justice" or "punishment", they are mistakes. And the errors as I understand it, the game aims to fix them.

Of course, I do not expect an answer in this thread where they tell me that I should fill in the appeal form, I have already done so (Also, the unban request form states that it is mandatory to upload an image, and it is almost impossible to upload one to it. After about 20 attempts I have managed to accept the image) and the problem is right there; that path will not lead to any solution. I had this same problem a few months ago, when the system banned me for 30 days, I made all the supposed presentations, via form, Discord and email, and I did not get any response. Always scheduled messages or redirects that never came to fruition. I have friends who were mistakenly banned in a massive ban wave last year when a hacker cleanup was done and despite all their requests, even presenting evidence, nothing was ever obtained. In my case, there was not, nor is there a concise answer. The scenario would be completely different if an email was actually sent to me saying "based on such conversations held on that day with such a user in such ID's game, we consider that you violated X rule of the Terms and Conditions", but no, there is no nor an assertion of the decision already taken by a (i reiterate) "inefficient system that penalizes in the name of a language it does not know" which acts without any intervention or moderation of human judgment. Whenever I have tried to maintain a dialogue, the chat inevitably censors absurd words, which are not offensive, or anything, so communication by chat sometimes becomes impossible.

There are a ton of examples I could give you to illustrate how flawed chat censorship works. For example, basically no word containing "ano" (anus) can be pronounced, the same is true for "orto" (an argentine synonym for butt) and "culo" (ass). A strange coincidence with my bans was that they happened almost immediately from playing games on servers in Brazil (where I was also logged in again due to the bad conexion service of the game) and the chat in this region prevents me from, for example, writing the name of a game item , "cachiporra invernal" (winter blackjack) so many times I tried to write normal, functional things to the game and to contribute to the good performance of my team, and I always found that at the end of the games, credit points were deducted from me for "Negative player" or "Bad words". It also censors whenever you want to write the preposition "por" (by) followed by a word that begins with the syllables "con", since I suppose it censors them due to its similarity to "porno / porcon", and there are more than 16,000 words that start that way! Randomly, he sometimes also censors the word "boliviano" (a nationality), "manos" (hands), "pijama" (since it contains "pija", an argentine synonym for the penis), "pijamada" (the same as the above), "system", "hero", and the list could go on. You can't even write "Epico" in the chat, it censoring you and it's a rank from the game!!!

However, while I want and think it is right for the censorship system to be corrected, my main goal is to get my suspended account restored. The appeal forms are always under the precept that the ban is correct and in good faith and the only thing that could be requested is a reduction of the penalty. But this is not the case. Here there is no infringement on my part, only I try to communicate in my language without foul language and a system that does not know it, penalizing me for it. So what is the next step? If there is no answer to the supposed maximum measure that can be taken in the face of an unfair ban, which is the appeal form, how should I proceed? Is there a way to through this forum to communicate these concerns to a technician in the game and have them do something about it? Without further ado, I hope for some solution and to be able to resume my MMR with my Wanwan in the world top! :)
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Edited by BMPW at 2021-8-2 03:51 PM

Hello there,
Sorry to inform you that you have been permanently banned for your repetitive misbehavior, as you got punished for similar actions before.
This has happened several times and for that you are banned from the game.
Please always make sure to follow the rules in order to avoid punishment.
Have a good day ahead.
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Edited by BMPW at 2021-8-3 03:29 PM
Hydraulic replied at 2021-8-3 09:01 AM
Seriously, this is your answer? It seems that not even a sentence of my article has been read ...

You can always do a ban appeal to try and recover your account.
Although, I highly doubt the ban will be removed since this isn't your first time and your last was given based on a good reason. Nevertheless, you can give it a try in hopes it goes well for you.
Besides that there is nothing we can actually do and you might want to contact the CS in-game or via mail:
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Edited by Charles at 2021-8-2 08:15 PM

As sad as it may sound, but the only way to recover your account is to send a ticket to customer service in-game by using another account or sending an email to

Nowadays, they'll usually reply in a few days or at least 1-2 week depending on the traffic. Do you happen to keep on resending your form? Because resending forms again and again will just likely queue to the last again.
 Author| Post time 2021-8-3 02:01 PM | Show all posts
Seriously, this is your answer? It seems that not even a sentence of my article has been read. The previous suspension (which had been for 30 days) was also for these reasons; censorship system errors, it is inefficient. Is mentioning game items wrong, game ranges wrong, nationalities wrong, verbs, adjectives and prepositions in spanish without any offensive content wrong? Anyone with a minimum knowledge of my language will be able to notice how badly censored the chat is and that it should be corrected immediately. Also, at what point was I warned that I was engaging in "inappropriate behavior"? Only "******" would appear before non-offensive and commonly used words. Nothing more than that. This "permanent ban" was not even a "third strike", hopefully a second. So I reiterate my question, how should one proceed in the face of an unfair ban? Being this, and I repeat, a decision made by an ineffective system that penalizes in the name of a language that it does not know?
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I will never buy any skin anymore before they fix this Censorship issue.. Its just a pure Joke

In my Country (Indonesia), the word "Hero" is censored.. like What ??

word "Santai" which mean "Relax" is censored, because it contains "Tai" which means poop lol..

And many other words..

To me this is just pure laziness by the developer, if you want to implement a censorship, then do it right, dont do it half assed like this.

If you cannot do it right then just remove it, since we already have a mute button so we can mute toxic players.

I can't count how many times ive been chat banned for 2 hours because i wrote some words that contains "illegal" phrases, even thought the full word have a completely different meaning.

But as usual.. Moonton wont give a damn lol
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