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[Crashing] Disconnect bug/Getting thrown out and can't comeback

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Edited by Rakanoths at 2021-8-3 11:15 PM

Hello guys,

I've been playing Mobile legends on and off for more than 3 years and I have never experienced this before, however a quick Youtube search shows similar issues since 2017 or so, that means I'm not the only one affected even if the % isn't that big.

Recently it became too frequent, like 3 out of 10 games. I get 1 spike to red ms, my character doesn't register any input yet I can see other people chatting and playing and it throws out 'Reconnecting...please wait' (I can still see other people playing, only after a while everything gets stuck and I get thrown out into the menu). It hurts when you have to watch yourself getting killed and can't move. How am I without internet if I see other people playing?
Usually it happens after winning a team fight or saying something in all chat, I used to think it's a lag cheat/hack, but now it became too frequent, not a hack. I've realized it's only a coincidence that I get disconnected after important moments.
cantreconnect1.jpg cantreconnect2.jpg
When I can't reconnect from the menu (attempts failed), you can see that my network symbol is green, my friend list is online, I can chat with anyone. I can also do a network benchmark. This is my network benchmark and performance results when I cannot reconnect.
networkb_enchmark.jpg performancebenchmark.jpg
My internet connection at the time of disconnect is in perfect condition. All of my other devices are working normally and are connected without ANY interruption, no background downloads.
In that moment I always also try to disable Wi-Fi and try 4G only. Different internet service providers, different IP - still cannot reconnect. Meaning this problem is not on my end.

Restarting the game multiple times doesn't help to reconnect.
Restarting the phone doesn't help to reconnect.
My game settings are on lowest, 'Smooth'.

I did all the steps that customer support suggested me to do.

All app permissions granted.
All caches cleared (Google services, browsers, game)
Fresh game reinstall.
Speed mode on.
Plenty of RAM and storage space left.

I have lost many ranked/classic games, lost a lot of credit score and I'm getting reported for AFK almost every day.
I think developers or someone should be aware of this issue.
When the faulty match is over, I can queue up and play another game without any issues and without doing any additional steps. No restarts or different internet connection is neccessary. Until it randomly repeats itself.

Any thoughts?

My ingame id: 12111180
Server id: 6016
Recent ranked game ID's where I've experienced the disconnect bug: 439781824987156592;
434603490292469854 this match I've got disconnected and couldn't reconnect after clicking ready, I wasn't even ingame, just pick phase.
Game version:
OS: Android 11, One UI 3.1,
Google play system update June 1st, 2021
(Everything is up to date, newest at the moment of writing)
(No help through in-game customer support, I just get a canned response that is completely useless, I've done said steps many times, the issue must be passed on to someone?).

Post time 2021-8-5 12:47 AM | Show all posts
Edited by Anand at 2021-8-5 03:10 AM

Hey, having same problem here . i also posted about ot here ( ... 5198&extra=page%3D1 ) . Its server side problem or some kind bug, i tryed everything also . Its just luck or you will be afk or if you lucky you will can reconnect.

P.S its server , all friends of mine who having this problem has server start 6***,63** and so on
 Author| Post time 2021-8-5 02:16 AM | Show all posts
Edited by Rakanoths at 2021-8-5 03:52 AM

Yeah, it's super unfair and annoying.
I've just lost another ranked game moments ago. 450086834509894360. We were dominating so bad and I didn't show up for 5 mins and gg. It's hard to climb solo as it is, but now I get 3 default losses in <15 games extra because of disconnect bug. Super tilting. How is it not fixed?
They must be doing some kind of a network check to not let you into the game. Like I sometimes see 'Poor network connection... please try queueing up later' but that check must be flawed, because our connection is pristine.
     Another thing. How come the other 9 players are not affected, only 1 person per game? I've never seen anyone else get an AFK medal, only me and never the other 9 people and I can swear on anything, that my internet connection 99% of the time is superior to those 9 other people, especially considering that a lot of the playerbase uses 4G. I live in a country with the best internet in the world, so what gives? No packet loss, no jitter.
Post time 2021-8-5 06:08 PM | Show all posts
Hello there,
Thank you for reporting this to us, but to help you with your situation can you kindly answer the following questions:
1. When did this problem start to happen?
2. How many times have you encountered this issue?
3. For how long did it last each time?
4. Are you capable of reconnecting to the game after every time this has happened ?

If you have anything else you would like to add that can help us identify the problem please do so.
 Author| Post time 2021-8-5 09:19 PM | Show all posts
Edited by Rakanoths at 2021-8-6 06:06 PM

1. The problem for me has started happening about a month ago. Not more than 2 months ago. I see that the identical problem has been going around for 3+ years, but I didn't experience it before.
2. I encounter this issue almost daily, depending on how many games I play. If I play 7 matches per day I'm bound to experience it at least once, but it's random, can happen more or less. It's now around 10 disconnect bug games in less than a week.
3/4. Each time it lasts until the end of the game. I've only been able to reconnect to 1 game so far after 5 minutes or so, which makes me get an AFK medal, because you have to come back in around 3 minutes. In other instances, majority of the time, it's completely impossible to reconnect.

After the game where I cannot reconnect is over, I can then play another game normally, but I've noticed that it's more likely to happen again in a short period of time after I experience it, compared to when there is no disconnect bug in a huge match streak. If that makes sense?
If it occurs at one point, then it's more likely to happen in the following few games. Server load perhaps? Just guessing. On the other hand, time of the day seems to make little to no relevance, because I've been disconnected at 1-3 AM european time with little load.
Post time 2021-8-11 05:30 AM | Show all posts
Hey Rakanoths , perhaps you fixed your problem? or its still having this problem like me?
Post time 2021-8-11 06:33 AM | Show all posts
Edited by Anand at 2021-8-11 02:15 PM
Rakanoths replied at 2021-8-5 09:19 PM
1. The problem for me has started happening about a month ago. Not more than 2 months ago. I se ...

This happens to me rarely because my phone is very old running Android 6. Since I am used to it, I immediately close the app when it gets stuck and restart the app so I connect to the game before 3 minutes and I never got reported AFK for this.

If your phone is also old one like mine, then probably they would suggest us to upgrade the device for better gaming experience.

Because as the game improves, the load on our mobile phone also increases. If our device is not good enough to handle this we might face these types of issues

@HellMade have you created a thread and reported it separately?  

Post time 2021-8-13 05:14 PM | Show all posts
Well.. it happen to me too, but the weird thing is that it's only happen to me or my teammates and the enemies team doesn't seem have the same problem..
Post time 2021-8-13 06:25 PM | Show all posts
Anand replied at 2021-8-11 06:33 AM
This happens to me rarely because my phone is very old running Android 6. Since I am used to it, I  ...


Yes i made a thread also with video, next day or so more threads came about same.  so i understood ifs not only me
Post time 2021-8-13 10:39 PM | Show all posts
HellMade replied at 2021-8-13 06:25 PM

Yes i made a thread also with video, next day or so more threads came about same.  so i unde ...

I will watch that video and reply to you in that thread
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