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Author: Rakanoths
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[Crashing] Disconnect bug/Getting thrown out and can't comeback

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 Author| Post time 2021-8-14 02:34 AM | Show all posts
Edited by Rakanoths at 2021-8-14 05:22 AM
Anand replied at 2021-8-11 06:33 AM
This happens to me rarely because my phone is very old running Android 6. Since I am used to it, I  ...

Hey, problem is nothing gets 'stuck' or 'frozen' for me. It's purely network server side.
I play the game at 60 fps on lowest settings, so it's good enough in terms of hardware. Galaxy S10, benchmark says score surpasses 96% of the player base :) I'll upgrade to S22 Ultra with RDNA 2 AMD gpu this winter/spring, which based on the leaks is 4x (400%) faster than my current phone in synthetic benchmarks and still - it's not gonna solve the problem. That would put it above 200% of all the current playerbase lol.

To Hellmade:
I've just experienced it again, that's why I've checked the thread. 501819526612431275 ranked. This time it behaved slightly differently, so I'm thinking the devs must be trying some tweaks.
I could reconnect after some time and didn't get AFK, but I lost tons of momentum and levels which could have helped carry the game and shift the tide. Still not good enough, but I've played many games without dc bug.
Post time 2021-8-14 01:31 PM | Show all posts
Rakanoths replied at 2021-8-14 02:34 AM
Hey, problem is nothing gets 'stuck' or 'frozen' for me. It's purely network server side.
I play th ...

I thought this bug occurs rarely in older devices. If it occurs in Galaxy S10, I guess it is a bug in either server or apk. The problem is it's hard to replicate so it will not be easy to fix.

I hope they fix it for everyone and improve the gaming experience
 Author| Post time 2021-8-15 06:36 AM | Show all posts
Edited by Rakanoths at 2021-8-15 07:55 AM

I sure hope so too.

I've got the disconnect bug on MCL finals. 435682252934349718. Right at the very start. I've even warned the other teammates before queuing up about this issue, that it's risky for me to play several games in a row due to this problem.

No lag, all good and then bam. Only 1 spike to red ms from 20'ish ms.
It doesn't even say 'reconnecting' until I try to restart both Wi-Fi and 4G. Sometimes it's looping the last animations which were executed before the connection drop. Sometimes you can see other people doing things for like 5-10s when you completely lose any control and chat ability while seeing other people chat, move.
When you restart the game you get this, after a few failed attempts you get into the menu.
Network green, friend list working, all chat functions working. Can't reconnect.
Luckily, this has happened at the beginning and I got back into the game when everyone was level ~8. I've dropped from level 2. Couple of game restarts and non-stop reconnect attempts. Basically, if you get a dc bug it's finito to your game. My team still had all tier 2 towers, so I've managed to catch up to their core players in gold and levels as a roamer and we've won in a single push.

However, I've had to mute all of my team to even have a chance of winning.
I was flamed so hard, like it was my fault or I did it on purpose. 'You were gone for so long!11!!! There is literally no point in trying to explain what has happened because nobody believes you. EVER!
Everyone thinks it's like a made up thing or an excuse or some ghost theory or you're trolling.
Getting disconnected and can't reconnect with proper internet and working servers for the other 9 people? Can only mean one thing.

This never happens in any game ever, I've never seen such a phenomena in any pc game or elsewhere, so I can see why people have trouble grasping this concept that it's a bug for real.

I've literally had to unfriend a couple of guys just now. I guess situations like this weed out the trash, but it's a really crappy feeling to go through. Like gaslighting, lol. No matter how hard you try. I really did my best to make up for the bug.
Painful MCL round. I hope they can figure it out...
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