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[Hero Concept] Saphire, Protector Of The Secret

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Edited by Takin_Giro at 2021-9-2 09:27 AM

The light elves and the dark elves were once united and lived together, due to a romance between two elves from different family branches a baby came, that baby was Saphire.Saphire appeared in the world to separate this union between light elves and dark elves, as she did not inherit any characteristic of the dark elves, for the elves, it was a considerable thing to understand that the dark elves were not pure, which caused controversy between the two branches of elves.Saphire grew up as a light elf who emanated light wherever she went, she never showed aspects to which a dark elf, Saphire was never fully accepted by the light elves although she is identical to one, she was the bastard child of a dark elf and a light elf.Sapphire grew up in this environment where she was almost disowned. Then one day a dark elf kidnapped her and took her to a gigantic mountain, in order to cast a spell under the young elf in order to make it entirely of dark elven blood. Gavana, the Goddess of the Elves didn't like the idea and so guarded Saphire after the spell, so the young elf was not only unaffected by the spell, she also gained a blessing from the Goddess who guarded her... Sapphire is now the bearer of Havana's secret, has the ability to manipulate stellar magic and live in the stars. When Saphire departed for the skies, she saw all the dawn land from above and then she shouted "Unclean Land, Pure Land, I'm Not Guilty of This!! Thank You My Goddess For The Opportunity To Be The One THE PROTECTOR OF THE SECRET". on the day of the attack of Alice to the Azyra forest, Saphire helps on the battlefield, she almost leaves dead because her magic was immature, but that's where Estes recognizes her as an elf of light. Saphire and Estes didn't know, but Saphire slowly wanted to be like Alice... In her thoughts, she was slowly overcome by this feeling of being feared and revered by all... Saphire is then lost in her own thoughts in search of whether she will follow Alice or no.

Battle Speeches: "Impure land, pure land", " it wasn't my fault!!", "Maybe I will be queen one day!!". "It wouldn't be right to betray the Moon Goddess... On the other hand...".Speech when Alice is on the field: "This witch... Is there any force that draws me to her?"
Speech when there is an Estes enemy in the field: "I didn't choose this path, Estes, forgive me".

Characteristics: Saphire has an indecisive and shy personality, but respectful, grateful and according to a personality that hides her leaping with happiness inside. She is 1'64 tall; she is 17 years old; Libra sign.

Roles in Battle: Poker/Explosion;
She is a mage;
Difficulty: A little difficult;

First Skill, Planetary Collision: CD 12,75 seconds, cost mana 50/60/70/80/90/100. Saphire selects a nearby enemy hero and pushes him in a chosen direction, dealing magic damage equal to 250/300/350/400/450/500 (+100% magic attack) and 25% slowdown. If the pushed enemy collides with enemy heroes, both heroes take extra damage equal to 200/240/280/320/360/400 (+80% magic attack) and will be stunned for 0.8 seconds. The target will receive 0.8 seconds of additional stun if it collides with obstacles (this skill cannot be used on minions).

Second Skill, Star Generator: CD 6 seconds, cost mana 50/55/60/65/70/75. Sapphire casts a 2 star streak in a straight direction, causing 200/245/290/335/380/425 (+80% magic attack) and 10% slowdown on the way. Each hit of the stars increases your attack speed by 5%/6%/7%/8%/9%/10% for 3 seconds. Whenever this skill is improved, a new star will be generated for sequential release. Star damage decreases with each successive hit on the same target, up to 75%.

Ultimate, The Secret of Lunar Magic: CD 35 seconds, cost mana 100/175/250. Passive: Sapphire as redeemer of the secret of the place can manipulate the power at will. She can choose between Lunar Arc, Domain of the Wailing Moon or Blessing of Flight by pressing the icon of the ultimate.

When choosing Lunar Arc: Sapphire fires an arrow of lunar energy that runs across a line on the map, the arrow will deal damage equal to 450/550/650 (+150% magic attack) in an area after hitting the first enemy.

When choosing a domain of the waning moon: Saphire forms an obstacle that forms a half moon in a chosen area, blocking passages.The barrier, when formed, throws nearby enemies to the side and causes them 200/260/320 (+75% magic attack). The barrier lasts for 5 seconds.

When choosing Flight's Blessing: the lunar power levitates Saphire for 6 seconds, allowing her to gain 40% movement speed and ability to cross obstacles, while it can attack during levitation (being controlled does away with the effect).

Passive Skill, Origin of Magic: Saphire's basic attack deals 20 (+40% physical attack) (+45% magic attack) (+4% of her maximum mana) as magic damage to enemy enemies. Due to Gavana's blessing, Saphire's basic attacks trigger effects associated with abilities and they cost mana to use. If Saphire doesn't have enough mana, basic attacks cannot be launched.


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Edited by Rafael0000 at 2021-8-14 02:58 PM

Ooo so beautiful elf hero . Support from me.
Post time 2021-8-14 11:45 AM | Show all posts
this looks more like a Carmilla skin
 Author| Post time 2021-8-14 04:56 PM | Show all posts
C4lam1tyG0D replied at 2021-8-14 11:45 AM
this looks more like a Carmilla skin

worse than it looks lol
 Author| Post time 2021-8-14 04:57 PM | Show all posts
Rafael0000 replied at 2021-8-14 02:49 PM
Ooo so beautiful elf hero . Support from me.

Thanks yoou :)
Post time 2021-8-14 05:44 PM | Show all posts
Okay, i'm in love with that pic does it have a source or is it your own creation? I would love seeing this hero as mage or maybe support. I think support will suit her better, channeling skills and stuff~ considering she has a book of spells. I love the ultimate, choosing from different stances. Please do send this to CS ingame.
Support from me aswell
 Author| Post time 2021-8-14 07:27 PM | Show all posts
shinee. replied at 2021-8-14 05:44 PM
Okay, i'm in love with that pic  does it have a source or is it your own creation? I would  ...

It was created by a friend of mine who is a draftsman. Thanks for the feedback!! But I don't know how to send the suggestion through SAC
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Moontoooooon! compra essa ideia pelo amor de Gavana. O.O
 Author| Post time 2021-9-2 09:11 AM | Show all posts
Sorvete-san replied at 2021-9-2 06:00 AM
Moontoooooon! compra essa ideia pelo amor de Gavana. O.O

Kkkkk obrigadaaaa
Post time 2021-9-17 05:08 PM | Show all posts
I love her passive which make her basic attack deal extra damage equal to her mana, and I think it's a good idea to make her ultimate to have 3 option which will make her choose depend on the situation/battle condition...
Support from me, I hope you also submit this to in-game cs as well
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