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[Request] About the buffs

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I like Ling since the first time I saw his survey. I like his playstyle and aesthetic and I want to master him. However since the first time he was released until today, I can't play him. He is an assassin and he uses a lot of energy to perform his ability. His energy consumption is not the problem, but his importance to have that blue buff is the main problem. When I tried him in classic, I had so many times problem to own that blue buff. Some or maybe all my teammates will definitely steal that buff for no reason. For example, why should Alucard kill the blue buff? Exp and gold of course, but the main feature of blue buff, of course would be useless for him. There will be so many players kill the buff without noticing the importance for certain heroes who really need buff. I am so tired of that. Maybe I just got one blue buff in one match. If my clueless teammate didnt get the buff, the will chat mocking, cursing, feeding and in the end going afk. It always happen. Classic is notorious of that behaviour, even in rank match that become double worse.

So I try to suggest about new ability of retribution spell. What if there are two kind of retribution spell? I mean, red retribution for heroes who really need the red buff, and blue retribution for the blue buff. Those two kinds of buff are allowed to be used in a team. For example, granger balmond johnson gusion yve. Granger may pick the red retribution and gusion may pick the blue retribution, the other three heroes absolutely cant have the retribution of course. The owner of the retribution is the only one who can kill the buff according the color. The other three heroes can only hurt the monster buff but cannot kill the monster eventhough its hp is zero. Granger with the red retribution cannot kill the blue buff and so cant gusion to the red buff. However, when the owner the buff is dead while still harnessing the buff, the other teammates can take that buff. When granger still bearing the red buff die, the other teammates (gusion also) can take that remained buff on the ground. (Maybe the enemy team can take that fallen buff too).

So what do you think? Is my suggestion weird or impossible to be applied? You know I just want to be treated fairly when playing heroes that I want to master, Ling is my example. Maybe this double retribution and new rules can be the new meta in some next updates soon.

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Note: The author has been banned or deleted.
Post time 2021-8-15 03:50 AM | Show all posts
I think better way is to revert the buffes back to before red and blue buff. Fanny has the same issue as well.
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Some heroes that shines in late game like Alice, Harith, etc. need purple buff and if they don't have that retribution you're saying, they can't take it. Invading enemy jungle will be useless especially when you want to steal the buff.
 Author| Post time 2021-8-15 07:55 AM | Show all posts
CloudDevelic replied at 2021-8-15 03:21 AM

I know your intentions are nothing but full of well-meaning, though I would have to ...

I have played this game since so long ago and I am boring with my current role as mage. I want to change my role. As a solo player it is hard to pick carry hero and being trusted to get the buff in the middle of the match. Even when you show your number of match of certain roles or winrates, there are always ignorance and stupidity who takes something unnecessary. If my suggestion is hard or impossible to be implemented, well it is ok.
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There is an alternative way available.

You can take roaming boots and kill the buff so you get the buff and your teammates will get Gold an EXP
Post time 2021-8-16 03:37 PM | Show all posts
Game idea and meta, about jungle must take both buffs. So, if you have no retribution jungle monsters give you less gold and exp. And you will miss more gold and exp from line creeps, while take it. If anyone try to steal it, he will make it worse for himself in frist place. This way on rank above epic, its rare situation.

You suggestion is intresting, by a change game idea. But it will kill roam role. Right now, its a 5 role by get gold. 3 line, jungle and roam. If 2 players get to play the same role, its make worst for both players and team, because both will get less gold and exp. In you idea, it must changed to 3 line + 2 jungler. Also, it will kill gold mm on low rank, like it on high rank now, somewhere roam role play like second jungle and attack all lines, and cant save hes mm. Not change a lot, but idk. Not really like it.
Post time 2021-8-21 01:51 AM | Show all posts
I don't think a suggestion on a new ability on retribution spell would help this situation at all, I mean each heroes is only allowed to equip one spell and you're suggesting a red and blue retribution spell that heroes other than junglers might not have a user for and it sounded a bit like the purpose for those retribution spells is only for buffs and not for other battle purposes.

If two players are jungling and taking a different buff respectively, then who is the jungler? I thought the point of jungler is to jungle and take both buffs so that they can level up without taking EXP or gold from anyone else's lanes early game?

Like in late-game, the person taking the buff is depended on who has enough advantage against enemy heroes to take the buff. Like if Jungler is Gusion and Marksman is Lesley and Lesley has build a huge advantage against enemy team and against team player Gusion, but she needs Flicker. In that case, Lesley would take the buff because she is carrying and has a huge advantage against enemy team. Gusion would only need Red Buff.
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