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[Complaint] Remove Top hero ranking if you cant control it

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I'm sick of people that try to lose the game to lower rank to farm winrate or rank point of hero they want. Juts look at top 10 hero of country not hard to see some of them are just grandmaster or epic.
Post time 2021-8-18 05:36 PM | Show all posts
PatriotKiller49 replied at 2021-8-18 10:56 AM
I think that MoonTon should basically quit trolling and do something about the mmr ranking systems i ...

Hello there,
I can't agree more on that post, as it's well written and pretty much understandable.
Can you kindly post it under the Suggestion section for us to forward it to the staff team along side other suggestions.
Hopefully your ideas would be considered and I personally want these changes as well.
Post time 2021-8-18 03:20 PM | Show all posts
HoaHoa replied at 2021-8-18 09:52 AM
I have reported several people. This guy with 500 granger matches 100% win rate, total 1000 games, ...

That's not the case, many users have been reported for abusing the system and/or breaking the game rules and was dealt with accordingly.
You can always report them to us as with enough evidence provided will be forwarded to the staff.
Look around the forum, many users reported similar problems and all valid reports got looked into and dealt with.
Post time 2021-8-17 07:12 PM | Show all posts
Edited by BMPW at 2021-8-17 02:25 PM

Hello there,
We do not tolerate win trading and mmr boosting at all.
Moonton is always thriving to ensure a fair and competitive gameplay.
If you found someone cheating or even abusing the mmr system, you may report them to the customer service which is headset icon next to your profile, under the section of `Report or Appeal > using cheat` and fill up the form. Do not forget to include screenshots as they work as proof.

Actions against them may take time to be processed but, do not worry they will be punished for abusing the system.

Lets us know if there is anything else we can help with.
Stay safe and have a nice day !
Post time 2021-8-18 02:52 PM | Show all posts
BMPW replied at 2021-8-17 07:12 PM
Hello there,
We do not tolerate win trading and mmr boosting at all.
Moonton is always thriving to e ...

I have reported several people. This guy with 500 granger matches 100% win rate, total 1000 games, all other heroes 100% wr. I have reported top in my country, top in other countries... I have never seen any punishment against them, I mean I still check their profiles weeks and months later, nothing happened.
Truth is moonton tolarates and accepts win trading and mmr boosting because they dont care, because it doesnt affets them (it only affects us players). As a company, they are focused on sales, thats the priority.
Post time 2021-8-18 03:56 PM | Show all posts
I think that MoonTon should basically quit trolling and do something about the mmr ranking systems in general because I think that I talk for all of the players that have faced either an MMR boosting strategy or having to see that someone had actually decided to fall so low in order to cheat the game in order to achieve a really high level of MMR or Hero power.

To give you some extra examples in my country I think that I would be at the top 20 with both of my heroes which are Terizla and Yu Zhong (whom you have a fetish for nerfing) but no since it appears that the matchmaking system that's going to drive me crazy due to the fact that in one hand it's giving me in my Epic to Legend promos a team of people who basically don't understand fundamentally the game due to being boosted in their rank and act like spoiled brats that have tendencies to feed and troll in my games whenever I pick a character or a role that I enjoy or in the other hand gives me an enemy team with not one, not TWO, but THREE FORMER MYTHICAL GLORY SMURFS in my promos, I mean literally is that the "FaIr AnD fUn" game that we have to deal with!?

Also I have to give you a small idea of how to basically solve the problem with four simple steps, first of all add an anticheat in the game since we wouldn't like to have a hacker controlling or freezing our character when we can't do anything about it, secondly in every new season, drop EVERYONE no matter on whatever rank they are back to the depths of Warrior rank, thirdly create some provisional matches that depending on the player's numbers of wins in them (10 matches) could get him to a higher ranking, finally remove by nerfing to the ground every character that you have overly buffed INCLUDING your 'beloved' ones that are considered free elo heroes such as the ENTIRE MAGE AND MARKSMAN ROOSTER, some of the assassins that are considered to be Hyper Carries that can carry you regardless of the situation due to the extreme levels of damage and some other heroes like Phoveus, Jawhead and X Borg that have existed WAY TOO much in the meta for everyone's liking.

If you do this I can almost guarantee you that more players will come and enjoy MLBB since it would be a game that only the skilled ones would get higher. Please, by all means take a look at my recommendations on this topic and let me know if this helped you
Post time 2021-9-10 01:44 PM | Show all posts
In this topic I got confused too, I'm a cyclops player and when I saw the Top Supreme of my country, there is a cyclops player which in Grandmaster level only. He played Cyclops with 99+% win rate, and of course a lot of other heroes with only 1.5% - 3.5% win rate.
My question is: MLBB got any rules to restrict a player not to lose with not familiar hero and win with the main hero? If no, how gonna we report those players who always lose with other heroes in rank and win with his own main hero?
I'm now Mythic 4 and trying to reach Top Supreme and Top Global, but when I saw the situation like this, I really confused and hope to get some idea or clarification about this.
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