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[Hero Concept] Karmen, War Painting. Support

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Between wars and wars there were those who wanted peace. Once in a calm realm there was a young artist named Karmen, era never explored the world outside the kingdom but always dreamed of being a great artist and painting canvases, blobs and rubbish with her majestic art. In one day the empire of Erudit suffered a fearsome attack by invisible enemies such that they did not reveal the enemy's holding position.The city did not fall into disgrace but rather lost great defenses. Karmen who lives near Erudit realizes the ruin of the city and decides to go closer and try to observe what was happening there, with no luck she encounters the enemy who had attacked the city, a witch with colorful and vibrant clothes but with the expression of a psychopath. Karmen tried to back away when sensing that it would be bad if she stayed there, but the witch didn't let her go and before the young woman left, she cast a spell, a spell that left her unconscious. When Karmen woke up she could no longer remember who she was, or what she was. She only remembered the pain that the spell prevailed in her back (on its back was a sealing mark drawn by the spell), Karmen then as a wanderer seeks information, when he gets home and no longer recognizes anything, she finds her family who then guides her and when she finds her paintings, Karmen outlines a devastating unknown power, there are indications that this magical power could be from the spell the witch cast or else that Karmen already had it and the witch just awakened him, this is no longer possible to know. With this devastating power the realm rose in bright lights that inexplicably made everyone who looked at it vanish except the young woman. Scared Karmen flees that place and when arriving in the forest near the starting point of this tale, finds the witch who bewitched her and they talk.The witch said: "my little girl, enter that kingdom of Erudit and become a guardian of the place, there will be a varguada that will welcome you and soon you will understand its history", Aimless Karmen decides to do this.Already a guardian of Erudit, Karmen began to form a great bond of friendship with Bruno and he always helped her even without him knowing her origins. Karmen for this witch was just a puppet, as she originalized this attack on the city and caused Karmen to enlist as guardian of Erudit as there were already few guardians for protection, the witch actually wanted to make Karmen a slave, as the sealing mark on her back made her be controlled and at any time activate her devastating power to manipulate reality,that way the witch could take revenge on the empire for having expelled her from there, reason for expulsion still unknown.

Battle Functions: Protection/Poke

Powers: Karmen is a young artist bewitched by a witch and acquired powers linked to her talent in painting and now she can paint them and make it real.

Karmen's basic attacks are at long range.

Passive Skill, Watercolor of Oblivion: Every 15 seconds Karmen infuses the devastating power of his seal, allowing him to steal an enemy's shield from his next attack on him.

This stolen shield has a value increased to 110%.

First Skill: Painting: The Tornado- CD 11,5 seconds. Karmen summons a tornado in front of him and launches it in one direction, knocking enemies into the air and dealing damage.
The damage and stun duration scales with the distance the tornado travels, with a maximum of 200%.

Second Skill, Painting: Radiant Sky- CD 14 seconds. Karmen pierces a magical area around him, making allies Invisible, granting them a shield and additional movement speed.
When this shield is destroyed allies will become invisible again for another 1 second and gain movement speed.
Enemies before the magical area of ​​the radiant sky take magic damage and slow down.

Ultimate, Painting: Remnants of Reality: CD 60 seconds. Karmen covers her painting canvas and chooses a location on the mini-map, then gains view of the area, by doing so she will have 5 seconds to paint the location she chooses.
Karmen's Dash allows you to summon walls/obstacles in that location she drew, blocking passages for 4 seconds.
Finishing the skill earlier will reduce its cooldown.
During painting Karmen cannot take damage and being controlled will not cancel the skill. 3e760f7d023e25c5412b8ef2d2598541.jpg

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