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[Lineup Strategy] Hero Roles & Hero Types

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Edited by Samsaras at 2021-8-30 08:57 PM

During the pick phase, you can send  msg like "We need a Mage". This leads many people to think that they are roles to be filled (even the stupid system goes 'Roles perfectly filled').
But they are not. They are hero types (by a pretty broad definition too)
Roles can be divided into many categories, but this time I'm talking about the 5 main roles necessary to form the team.
They are:

Gold-laner: No, this is not mm role. Any late game hero can be put here like cyclops/lunox/Argus etc.
Job is to farm up & hit your peak faster than enemy. Should be efficient farmer.

Exp-laner: Does not translate to 'fighter'. This is the lane where the turtle 1st spawns & a good early game hero is ideal to help contest for it. Tanks fighters & even mages are good for it.
Job is to hold the lane, & help in fights, invades, objectives & cover for mid. Should have good wave management.

Mid-laner:Does not translate to 'mage'. Hero needs to have decent early to mid game dmg & have good mobility/support abilities (usualy those 2 are exclusive) Physical heroes like beatrix benedetta can be played in this role as seen in pro play. The job is to clear mid & then support the team where necessary.
Should have good map awareness.

Jungler: Heroes which clear jungle well & can gank well. One of the more versatile roles as you can put anybody here as the main job is PvE. But better clear speed & PvP makes a better jungler.
Should have good steal sense, be it buffs turtles or kills.
Don't refer to as hyper anymore as funneling isn't meta anymore, but should be efficient enough to farm better than gold laner & take pressure off them & put it on the enemy.

Roamer: The most versatile role in the game. Refers to the hero who buys roam boots. Can have a variety of playstyle like disrupt enemy, protect ally, babysit gold-laner, support jungler, provide vision, etc. Different heroes can play the role depending on the playstyle though tanks & supports are the go-to. Just remember you don't need to farm so utilise your time properly.

As long as these 5 roles are present it doesn't matter if your team has 2 mm or mages as long as they are fit for their roles (layla/granger can be gold/jungle & eudora/Cyclops mid/gold). Also remember a tank can go to the exp lane & a fighter can be the roamer.
Of course the overall comp matters but that's too complicated to get into here.
Just remember, not all mages are the same, not all fighters are the same, and the roles are not restricted by hero type (mage, mm etc)

Finally why the roamer ( hero with roam item & not a tank without roam) is so important & necessary to complete the comp:
There are 4 sources of gold in the game: 3 lanes & a jungle. So those gold are taken by their respective roles & the 5th player gets gold from the roam item. If no one buys roam your team will have goldx4 while enemy will have goldx5.

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I totally agree with you, I don't mind if the team picked more the a hero of the same role as long as they can play in the lane we need to fill.
But there should be a higher balance in the team, so we don't pick 5 physical, or 5 magical heroes, so the enemy can't focus on 1 type of damage, I think the best way to balance is to pick 3:2 of damage type, picking 4 of the same type isn't a bad idea if you have a squad, but with randoms it's totally wrong since you can't trust if the only one of it's type would play right or even they don't AFK.
Durability is also important, you can't pick 5 or even 4 squishy heroes, that's why it's recommend to pick a tank/support and fighter, so there's someone can protect the team when tank/support is far away or dead, but you can pick any other roles instead of fighter as long as you can play well in exp lane , able to steal turtle, or at least not let them easily take it, and can protect team as well.
You explained gold lane, mid lane, jungle, and roam well so I don't need to explain more.
However, as long as you can balance the team of every possible way, there's no need to say "we need a tank" or any other roles, as long as there is someone who can already fill it's lane.
 Author| Post time 2021-9-3 06:48 PM | Show all posts
Edited by Samsaras at 2021-9-3 06:59 PM
NAR0W replied at 2021-9-2 08:51 PM
I totally agree with you, I don't mind if the team picked more the a hero of the same role as long a ...

I didn't touch on dmg type since that wasn't the focus.  Same for durability.  The roles dicussed here ate 5 broad roles to teach ppl to not troll when 2 mages are picked. There are more playstyles like burst, poke, dps, peeling, engage, aoe, etc.
Even for dmg type you shouldn't pick 2 mages of the same type. Go with 1 burst 1 dps mage & enemy will be forced to build both Athena and radiant. 4-1 is actually the best as you have to decide whether to build against the 4 supporting heroes or the 1 heavy dmg hero (Eg: bruno + 4 magic hero) (Better for the 1 to be physical as athena or radiant can suffice againt burst & dps mages respectively.) But yeag solo queue is total RNG.
Same for durability. You can pick an extreme offensive combination that scales well & bust/kite enemy heroes (obviously can be countered). But yeah I just meant that tank doesn't need to be designated roamer & can play in exp lane too. Or 2 tanks, as long the other 3 have good dmg. Or tanky/sustain fighters (terizla/YuZhong/Esme) can be the durable frontline.
Then you can consider lategame & early game heroes.
If you go in depth there are lot of playstyles & lot of ways to form a team comp.

I was just saying 1 mage 1 tank 1 fighter 1 assassin 1mm(or fighter if yeam goes "no mm") is not how ppl should select heroes.

After that they can learn about spreading out the dmg type, sustain heroes, teamfight heroes, cc-based comp, burst based comp, countering enemy heroes & comps later on.
There is versatility in the game & people first need to realise that & break free from the 1 (mage/tank/mm) mindset.

PS: This is a long stewing rant againt the "we need a tank/mage" fast chats. Then the new "role filled" mechanic. They said "we need a tank" last pick was Esme & "roles perfectly filled"?? Really?? Lol.
Post time 2021-9-4 12:42 AM | Show all posts
I agree!

What we need more is the "We need a support, we need an assassin, we need a mage, we need a marksman, we need a tank, we need a fighter."

It's more clear, some of these might be in there as well.

But you're right, "we need a jungler" and "we need a roamer" can also work as well.

Because not many people roams and that gives no vision and when we have no vision, jungler would be vulnerable.
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