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[Hero Concept] New Hero Survey Skillset Idea - Meredy(Mage/Assassin)

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Name : Meredy
Role : Mage/Assassin
Speciality : Burst/Reap
Attack Type : Ranged

HS1.png HS2.png

(Passive)Innocent Angel
. Gain a stack of angelic thread when you deal damage to the enemies(max up to 50 stack).
. Once your hp drops to 40% your angelic doll will fly toward the direction of yourself 3.5 second ago, you will be instantly brought back to life at your angelic doll's location when you die within 7 seconds, recover your (1% x total of angelic thread stack) plus 500 hp.
. Reduce the cooldown of this skill whenever killing non-hero enemies by 1 second, triple it when it's an enemy hero.
Cooldown : 90 second

(1st Skill)Pick a Lock
. Target an area to quickly open a portal and teleport over there, then your next 1 attack will shoot 2 needles, each will deal 125/145/165/185/205/225 magic damage plus 125% of your attack.
. Reset the cooldown when you killing an enemy using this skill.
Mp Cost : 75/80/85/90/95/100
Cooldown : 10/9.5/9/8.5/8/7.5 second

(2nd Skill)Puppet Rage
. Target an area to throw your bear puppet over there to deal 200/250/300/350/400/450 magic damage and apply 0.3 second stun to all enemies in a small area, it will then become a giant monster that attacks it's nearby enemy for 3 seconds and deal 50/75/100/125/150/175 magic damage each attack.
. Change this skill into "Puppeteer Show" when your ultimate is active.
Mp Cost : 120/130/140/150/160/170
Cooldown : 11 second

(Sub - 2nd Skill)Puppeteer Show
. Activate to make the target that connected with your bear puppet to become enraged and will forcefully attack it's nearby unit(even if it's their ally) for 3 seconds, each attack will deal an extra 100/150/200/250/300/350 magic damage toward its own ally, and will only deal 25% of the damage toward its enemy.
Mp Cost : 120/130/140/150/160/170
Cooldown : 11 second

(Ultimate)Resonating Curse
. Select 1 enemy hero to command your bear puppet to bite the target, dealing 350/475/600 magic damage and apply 25% movement slow for 2.5 seconds, after biting the target it will stay in the spot and will be connected with the target soul for 5 seconds, it has 1000/2000/3000 plus 10/15/20% target's max hp.
. During duration you and ally can attack or cast skill towards the puppet to deal magic damage toward the target equal to 60/90/120% of the damage, and any crowd control effect will be affected toward the target instead with only half of its duration.
Mp Cost : 225/250/275
Cooldown : 40/35/30 second

Post time 2021-9-11 11:09 AM | Show all posts
submit this idea directly through in-game cs as long as this new hero is still in the survey, who knows the designer will be interested and implement it later
support from me..


Hi thankyou for the support, well I am already submit this to in-game cs too because I just love this skillset especially the ultimate which works kinda like voodoo thing XD  Post time 2021-9-17 04:54 PM
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