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[Hero Balance] Nerf this heroes who's currently dominating

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1.) Nerf Xborg SurvivabilityAs we all know xborg with the item immortality after he died he respawn with his firaga armor can you please remove it it's really makes him hard to he can already be a substitute tank due to a lot HP he contains with his firaga armor.

2.) Roger

As we all know Roger became the most top pick hero in highrank tier this. Roger have too many attributes for a hero such as immunity, slow effect, blink, speed up, physical and magic defense increase and in addition his passive in wolf form also works in turrets. In previous season he was already nerf in some attributes but his damage is still remain untouchable maybe this time it's time to lower his damage inheritance.

3.) Benedetta
She roam to much faster and clear clanes faster causing a huge advantage in gold. Can you please increase the charge duration of the loading time for her passive sword intent but in exchange her passive will load up more using skill than charging it.
Post time 2021-9-10 01:53 AM | Show all posts

I highly disagree for Roger. In fact, he was in the same state for over 2 years +++, and only gotten OP a while ago. Now, he's balanced.

There are other heroes that should be considered over Roger, being Paquito, Eudora and Xborg. Not Roger.
Post time 2021-9-7 04:42 PM | Show all posts
Agree with you Xborg got really strong survivality. His firaga armor is not a problem before too, his recent dmg buff is wht makes him deadly.

Roger is quite balanced to me, but he's really good that if farmed well he's deadly. Need a little adjustment like a small nerf I would say.

As for benedetta, agree with you, in good hands she's deadly with many dash skills and dmg.
Post time 2021-9-11 11:39 AM | Show all posts
Xborg is like a tank and with burst attack. I don't know which hero can easily beat him.
Post time 2021-9-17 06:42 PM | Show all posts
Benedetta's extremely high skill cap is both a nerf and a buff since when you face a Benedetta user in your lane you are basically flipping a coin that can either fall on a good Bene that can annihilate your team or an extremely bad Bene with no knowledge.

As for nerfing Paquito they have to nerf his core aspects such as tankiness, burst potential and ridiculously low CD :

- In terms of base stats they'll have to reduce his health per level and his health growth per items gained so that he becomes less tanky so that someone can burst him easily in lane without having their jungler camping Paquito 24/7

- Bring back the four stack passive so that he can NO LONGER spam his skills once he gets a full cdr build

- Reduce the damage of his second skill during champion stance because it hurts, A LOT whilst trying to tank it

- Increase by 30 seconds (10 seconds per level) both of his "ultimates" cool down so that he can't spam them once he gets the chance which could make him less annoying to deal with.

For X Borg, yeah.... I'm afraid that they'll need to GUT his entire kit via a bombardment of nerfs so that he can stop being A PSYCHOPATHIC PICK THAT CAN GO FULL AGGRESSIVE WITH ZERO COUNTERPLAY. The nerfs that I would suggest are :

Basic stats : Reduce the health and health growth of his shield so that he cannot be that ridiculously tanky via getting a ton of armor in the late game and basically "kill" his tank build that's the similar of having access to a literal nuke. Also, reduce the health to armor ratio so that he has more health than armor which can make him less reliant on his armor.

Synergy fix : Give him ZERO Firaga armor whilst he gets revived by Immortality and remove his Ultimate + Flicker trick since it gets annoying.

Passive : Increase the nerf to 5 points per Firaga canister instead of the 15 post nerf. REMOVE THE ANNOYING CC IMMUNITY when his armor is broken since one CC immunity from his ulti is enough, but THREE (one of his ulti, one of his passive and one of his 1st skill) are not okay to deal with.

1st Skill : Remove the true damage and the annoying slow so that you can actually BUILD against him, also make his first skill to get canceled by CC but in return decrease the cooldown of it so that he can use it frequently.

2nd Skill : Keep it the same since it's the ONLY balanced skill he has.

Ultimate : Keep the dash, the true damage and the CC Immunity since it's not that tricky to out maneuver it and play around it, but remove the slow whilst he's mid explosion so that you can actually MOVE instead of crossing your fingers and hope you can tank it.

If you have trouble against Roger just build either a Blade Armor or an Antique Cuirass plus a Dominance of Ice and you can wish his damage bye bye unless he gets a Malefic Roar where you'll also need the vengeance spell just to be sure.
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