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I have 1000games with sun, 87% wr, Balmond 1000 and 75%wr. I show this during the draft,but I usually cant pick them because the team starts showing mm and spaming the“I will jungle” message.
So I showKhufra and Tigrel, both with 200 games, close to 80% wr.
I keeplosing, playing rank in legend without friends is a nightmare. This is how Iusually lose:
-If imtank, our jungler tries to jungle and help lanes, tries to gank and get thefirst kill which results in him dying or just wasting time for jungling, whichleads to enemy jungler being level 5 or 6 when our jungler is still 4. Rarelythese junglers get the first kill, and even if they do, soon they die and midgame have less money than the enemy jungler.
-If theylet me sun or balmond and im the only retribution, I go red buff then blue, butat this time, before getting the second buff, when Im level 2, one or twoteammates already died. They usually say “noob jungler, fock you”.
-Anothervery common scenario is I get sun with retri and s5, instead of picking tank orsupport, picks marksman with retri, which leads me to use arrival or flicker.Im doing ok at top, usually get a kill or 2, never die, not even when 3 decideto gank because Im an experience player and always looking the map. But my teamdies mid or bottom.
-Lately Ihave played many games where players are too scared, and decide to pick tankand angela. The problem with this is that you cant push, cant fight and canteven defend yourself. Just pick one, no need of both tank and support. Thejungler is jungling, angela and tank cant do anything before level 4… if theenemy is not so unexperienced, they will invade a little and start stealingbuffs from early game, getting kills and being unstoppable mid game.
-I justplayed a game where a karina said, after I picked sun and showed my stats “mejungle or I throw”, and she did. I didn’t let her be the only jungler becauseshe showed her 17 karina games with 50% wr, proudly. She ended up being 0-12.
-This lastgame they let me be sun, first pick. Then they picked Zilong, Popop Khupa,Cyclops and Moskov. Enemy team was Tigreal, Pharsa, Chou, Fanny and Paquito. Ofcourse Fanny killed 3 people in less than 3 minutes. I think she got the firstkill at minute one and two more kills at minute 2. By minute 4 she had 5 killsor more. And the team starts saying “Fking sun, noob jungle”. My answer was “Imsorry, still level 3. Try not to die. Stop fighting fanny, look at the moneydifference” But you know what happened. They kept pushing lanes, with the moneyshield, and diying by fanny or paquito or even Tigreal. They didn’t want tosurrender and we managed to reach minute 8, with a beautiful score of 0-17.
-Im notblaming the matchmaking this time, it’s the players fault for beingunexperienced, selfish and childish.
If youreally want to win, its not that hard. Just one jungler, always one tank, playsafe early game… This will give you already 60% chances of winning, if you don’thave a tank its already 40% winning chance, with double marksmen is another 10%so you would only get 30% chances of winning, and of course your win rate willkeep going down and you will never go higher in rank, you will stay at yourmaximum rank reached. This is how I got to 4000 games with 80% winrate. That’swhy all these idiots I see have 5000 games and 47% winrate or even less.

Please refrain from writing ´rank with friends´ because we all play with friends whenever possible. Most of the time I only have time for one quick game, or no friends online, or friends already in a game... so no, that is not the solution. How about making a team rank and a solo rank mode? And matching up people with same stats would be helpful too. Putting all the 50% wr with less than 1000 games in one team, versus the 60% or 70% wr with more than 1000 games on the other team is not fair.

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Hello there,
This is indeed frustrating and as for the moment there is nothing that can be done.
Although what you suggested in that thread can be implemented in-game and should be taken into consideration, So what I'm asking you to do is, please go to Gameplay under suggestion section and share your ideas bout how to improve the soloq experience in hopes the staff finds a way to add these ideas to the game in which it would be beneficial for all of us.
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Personally, I feel that the quality of players have dropped significantly. Could be due to the growing popularity of MLBB which undoubtedly brought in more players.

I'm glad for this, but somehow we need stronger and better punishment system, as well as education system such as more in depth and lengthy tutorials to fully prepare players.
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Honestly I have to agree with CloudDevilic. Playing in epic 5 after not being in the tier for 4 season at least was full of people who played like bots. I felt like a gm game truthfully. Although, the ranking system is better suited right now compared to back then was all mythics vs epics so it was unbalanced.  Right now the matchmaking does make it easier to climb
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Good day, I believe that you can try to add some strangers in the game as friend when you saw someone is doing good during the game. Then you can invite them to team up and play in the rank game.
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Edited by Anand at 2021-9-10 06:33 PM

I am also a solo player in legend rank and I can understand your frustration.

The problem in solo rank is unsupportive team, lack of team work, no communication only blaming others and trash talking.

Since it is a problem among players, there is not much anyone can do. Maybe improving punishment system might improve this.

I read the advanced server patch notes, most of the MM might be buffed in next season. So having double marksman in team will boost your win rate to 60+ percentage from next season I guess.

Everyone might start banning marksman from next season
Post time 2021-9-11 01:35 AM | Show all posts
Yeah, when you stuck in a rank level and can't go up. You gotta look for teammates of course.
Somehow I would like to say that you might need more practice to your core hero, try to watch more videos online for the hero to understand the map awareness, equipment and route rotating.
For 3 seasons I played, I'm using Cyclops to solo rank until Mythic. I believe that if you have good skills and try more, you can up to Mythic rank too.
By the way, I played in Asia Server.. not really sure how was the difference between Asia and Europe server.
Post time 2021-9-11 06:10 PM | Show all posts
Yup, I also agree that the "the quality of players have dropped significantly". You can legit see that in every single game. I've been stuck in Legend 1 for quite some time too, even dropped to Legend 2 and back up to Legend 1. You have no idea how many players in my team where like "I only play Layla i don't know other"..I was like, how are you legend even xd I think some people were just lucky to be carried by their teams all the way up to Legend, cause honestly many of them shouldn't be there (no offense :3 )
Post time 2021-9-13 08:25 PM | Show all posts
I got lots of lost streak this season and got stuck in Legend rank. I stopped playing after win rates of my main heroes dropped significantly. I always got gold or silver but idk why I always get a bad team. Also, I'm disappointed with the changes they made with the protection points/double star. My mains are mostly tanks/supports and I struggled to get that double star.
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