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[Hero Balance] Ideas To Buff Yu Zhong

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Post time 2021-9-16 08:54 PM Reply Awards
I think that I'm not going to be the the first one who's going to tell this and I'm most SERTAIN that I won't be the only one. We have all been greatly hyped up when MoonTon had given us the teaser trailer for the hero that's now known with the name Yu Zhong and all of our hype and fun that we had in the game because of him was basically cut short once the game company that had released him had begun to NERF HIM IN LITERALLY THE FIRST WEEK ONCE he had gotten out of the Advanced Servers where he had evolved through not one, not TWO, BUT THREE MINI REVAMPS with the third being the one that had gotten him to the official servers. He was a really strong pick that was encouraging the players to take the risky approach of a sustain fighter/frontlaner and dive in the middle of the team fights CCing them with his multiple crowd control skills and getting enough passive procs to leave throughout all of this.

The nerfs on him had basically made him to become a shadow of his former self instead of a more balanced version of the literal one man (*cough * fighter * cough *) army that he used to be, firstly by killing his sustain capabilities and survivability.

This post was made in order to give some ideas and feedback to the developers so that they could hopefully enough buff Yu Zhong without ruining him further since by the span of some years they had released him to the official server they had made two skins for him which was the Collector and the December 2020 Starlight skins that the latter had reappeared in this month's Starlight as well. What am I trying to say? I'm trying to say that whenever any other champion got a new skin they INSTANTLY got buffed whilst he had gotten a nerf in almost every patch with minor side nerfs to his other items just to add salt to the injury.

The ideas that I would suggest to MoonTon development team are :

- Basic stats : Increase his health per level by about 100 each level, give him his old health growth per items scaling which could make him be tanky enough in order to survive the laning phase against champions like Paquito and XBorg that are basically bullying him out of the laning phase, making him pretty much a liability to team fights due to the low farm and the impossibility to counter either the former's high damage output or the latter's simply ridiculous true damage and poking capabilities.

- Passive : Keep the mechanisms of his passive since they're needed to his kit, but shorten the delay that his passive has to reach to him, because it gets pretty irritating to have done to each member of the enemy team a FULL PASSIVE PROC and have to wait for nearly 5 seconds in order for the heal to come.

- Skill 1 : Instead of the old damage calculation make it so that the outer circle of his first skill is calculated by : ~100% of his inner circle damage * skill level * %bonus AD, which would give him a higher damage output on his first skill towards LATE GAME, but have a slightly reduced damage output in the early game.

The second skill needs no buff or nerf since it's perfect the way it is.

- 3rd Skill : Just revert the old nerf of the increased cooldown since it's one of Yu Zhong's only blink skills that can be TARGETED and used as a mean for him to escape threatening situations or CC high mobility characters.

- Ultimate : For his ultimate the only suggestion I have is to give him the Argus treatment by making him less reliant to his ulti by giving him a passive 10% spellvamp increase per each level of his ulti and make it so that it can slightly increase his healing since if we need to wait for our ulti to come back by the cooldown of nearly ONE MINUTE,... well you have to be kidding me since although it has really high potential to be a game changer it's still a far cry from what it used to be.

The ideas that I have suggested are so that Yu Zhong can be more reliable towards the late game so that he can still perform his role as a really durable frontlaner instead of being played like an assassin. For any forum moderators out there I wish that you could get my suggestions to MoonTon's game developers since it's unfair for a fighter with such potential to be nerfed all the time since the only thing that the nerfs did was to nearly 'kill' him by making him one of the forgotten fighters of the game.

Post time 2021-9-18 02:14 AM | Show all posts
he is already a decent fighter. He has decent dmg and u just have to build him to be tanky that is all.
Post time 2021-9-18 02:45 AM | Show all posts
From the title I already disagreeing on buffing Yu zhong, you're crazy x.x
 Author| Post time 2021-9-25 03:06 AM | Show all posts
C4lam1tyG0D replied at 2021-9-18 02:45 AM
From the title I already disagreeing on buffing Yu zhong, you're crazy x.x

Since you think that I'm crazy, let's see together once again what did MoonTon take away from the once potent fighter :

Sustainability : MoonTon had basically taken away his sustainability, by putting a delay (that wasn't needed mind you) on his passive, making the player to have to WAIT 4 seconds for the heal to come which is basically ridiculous whilst other picks like Uranus or Estes aren't having a delay in their regen capabilities  which allows them to heal MORE than he can even before nerf . Also, let's not forget about the grotesque thing that MoonTon sees okay for Ruby to have nearly 120% spellvamp due to her passive late game and still let her unnerfed whilst when they saw Yu Zhong's phenomenal spellvamp they had literally NERFED him to the ground from the first week after his release.  Talk about hypocrisy!!!

Crowd Control Capabilities : His crowd controls have been basically nerfed to the ground as well because MoonTon REFUSES to admit that they had been SLAVES to the whiny mm, assassin and mage players like you that were like : ThIs ChAmPiOn DeStRoYs ThE FuN oF tHe GaMe BeCaUsE He BaSiCaLlY DoEs HiS RoLe As A rEgEn-TyPe FiGhTeR', which is one of MoonTon's WORST things due to their insecure behavior that makes them to literally become slaves to their moneybags instead of nerfing one of their PRECIOUS champions like Natalia, Brody or Paquito.

Also I think that they should give Yu Zhong a buff, because first of all they have given him two skins one being the Collector and the other being the Starlight so he practically DESERVES a buff since they had buffed other picks that are already broken and DON'T DESERVE a buff they, secondly have reached the point that they have basically DELETED him from the game sinc even if he's fed, he can't CARRY the game whilst other fighters that were SUPPOSED to be WEAKER towards late game can.

From your reply basically I can understand that you are either below legend or one of MoonTon's (* cough * MoneyTroll * cough *) moneybags who basically WHINES about everything else except for the ideas (not even actual patches) for buffs on champions that TOTALLY DESERVE them!!

Sorry if I offended you, but I won't stand being thought of as being crazy for simply wanting one of my most favorite characters that I had many great moments with to shine once again instead of basically being casted away and be forgotten

 Author| Post time 2021-9-25 03:19 AM | Show all posts
aznager replied at 2021-9-18 02:14 AM
he is already a decent fighter. He has decent dmg and u just have to build him to be tanky that is a ...

I basically build him half tank all the time because whenever I use him full tank he basically doesn't have any damage. You're basically another person who has been 'brainwashed' by MoonTon to think that Yu Zhong is a good fighter when there are others that can Burst him (even in FULL TANK), outtrade him, bully him out of lane and EVEN OUTHEAL HIM when his role is REGEN/damage. He basically can't do ANYTHING to fulfill his role as a Team fight fighter nor as a side laner since the opponent has to be either brain dead or blatantly noob in order to not by any antiheal against him.
Also about the other types of players who are basically saying : ' UsE pEtRiFy AnD hE cAn CaRrY' or 'YoU dOn' T kNoW hOw To UsE hIm ' are basicall attention seekers or the MAIN whiny, PAMPERED brats that were actually the main reasons as to why MoonTon is OVERNERFING  him. Also just to let you know, I was the former top 25 Senior Yu Zhong in my country and I've basically played mostly with him (to the point of one tricking him) so I have experience towards WHAT has been overly nerfed about my main hero and not.
Post time 2021-9-25 04:36 AM | Show all posts
PatriotKiller49 replied at 2021-9-25 03:19 AM
I basically build him half tank all the time because whenever I use him full tank he basically doe ...

Kid get good at the game. He wins early game aganist half of the heroes if u play him right. Lv.1 very few exp heroes could win aganist him. Second of all, he falls off late game so in the meta where early game is everything. Hes not exactly op or bad that he needs a buff.
 Author| Post time 2021-9-25 08:35 PM | Show all posts
aznager replied at 2021-9-25 04:36 AM
Kid get good at the game. He wins early game aganist half of the heroes if u play him right. Lv.1  ...

It's actually funny that you call me a kid, when you're the kid here that lacks the sufficient amount of braincells to basically understand that I'm talking about IDEAS of how to buff Yu Zhong and insults others on top of that, you're basically as pathetic as everyone makes you to be.
The days when Yu Zhong used to win against half of the heroes are OVER since they either outdamage him (Paquito and X Borg can outtrade him and bully him out of the game) or OUTHEAL him (in the case of Ruby that has spellvamp bigger than his) and the reason that he's picked is only because he is a counter to some annoying heroes such as Chou, Aulus, Freya, Phoveus and Zilong, including certain other fighters that he can bully in the early game. Also since you have that low level of intelligence to understand, let me tell it to you in a simpler way, let's say that we have in one team an extremely fed Yu Zhong whilst in the other one we have an extremely fed marksman or assassin, both at the same level and with full build, you can basically see that Yu Zhong LOSES instantly, because of how OVERNERFED he is and you have to admit it that he has basically became the same case as Terizla, where it does NOT matter if you are PERFECTLY using him and dominated your lane, you're still going to get UTTERLY SMASHED from the point that someone in the enemy team has an antiheal or worse, a five man antiheal and a bunch of CCs.
I had once speculated that you were one of the people who were basically not understanding what they're saying about the hero that this thread was made about, but now I can CLEARLY see that you are one of the MoonTon's moneybags, basically either a mm, assassin or mage main that only knows how to WHINE about IDEAS of what MoonTon could do as a buff, not even an actual patch that I'm 100% sure that you would literally beg to MoonTon like the spineless player that you are. Additionally, I'm definitely sure that you would basically not even think about talking if it was another pick that was buffed instead.
Finally, just cut the hypocrisy with the 'KiD gEt GoOd At ThE gAmE' and return back to Fortnite where you came from or even BETTER go and read a book instead since you have literally ZERO idea of what means OVERNERFED due to the fact that I can basically see that you made a profile in this forum only to be a troll and insult others.
Post time 2021-9-26 12:01 AM | Show all posts
PatriotKiller49 replied at 2021-9-25 08:35 PM
It's actually funny that you call me a kid, when you're the kid here that lacks the sufficient amo ...

Your fcking reason is to buff yu zhong bc he isnt badass eno. So kid, I sry I hate your feelings, but you are the reason why moontoon is unbalanced as fck. I hate people who say they one trick this hero and want to buff him. Moontoon has a lot of heroes that revamps or buffes before yu zhong. Does that mean yu zhong doesn't need buffes, right now he is good as he is. But you want to push buffes bc he isnt badass eno. It triggers me.
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