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[Mood] What do you think about this season (s21)?

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Edited by Vincenza@849 at 2021-9-21 05:24 AM

This season is remembered because are testing the changes brought through Project Next 2. There are 3 new items, while masks and jungle items are removed (however, most of their effects are currently in boots); moreover, many items were revamped at the end of the previous season and also penetration had modifications.
In this season, I'm having a bit better performances according the statistics:
-in rank, I played only at the begin of this season, obtaining my highest seasonal winrate (more than 68%), also because in this season, respect to the previous ones, I played almost exclusively in 5 men teams;
-in classic, my seasonal winrate has been increased too (more than 53%), obtaining lower deaths/match, higher kda and damage dealt/minutes (in my opinion, there are bugs in seasonal teamfight participation and gold/minutes), respect to the previous seasons.
Furthermore, since around the mid of this season, I have a got an apprentice (this is also one of the reasons for which I'm having higher win rate in classic and better statistics).
In addition, I improved some personal records (also out of my apprentice), such as longest winstreak (from 10 to 11), number of kills, number of assists, damage dealt/minutes (>14k in classic and >9000 in brawl), damage taken/minutes (>16k) and gold/minutes (>1600).
Despite my percentage of MVPs isn't high, I obtained MVPs with a number not negligible of heroes for which I wasn't able to get that achievement in the previous seasons or I bought them in this season, such as Selena, Natan, Eudora, Saber, Alucard, Hylos, Natalia, Alpha, Rafaela, Hayabusa, Brody.
In this season, I reobtained savages after many months.
I would like to know from the other players, their feedbacks about this season.

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In this season, I played around 125 ranked matches mostly solo and reached Mythic with a win rate of 55+. I had to reduce my playing hours due to work but still the results are better than previous season.

I play classic with friends most of the times - 3, 4 or 5 member team and I am having a good win rate of 55+ in classic too

My only disappointment is Layla because I am not getting enough support from my team for picking Layla . Everyone is thinking of Layla as a troll. I hope Layla becomes meta in next season
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Note: The author has been banned or deleted.
 Author| Post time 2021-9-21 05:04 AM | Show all posts
Edited by Vincenza@849 at 2021-9-21 05:25 AM

In the last 1-2 weeks of the previous seasons, my winrates went down (and with many losing streaks). For example, my seasonal winrate of the previous season in classic was about at 44% (my lowest seasonal winrate in classic, considering I started playing in season 14), while my seasonal winrate in brawl of the previous season, from 46% or 47%, went down to 44% in the last 1-2 weeks.
In my opinion, the experience makes me improving in this game.
Moreover, a week ago, I maximized (from level 45 to level 60) 6 different custom emblems (tank, jungle, assassin, mage, fighter ans support), while marksman emblem was maximized in season 16.

Post time 2021-9-21 09:13 AM | Show all posts
Edited by Magnum_bangbang at 2021-9-21 09:32 AM

As support player, i am like this changes about mask, new items and etc. But i am also not glad to see so many rewamps. Most characters was balanced. And moontone just make them OP. Eudora story for example.

I found few intresting and funny things this season. Week ago i learn that moontone public mythic 400+ statistic, but it really hard to get. And i have no idea how, right now.
Post time 2021-9-21 09:59 PM | Show all posts
I've actually rarely played. Though, I'm glad you're getting the hang of this game better and gaining better gains. I'm a winrate-conscious person rather than a rank-conscious player, because for me, winrate is harder to maintain than your rank which can be achieved I guess by grinding and having a good team. Though, since then, I'll usually be in Mythical Glory by the end of the season with winrates around 80% and above.


@Anand, actually when you've been in the game for quite long like from the earlier seasons 1-3, you'll realize that it's easier to get to Mythic than to maintain your winrates ;c  Post time 2021-9-24 10:27 AM
wow, 80% win rate and Mythical Glory is a great achievement I guess  Post time 2021-9-23 01:20 AM
Post time 2021-9-25 04:12 AM | Show all posts
I for one am pleased with how things are looking starting this season. Everything starting with the interfaces all the way to the changes and adjustments made to some heroes, everything was very well planned and it worked. The result was surprisingly good. And I have to say, matchmaking seems more balanced nowadays.
Post time 2021-9-26 09:56 AM | Show all posts
My win rate this season so far: 0%

Good job "improved" matchmaking
Post time 2021-9-26 06:18 PM | Show all posts
thejuna replied at 2021-9-26 09:56 AM
My win rate this season so far: 0%

Good job "improved" matchmaking

I guess you haven't played any matches.

Even new players reached Mythic easily in this season and old players who haven't crossed Mythic V went up to Mythic II

Players who can adjust to the meta and pick their best heroes keep winning and players who are afraid of losing win rate/MMR keeps losing

I wish you all the best for new season
Post time 2021-9-26 10:28 PM | Show all posts
Anand replied at 2021-9-26 06:18 PM
I guess you haven't played any matches.

Even new players reached Mythic easily in this season an ...

climbing is about playing a lot of games btw. i know some players in last season that has a 49% wr, but reach mythic 1+, because have like a 1.000 game.
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