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[Hero Concept] Master Odeus, the wonderous Marksman Tank

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Edited by Zellev at 2021-9-28 08:30 PM

Role: Marksman / Tank
Items: Physical
Speciality: Burst / Initiator

Short Lore: Odeus was a child prodigy, now in his later years, one of the head council of Eruditio with many patents and experience under his belt, a former kimmys mentor, his latest desire is to take to the sky inspired by kimmys latest jetpack invention, he engineered a flying aparatus that he rides on and it has a suprise of its own.  

Design: a wise old man with a white beard mustache combo, not too tall, not to short, a bit fit, with steampunk-ish outfit, o yeah and also he has a thick russian accent.

Gameplay: his primary gameplay is a burst gold lane main, could be used for roam because of his passive, that i discussed down here..., but the special thing about him is that when it comes to wars he could definetly provide some cover to his more squishy allies using his ult.

Passive: Jet Powered Dream
with his flying machine , in every 10s ~ or so, after his passive indicator fully charged, he gains the abilty to pass every terrains with a burst of jet, and gains movement speed buff, lasted for 20s, from which after it must cycle charge again.

1st Skill: Chudo-bomba (DMG)
Odeus with his machine releases a barrage of bombs (like auluses ult but more slimmer and shorter) in a straight line damaging enemies under it for (120%)phys attk.
1st skill Ult phase:
adds a slow effect to enemy hit and widens the aoe.

2nd Skill: Do Svidaniya  (CC, BLINK, DMG)
Odeus releases his machines jet in an instant, pushing him to the direction of the skill, knocking back enemy hit and damaging them for (95%)phys attk, after then his passive recharge time is slown down significantly for 2s before it turns back to normal.
2nd skill Ult phase:
because of the increased weight, he couldnt blink, instead he sucked enemy gradually under his machine (like terizlas ult but faster), for 3s, hes able to move while doing so.

3rd skill, Ultimate: Bon Voyage! (BUFF) cd:45, 35, 25s
tank state, turns his machine into a giant Zeppelin (maybe as big as full passive barrats.), unable to use his passive at this state (because of the weight), and suffers a little mvmnt speed nerf, he unlocks a new sets of skills, gains (500 HP)~scales with level, and turns (85%) of his phys attack into phys defend, (70%) phys pen into magical def, immune to basic cc, (last for 15 ~ 20s?), use the skill again to cancel it midway, blinks backward and stuns enemy for 1s that got caught under it (like clints 2nd skill), and returns to his normal mm state. and theres also this cool ult bgm music ride of the valkyrie by wagner.

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Note: The author has been banned or deleted.
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Personally, I am not fond of Marksman/Tank heroes.

A marksman's role doesn't really match with a tank because a Marksman is the damage dealer and a tank is a damage receiver, having both could be a bad idea to me unless the damage could be balanced and the durability can be balanced.
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Edited by Zellev at 2021-9-26 03:23 PM
CloudDevelic replied at 2021-9-26 12:51 AM

If you think about it, it could break balance as well. It's not like the case where Fighter ...

yup and thats why his ult is littered with nerfs, like say unable to use passive, or slower mvmnt, and more importantly the phys attk conversion, the original stat is changed so let say odeus has 130 phys attk, and 80% of it turns into def thats about 104 worth of phys attk, and 26 left in tank mode, so he could become tanky and not deal insane amnt of dmg in return, and also, i think that magic def should be based off of phys penetration stat instead of crit, and also about the size of the zeppelin, itll be likely more larger than a full stack barrats, to impose of enemy heroes that, hes a tank to be reckon with.
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but..marksmen are supposed to be squishy thats why they stay away na?
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