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[Community] ML should stop copying the mistakes that lolpc did

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Edited by CloudDevelic at 2021-9-26 12:26 AM

My thoughts on the state of the game
1. ML should stop releasing new heroes every month
- When game A and game B were releasing heroes every ducking month the meta just becomes so broken what is the point of having 100 heroes in the roster if 20 of them is only usable right? my main problem of moontoon releasing new heroes every month is that it reaches to the point that meta becomes so centered around the newer heroes bc they are simply more versatile and stronger and they made them op intentionally so that it can keep their dumb fanbase alive and this is precisly the reason why most revamps fail (except the revamps now bc they are already strong like wtf ml) tbc moontoon only enchances their something that they already good at but ignore the problems they had in the first place like karina alpha mino are useless revamps they still sucks and still have the issues they had before the revamp that makes them so underwhelming to play

2. ML lacks item variety
- my second problem is that THEY LACK SO MUCH items the reason why enjoyed PC mobas and lolwr is that there alot of items to choose from
Moontoon is so lazy making item design instead that they make more items they just rework the items instead i mean the old hepta has a physical defense reducing effect I THINK IT WOULD make sense to add those old passive back into a new item since there is negative armor values now or the old BOD wherein if your skill has a secondary effect like silence slow etc you deal extra dmg. The old athena shield could be be a new magic item instead........ like in Game C or lol there is a item that increases your range if you skilll for a short time this is very useful for mm that spams skills like moskov instead of increasing most mm att range instead. WHat makes itemization so boring to me is that most tanks,ass,burst mages, ass mage, have the same or almost the same build cmon moontoon make more items instead of reworking them.

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Releasing a new hero every month is kinda their business practice. I'm not saying I'm agree with that, but, oh well..

My main complain about the game is that the game is very imbalanced. The overall power level is very VERY high, and it hurts the variety of hero designs, item designs, and possible viable strategies in the game.

Honestly, I'm starting to get very bored of the game because of this. Maybe I'll make a thread about this if I get the time.
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I agree, I think they should add more equipments as well because currently, we don't have much equipments to use.

But I wonder if they are running out of options for new equipments.

Relatively, I think not many players are suggesting more equipments because if a subject or topic gets many complain or suggestions from many players across Mobile Legends, it will catch Moonton's attention and maybe Moonton could do something about it.
Post time 2021-9-26 12:25 AM | Show all posts
Edited by CloudDevelic at 2021-9-26 12:26 AM


For a fast paced game like MLBB, I kind of disagree with you in regards to the release frequency of the heroes. I think it's appropriate. Also, that's like so last year/2 years ago when they released over the top OP heroes. They no longer do that with the newer heroes.

For items, yeah I do kind of agree. The gap between Wind of Nature and War Axe release was like, years apart. They do need to release more items now that the hero roster is getting bigger and bigger, and the gameplays are getting more and more matured.
Also, please refrain from directly mentioning other games other than Moonton's games as this breaks our Terms of Service in the forum.

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sorry for breaking the guidelines i apologize

back to your first point my problem releasing new hero every month is that it will make the game so overwhelming to play. Games are meant to be enjoyed not a exam you studied for this is the reason why pc mobas has been stagnannt(slow) on hero release now the top two pc mobas has currently 140 ish champs. This creates that it gatekeeps alot of NEW player on to the game imagine starting pc moba today and you have to study 140 champs lol that is not fun that is a chore. I invited my friends to play pc mobas and got immediately demotivated to be good at it bc THERE IS SO much stuff to learn like 140 champs AND 4 SKILLS TO  STUDY FOR EACH. Currently Ml has 106 heroes on original server 3 years From now they would easily surpassed the pc mobas if they keep doing this bad Business practice. PC mobas are much more focus on creating items which keeps the game alive and gave some heroes to shine like for example KAJA is now a poking machine bc of the new mmagic items, DPS mages have to warry to the enemy tanks carrying radiant armor or else thier ult will be useless, the war axe that gives movement speed to fighters that are slow can now chase even though they lack mobility .

MORE is not always better sometimes less is better
Post time 2021-9-27 02:34 PM | Show all posts
ML is in a good state rn IMO, but there's always room for improvement.
 Author| Post time 2021-9-28 07:02 AM | Show all posts
Eternalight replied at 2021-9-27 09:49 PM
Releasing a new hero every month is kinda their business practice. I'm not saying I'm agree with tha ...

Another BS that they do is that they rework items instead of adding the new items. New antique cuirass reduces physical atk skill dmg yes most meta heroes are skill reliant BUT now the problem is that they removed a counter for MM ML is forcing mm meta to be back as a result tanks are like papers now despite buidling amor they could not tank hits from a mm they gets melted so easilty since the new antique does not reduced basic atttk dmg anymore. Like I said ML need item variety would it be better if there is a counter for both skill physical heroes and MM to make the itemization more diverse??? but instead moontoon tries to remove/change the passive of items like tbh we would have a diverse item selection if they consider bringing back the old items. THe item choice in this game is very limited and boring..

And in tournaments TANKS heroes are declining bc of how new heroes have alot of dashes or immunity effects good thing for moontoon to remove 5 sec immunity for aulus lol. pro players are more inclined to use support slow instead bc of how the new/recent heroes are designed like multiple dashes immune skills etc like bene ling, old yve, xb tech roll after shield is destroyed, martis tank with immune skill, claude jungle with semi immune ult, lunox light, lapu lapu ult etc. one problems also is that ml lacks heroes with suppression effects this makes very mobile heroes so threatening since curently they have no counter other than khufra who is still pick decently in tournament but the other tanks are dead af in the meta

Post time 2021-9-28 08:27 AM | Show all posts
MarcoPRO99 replied at 2021-9-28 07:02 AM
Another BS that they do is that they rework items instead of adding the new items. New antique cui ...

Like I said, the overall power level is very high. There aren't enough "weaknesses" in those heroes in the game.
Let me use Eudora, the game's very basic mage, as an example:
- Skill damage is very high. Can deal 60%-100% HP with full combo.
- Good skill set. Has a stun and area damage.
- Pretty good from early to late game.
- Does not have mana problems. Full combo skill probably will only cost 30%-15% of her mana. (Some other heroes do not even have mana). Not mentioning mana regen is relatively high in this game.
- Skill cooldowns are pretty low.
- (Though skill damages are very high, basic attack damage deals almost no damage at all.)

She got pretty much everything she needs from the get go, even though the game has mechanics like emblems, battle spells, items, etc.
I played a pc moba game in back in the day (something2 of the ancients). If I compare it to that game, skill damages don't really scale into late game and sometimes you can only cast skills 3-5 times before running out of mana in that game.
Imagine Eudora is designed differently. Let's say she has a high burst damage, but very high mana consumption and a little high skills cooldowns.
So, the high mana consumptions and cooldowns are her "weakness".
So, what should the players do?
They can either:
- Buy items for higher mana pool, mana regen, and cooldown reductions. Also with emblems designed for that. Making her more of a support/poke hero instead.
- Just straight up buy damage items. Making her a "1 shot kill and my job here is done" kind of mage.
- Something in the middle of those 2.
- Or maybe something creative, idk.

This will make basic attacks more relevant, even for mages, because casting skills without being careful will just be a waste of mana.
Currently, people just throw all of their skills in the game.

Tl;dr Give heroes more weaknesses. It will cause more creativity and variety in the game.
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