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[Ranking Tips] Mythical Glory in a Week: A Comprehensive Guide to Ranking Up in MLBB

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Edited by Sinfinite at 2021-9-28 05:36 AM

Before y'all call me out for clickbait, let me clarify that if you're planning to reach glory from master in a week, chances are that's not gonna happen. However, reaching glory from Mythic 5 in a week should be entirely possible and is, in fact, what I did when I reached glory for the first time this season a couple of weeks ago.

[Edit: About 90% games, if not more, were done on solo queues, with my winrate being around 75% over 150 games]

Also, this guide may not be useful to everyone since I'm not the best ML player you'll find here. I'm an avid Dota player and just wanted to test out how hard/easy it is to reach Glory in this game. My emblems, etc. are quite underleveled, so I had to use a support emblem 90% of the time since it's sort of a jack-of-all trades emblem and I focused on maxing it out initially for the same reason (Plus the 10% extra move speed is incredibly clutch). To put it simply, I have terrible mechanical skills and probably a lower number of games than most experienced players out there, so take what I say with a grain of salt.

If you ask me, though, I'd still say this guide will be useful to a vast majority of the ML player base regardless of your rank, since some points are from my general MOBA experience.

So, here we go. I'll try to format it to a listicle so it's easier to read/understand.

Your teammates are NOT the problem, you are: I can't stress this point enough. If you're hardstuck in a rank, I can guarantee this point is the one that's holding you back. Either you choose to live in denial and keep blaming your teammates every other game, or you accept it and improve yourself.

Now, with that out of the way, I'm not saying you can win every single game. Statistically speaking, there's about a 20% chance you'll lose a game simply because your teammates are bad, but that's only 4 out of 5 games and shouldn't hold you back from ranking up.

To help sum it up, there's a 60-20-20 rule in some games which holds pretty accurate in games like ML. The rule states that you'll win 20% games and lose 20% games regardless of your performance in the game simply because of your allies. The rest 60% will depend on your performance. With that being said, if you play ideally without making a single mistake, you'll be able to win about 80% of your games. Since it isn't possible for a human to play ideally, any 60+% winrate should be fine.

You WILL lose games because of your teammates, but remember that you'll be compensated sooner or later when you do nothing/feed relentlessly and still win a game.

Stop Tilting: This is inarguably one of the prime reasons you lose your games. You tilt, you trashtalk, you go afk, you walk down mid and feed, and you lose MMR. Look at it this way - every time you tilt or indulge in trashtalk your chances to win a game reduces by 1%. Every second you waste typing is a second of your character going AFK.

If your teammates trashtalk, mute them. If your enemies claim to have relations with your parents, mute them. Play the game like a single-player RPG if you have to, and you'll find yourself gliding through the ranking spectrum.

Focus on mastering very few heroes: This applies on so many levels during your climb to Mythical Glory. The more heroes you try to practice, the more time you could have spent mastering two or three heroes.

Master a cheese pick, and a pick that is never banned (Sun, Kagura respectively for instance). Make sure the hero fits your playstyle, and you ENJOY playing it. Trust me, enjoyment is important. It's a game - you're supposed to have fun.

Kills don't win games, destroying the throne does: This is painfully obvious, but I regularly see even Mythical Glories getting tunnel-visioned so hard in search of kills that they fail to take objectives even when they're exposed in plain sight.

ALWAYS be checking out the creep equilibrium and try to predict where the creeps will meet next. If you see a fight happening that you can't change the outcome of, ignore it and push.

If multiple enemies are dead, you HAVE to take objectives - turtle, lord, turrets, or throne. Make every teamfight you win count towards your victory.

Also, an important point to understand is that if only 2 enemies remain to your team's 4, don't be afraid to trade 2 of your own team (including yourself) to grab those kills. The remaining survivors in your team can push, and potentially end the game. 2v0 is always better than 4v2.

"Steel wins battles, gold wins wars": This is a quote from Davion in Dota, but holds effective for literally any MOBA out there. No amount of mechanical skill and counter-picking can win you games if you have a significant gold deficiency.

Learn farming patterns, maximize your farming efficiency, and grab objectives (including the crab) every single chance you get to get a gold lead over your opponents.

LAST HIT: Last hitting is an incredibly crucial aspect that most lower ranked (and some higher ranked) players tend to ignore. Use your skills and auto attacks to ensure last hits on minions since it gives about 15% extra gold per last hit (Probably even more for gold lane siege minions). If someone has accurate data on the gold difference last hitting makes, please link it in the comments.

PMA: For those of you unaware, PMA stands for positive mental attitude. Try your best every single game, and believe you can win in every situation.

Even if you're losing a game terribly, you never know what happens next. The enemies may throw under your base, an opponent can go afk, their internet might go down, or your team can get a lucky steal on the Lord. Don't give up.

Mind Games: The best part about MOBAs is that there's always room for mind games. While ML leaves little room for it since you can hear audio cues anywhere on the map, there's still plenty you can do to get an edge over your opponents.

Constantly be predicting your opponents' next moves. Know what your current threats are, and do what you can to avoid them.

For instance, there's a gusion that can 1-shot you in the enemy team. Farm in a safe place till he shows up on the minimap. Once he does, try to predict what his farming pattern will be from there, and do your best to farm on the opposite part of the map. This may seem complicated at first, but the more you play, the better you get at it.

Since this guide is getting disturbingly huge, I'll choose to conclude it here. There's at least a number of other good points I can state, but maybe I'll save it up for a future guide. Have fun ranking up, the grind never stops.

Personally, the go-to pick while ranking up to glory was Sun with the support emblem. He can push, fight, take objectives pretty easily and has a great escape. If Sun was picked/banned, I'd pick Natan since he synergizes well with my support emblem. I can say that ranking up till Glory while solo queuing isn't that difficult, and mechanical skills are absolutely not needed as long as you can fight that mental warfare with your enemies.

EDIT: Here are my stats for this ranked season:

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I do want to add some pts, make this game like chess, in other words if people push top, push bot or take turtle, make trades that are worth it. 2. Some heroes are good at winning battles so use them to deny enemies farm. But yes, these are all really good ideas.
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Damn bro damn!
Post time 2021-9-28 03:01 AM | Show all posts
Thanks for such a detailed guide hope this season i make it up to Glory <3
Post time 2021-9-28 01:19 PM | Show all posts
These are very good points! Thanks for sharing!
Post time 2021-9-29 08:35 AM | Show all posts
If I play solo I will learn core of brutal support like salena with CC so that it can harder the enemy to burst and being the game for my side to win There are many hero you can choose in draft before you ban and play It is very important to make right decision but sometime it goes wrong is OK dont be to stress one day you will get what you want if you be on track Stat cool even though the gameplay worse cause your decision comes with emotion Just my thought
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I found a guide very similar to this one few days before the end of the previous season.
Post time 2021-10-9 10:13 PM | Show all posts
Thank you for your awesome guide!
Post time 2021-10-16 12:46 AM | Show all posts
It is up to you to get better at the game and improve. Slowly but surely wins the race. Thanks for the guide
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