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[Request] Moskov New Revamp Idea

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Hello , people ! I have been thinking about Moskov revamp for a long time , So here it is.

Moskov is the coolest bad boi marksman out there. He is one of the earliest released heroes in ML. When he was first released he was one of the most OP marksman out there. But now with the new marksman beatrix and etc OP gold lane heroes on the rise , Moskov seems to have a tough spot fitting in this meta , although he has great potential as a marksman. So first we are going to look into moskovs strong points , then move into his weak ones.

Moskov Pros -
1. Moskov's passive allows him to throw spears that penetrate targets in a straight line. Dealing damage to multiple units in a straight line , useful for clearing minion waves smoothly. The passive also lowers the skill cooldown of moskov through the use of basic attacks with suits his mechanic very well & allows him to use his 1st and 2nd skill frequently in battle.
2. Moskov's 1st skills gives him mobility and boost in his basic attack , pretty good for a Crit reliant Marksman.
3. Moskov's 2nd skill is a very good defencive skill , but if lady luck favors or you are skilled this skill can be used as a offencive tool as well. Moskov's 2nd skill knocks back enemy targets , this is great Because you can just push an enemy back who is just trying to kill you. It also deals a lot of damage and stuns the enemies if the collide with a obstacle or another of their teammate.
4. Moskov's ult can deal noticing amount damage and and provide vision in it's way. Good for picking of enemies who are trying to run away.

Moskov Cons -
1. Moskov is a very mana hungry hero , specially his 2nd skill eats a lot of mana early game. His 2nd skill is very useful if you want to kill jungle creeps quickly or just play offencive right fro the start. But it's mana consumption is unfairly high.
2. Moskov is a crit based marksman witch means his basic attack doesn't much benefit from life steal. Which is very annoying , if you face someone with a lot of Damage and sustain.
3. His 1st skill doesn't incease his crit effect , it only provides him additional attack speed . Although moskov is a cri based marksman and doesn't much benefit from items like Demon hunter sword.
4. His ult be hit or miss in some situations , and it's vision providance in almost insignificant.

So, we now that we have discussed the things above we can finally look into the revamp concept of moskov. The Revamp will focus on Strengthening Moskov's laning ability , sustainability and increasing his power in the battle as a crit based marksman.

Revamp Moskov -

1. Passive (Spear of Vengence) : Moskov's basic attack penetrate targets and deal 85% damage. After every 4th basic basic Attack moskov will launch an enhanced basic attack that will regenarate his HP according to the amount of damage he deals and the units he has hit (will not trigger attack effect) & also lowering the cooldown of his 1st and 2nd skill by 1 sec.
2. Skill 1 (Abyss Walker) : Moskov blinks is the designated direction , increasing his ATK speed by 40% and crit chance by 8% for 3 secs.
3. Skill 2 ( Spear Of Misery) : Remains the same , But if the enemy unit (hero or creep) collides with an obstacle 60% mana used in the skill will be refunded.
4. Ultimate (Spear Of Destruction) : Moskov locks onto any enemy visible in the map, then after channeling shortly he throws out the Spear of destruction. No matter where the locked enemy try to run the spear will hit him Dealing 700 (+10% of targets max HP) physical damage and will slow him by 80% for 1 sec . The spear of destruction will grant moskov vision along the way. Note : ( The spear of destruction will 100% hit the chosen target and cannot be blocked by other Heroes ) ( They spear Of destruction will now travel 10% faster )
Also , I have added a pencil artwork of revamped Moskov.

I hope You all like my moskov revamp idea . Please support this thread . I will kindly request the Devs to look into my moskov revamp idea . Stay Safe and Keep making new stories in the Land of Dawn.

revamp moskov's back design

revamp moskov's back design

revamp moskov design

revamp moskov design
Post time 2021-10-4 01:35 PM | Show all posts
You trying to get moskov banned in rank games?
Post time 2021-10-4 01:06 AM | Show all posts
Design is good. But you could paint your drawing.
Post time 2021-10-4 01:08 AM | Show all posts
they nerfed him with the ult revamp which made no sense to me.
Post time 2021-10-4 03:31 AM | Show all posts
Agree, I'm fine with the current moskov. But I miss the old ult. Moskov was broken when he first came out, miss it. Btw, nice revamp suggestion. Support from me.
Post time 2021-10-4 11:58 AM | Show all posts
never knew you can suggest stuff in here but yes. His ult need a buff in his damage.
 Author| Post time 2021-10-4 10:45 PM | Show all posts
Synology replied at 2021-10-4 01:35 PM
You trying to get moskov banned in rank games?

Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!
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