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[Hero Concept] Chaos (Support), One man soldier

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Name: Chaos
Role: Support
Speciality: CC/Burst
Difficulty: Medium


-Passive: Four barrel launcher
There are 4 launcher shell inside Grenade launcher.
The 1st to 3rd cast skill will receive cooldown to 1,5 seconds only but lot of energy consumption, the last cast will enchant skill power, cooldown bonus doesn't affect but lesser energy consumption. Passive cooldown for 3 seconds after use all launcher stack, during this cooldown all skill when get cast use normal cooldown duration and only trigger non enchant skill power

Basic attack does 5 burst but only first shot can trigger unique passive and critical. The 2nd to 5th shot gain 4% more damage than the 1st shot


•Skill 1: Smoke barrage
Shot smoke barrage to selected area cause slowness 25% and deal 120 (+55% total physical attack).

Enchanted: Smoke barrage can shot further, explode and cause cluster explosion to 5 sides randomly within short area, deal slow 60% and deal 160 (+140% total physical attack). Longer smoke duration

Base damage: 120/140/160/180
Enchanted damage: 160/180/200/220
Base Smoke duration: 1/1/1/2 sec
Enchant Smoke duration: 3/3/4/5 sec
Cooldown: 13/12/10/8 sec
Energy cost: 18/23/28/33
Enchant energy cost: 10/12/14/16

•Skill 2: Frag piercer
Shot frag grenade forward and impact to enemies (including minion) cause 140 (+70% total physical attack) (base damage only deal 40% against minion).

Enchanted: Frag Grenade shot distance more further to reach, cause big explosion and slow down 35% for 0,5 seconds. Ignore non-heroes to impact and explode (40% more damage against non-heroes). Deal 350 (+130% total physical attack)

Base damage: 140/150/160/170
Enchant damage: 350/400/450/500
Cooldown: 13/12/11/10
Energy cost: 20/26/32/38
Enchant energy cost: 10/13/16/19

•Skill 3: Force field shell
Shot force field to selected area then generate shield force and give 150 absorb (+30% total max HP), when enemies get hit inside force field they'll gain slowness 60% when they try out of force field. Force field last for 1,5 seconds

Enchanted: Shell generate more bigger area shield force field and give 400 absorb (+50% total max HP) also regenerate teammate HP 5% based on current HP. When on enemies will cause stun 1 second if get impact with force field and deal 15 (+50% total max HP) true damage 0.2 sec continuously if stand inside force field. Slow effect removed. Force field last for 3,5 seconds

Base absorb HP receive: 150/180/210
Enchant absorb HP receive: 400/450/500
Enchant HP generation: 5%/6%/7% per sec
Enchant force field true damage: 15/20/25
Cooldown: 18/16/14 sec
Energy cost: 35/45/55
Enchanted energy cost: 14/20/26
Absorb duration to heroes: 2/2/2
Enchant absorb duration to heroes: 3/4/5

•Ultimate: Enemy chaser
Lock to target and the Shell automatic pursuit to target. Deal 160 (+50% total physical attack).

Enchanted: Further range to locking and fast pursuit. Deal 200 true damage (+160% total physical attack) and cause minor AoE damage. Cause slow 30% for 1,4 seconds. Deal 10% physical&magical pen

Base damage: 160/200/240
Enchant true damage: 200/300/400
Enchant physical&magical pen: 10%/14%/18%
Cooldown: 25/22/19 sec
Energy cost: 40/50/60
Enchant energy cost: 10/15/20

Chaos use energy to cast skill
Default energy is 110 point up 3 energy capacity per level

There was one town located south of The Barren Lands.  The city is very sophisticated and clean.  several years later this city was attacked by Alice and her troops, the city was destroyed in one night.  The surviving residents there fled the city but there was one person who did not want to leave the city, namely Chaos.  Chaos asks his people to believe in him that he will retake the city and expel Alice and her army.  But unfortunately he is considered crazy by his own people.  then Chaos was captured and isolated in a special building but Chaos managed to escape, before going to the battlefield he took his gun and some grenades.  Chaos before was previously an elite soldier who had operated in extreme missions.  His real name is unknown but they call him Chaos because during the war he likes to make trouble with the grenades he carries.  while on the way he saw a mysterious energy shining on his city, without hesitation he went there without a plan and blindly his attack, alone he was able to eradicate a thousand monsters in one attack, Alice was surprised that she didn't have enough strategy to fight Chaos because she was surpressed and her troops were limited  .  Alice chose to retreat but Chaos attacked them mercilessly despite the armored monsters.  Alice was almost injured and she immediately withdrew all her troops because she couldn't attack.  Only one person can defeat the monster in a day.  the city had been recaptured but he did not dare to go home because he had become a fugitive in the city.  Chaos chose to continue his journey to the Abyssal crack and defeat the abyssals

This picture only illustration how appearance looks like. Photo based on CODM operator "Battle Hardened - Axon"

Chaos weapon illustration, photo based on CODM gun HADES LMG

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Edited by Rafael0000 at 2021-10-12 04:59 PM

His story and heavy firearm suggest he's a marksman, not support.
If he can injure that blood queen alone, he's more than a support hero. I'm starting to think he is Beatrix's boy friend. And the city must be a region that stands between Barren Lands and Eriditio in the story. I don't like the hero's name. Because Zhask's alias is "Lord of Chaos" (from ABYSS). Please change the hero's name. For example "Zen", "Rex" , "Kal". I liked everything else about the hero. Hero's picture, skills, passive and ultimate are good. Support from me.
Post time 2021-10-26 09:14 PM | Show all posts
yea its beatrix now
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