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[policy] Reporting System

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(I'm not exactly wheret o post this so if moderators could move this to the appropriate category, feel free to do so and ty)
The Reporting System or feature in MLBB is completely broken. What a way a start a thread, I know. Let's start:
1. Verbal Abuse: You can report a trash talker in game so that they would be muted as a punishment. It looks good on paper but in reality this is the most broken and most abused system in MLBB. Here's why.
There are words in the game that are censored for God know what reason. For example, the sentence "If you can't" will be censored in chat, or "I'll be mythic again" will be. This censored words can get you punished if reported I kid you not, for I have been reported for such a reason. You see, the problem with the reporting system is that it is abused by those toxic players you want to get rid of. Duo nd Trio teams especially like to abuse this system. Of course you can appeal for the punishment to be lifted but that won't cut it. Customer Service takes around 24hrs for a reply and even if your punishment was deemed to be a fault in the system, you won't get compensated and your credit score won't be increased either.
In a game where normal ordinary words can and are censored, players should not be able to report someone for verbal abuse at all. There is a feature that allows you to mute other players, why not just use that if you find someone annoying, I do that, it's as easy as A B C. Why even have a feature or system that is being abused by the most toxic players.

2. Negative Player: You can report a player for being a negative players. But what does that mean? It means if one of your teammates have a very low team fight participation, you can report that player and he/she will be punished, i.e., credit score reduction and matchmaking ban ranging from minutes to days depending on the severity. Now again this looks good on paper, and honestly it is good in-game too, SOMETIMES! Here's why this one is flawed.
I'll explain how this particular feature is flawed by telling some personal experience. So to make it short, I solo qued and found a match, our team consisted of Trio and 2 solo. I picked MM and immediately I was trash talked to for picking mm, but i didn't pay any attention. When the game started, the trash taking continued. The trio picked mid laners. And here's where it went all wrong, the trio refused to help in any way, when my lane was ganked, they refused to help and waited for me to die. And when they fed, a lot at mid, they blamed me (blame the mm at gold lane when you died at mid types). As expected when mid laners fed beyond repair, the game ended quickly, I farmed gold lane and I hardly had enough gold to buy 2 complete item excluding boots. We lost very early and my final teamfight participation was around 9%. Even though i had the lowest death, I was still detected as a Negative Player and subsequently reported by the toxic trio. And reported successfully I was. BTW if y'all wondering my teammates got 8-10 deaths while my death was 5. Their kills were not any good too, below their deaths.

Now that we got that out of the way, this is how the system can be improved.

1. Verbal Abuse: Remove it, yes! Completely remove this broken system. There is a mute feature, use it. No need for this Verbal Abuse system which is being abused by toxic players, especially Duo and Trios.

2. Negative Player: The system should not account only teamfight participation. The system should account for the type of hero, the amount of deaths proportionate to the teams death, the amount of creeps damage, damage to hero etc. And if only these things are far lower than that of teamates should the system be able to detect as negative player. One of the easiest way to find out if a player is a negative player or not is to look at Gold. Yes gold. If someone is just roaming around doing absolutely nothing, or is feeding, his/her gold count should be way below that of the Tank with roaming. Or in the case the tank is a negative player, his gold count would be way below that his teammates since he/she does not participate in team fight to get gold from assists.

Never had there been anything that wanted me to quit MLBB this much in years(3+ years) than this absolutely broken reporting system we have today. And I mainly play solo, so you can imagine the amount of trolls, intentional feeders, afk, trash talkers, etc I have met, and they didn't make want to quit. It is being wronly getting punished, appealing then getting being told sorry by the system and not having been compensated that is making me want to quit. Yes you heard that right, costume service told me before that my punishment was a mistake by the system, but no correction/fix/compensation given.

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It this very normal to see this happen, I've been through it a lot too because I am also a solo player too. The reporting system can't help in any situation except for those AFK people... Most of the punishment given is just like a warning letter as their punishment..... Even I dunno how many times I have been complaining through until today...... A bunch of report mail is in my ML mailbox... Is it really a penalty...? I dunno, how many times have I met those types of people... Always get a heart attack......
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Note: The author has been banned or deleted.
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Eh. My conclusion is this(after many matches): If you play properly & try to win you get punished. If you troll, you don't get punished.
Seriously. I had 2 matches where Franco/Tigreal reset ally buff/didn't rotate properly, were not punished & instead I was punished once for trying to win (ended up feeding, tank 100% hp, enemy all >20% hp, happened multiple times). Then I saw people feed(just walk up mid & die) after saying so on all chat. Was not punished. Then I got mad & trolled. Picked jawhead & reset buff, throw ally & run away without helping. Poor guy who didn't know about potion got punished for feeding while no punishment for me.
So yeah, don't count on any report system (I talk about specific cases but I have seen multiple instances of this over a year. Can't remember them all)
 Author| Post time 2021-10-21 05:32 AM | Show all posts
Samsaras replied at 2021-10-21 02:04 AM
Eh. My conclusion is this(after many matches): If you play properly & try to win you get punished. I ...

It really is wierd now that you mentioned intentional feeding. We once had this teammate not too long ago who just decided to troll for no reason. He went mid lane and just let enemies kill him. His final score was 0 18 1. Obviously I reported him for intentional feeding, he was never punished for it. I also reported him for Verbal Abuse just in case. And surprise he got punished for Verbal Abuse even though he didn't even trash talked. The way this reporting system works is insanely broken.
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The mute suggestion was very good noticed this too.
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