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[Hero Concept] Daughter Of abyss

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Edited by KwonYongki at 2021-10-27 07:51 AM

Role: Marksman
Specialty: Burst/Poke
-Abyssal Heir
-Lord Abyss Grand-daughter
-Sweet tooth(Gloo)

Passive: Shadow Embrace
She have a customize 110 physical attack that doesn't growth per Level. As a result she only benefit +3physical attack of shadow embrace per every minion, creeps and hero she kill, this passive of her can stack. Once she obtain 20 stack of shadow embrace she will be granted 30% crit chance but her critical strike is reduce by 50%.
She also only gain 30% attack speed ratio on items and emblems. Every basic attack of Jupiter reduce the cooldown of 'Shadow Craft' by 1 second.

Skill 1:Shadow Craft
(CD 12seconds Fixed)
Hermilion blast a dark beam that penetrate to multiple enemies dealing 250-550(100%total physical attack). enemies that are hit will be slowed by 30% for 1 second.
Skill 2: Dark Hallows
(CD 18-12seconds)
Hermilion summon a black mist gaining 40% movement speed that decay within 2.5 seconds and making her untargetable that last for 5seconds. Teammates that will enter her mist will be also untargetable. Enemies that enter her mist during this state can damage her with skills and basic attack.
Skill 3: Black Eternity
(CD 60 Fixed)
Instantly vacuuming the enemies without damage but she blast and knock them off they will be receiving 400-800+(100% total physical attack). Specifically his is just similar to vale ultimate but with blast knockback effect.

She was the lost great grand daughter of Lord abyss which is nowhere to be found after a the great fight between lord of light. She was raise by her adopted loving family living in cadia river lands and treasure her like their own daughter. As soon as she begun growing up a lurking dark power started to awakened within her which sense by the abyss and started search tracking location in cadia river  lands, a lot of people die and the village become chaotic as the abyss is hunting for her including the deaths of her adoptive parents. As she manage to escape the village thanks for the great sacrifice of her parents, she decided that she will be heading to moniyan empire finding answers. She hide her identity with a facial mask  that can conceal her dark magic for the mean time, this mask was granted by her parents along with the slingshot that can be beneficial combine with her powers. Soon enough as lunox awakening occur all related power to lord abyss was sealed including Hermilion as she was lord abyss grand daughter along with lunox she was sealed in twilight orb for thousands of years. New era have been pass once again as lunox awakening happen Hermilion manage to escape from twilight orb she was landed in the forest where she meet the swamp spirits. They become a great companions in no time. this time new era her journey will once begin again.

Fun facts:
-She's using the name "Faith" (not her real name) that was given to her by non biogical parents.

Physical statistics:
HP: 2446  HP Growth: +139
Attack: 110
Mana: 420
Physical defense: 17  Physical Defense Growth: +3
Movement Speed: 260

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you can summit this in-game Customer Service or Creative Exchange section. Usually where such suggestion belongs.
I would suggest
Passive: stack cap of 50-150, each stack gives +2 or 3 Physical Damage. And once she reaches to a certain stacks number, add in buffs(similar on how Alice). Instead of 30% crit chance, lower it down to 15% and remove the nerf on her critical strike.  
First skill: the initial damage should be reduced to 250(+100% total physical attack) to make Hermilion balance.
It seems like Akali and Natalia second skill mixed together, but to make it balance, when ever she does basic attack or skill, she became targetable for 1-1.5 seconds and can take damage from skills. Because 5 seconds is heck of a long time. She will become a support/marksman if teammate is able to use her mist too.
Ultimate: It seems like she place down a blackhole or some sort, sucks enemy in, explodes and does 350-500(+100% total physical damage) weaker early game, but strong when she is level 12.   

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C4lam1tyG0D replied at 2021-10-27 12:54 AM
you can summit this in-game Customer Service or Creative Exchange section. Usually where such sugges ...

Thank you for commenting i feel happy when someone recognize it and take a time to read it i really appreciate you
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Thanks for sharing your concept with us
it would be better if you add an image reference about the hero too
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