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New kagura main here, how do i get better?

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I'm going to ask my question first to older kagura main
1. Is her early damage supposed to not be hurtful or it's just me with my wrong build? (I'm using pro player's item build) if so, what do you think the better item for mine?

2. What is her gamestyle actually? Is she just like other mage stand behind and giving cc or should i play her like a somewhat reap assasin? Who is she in the war/fight? And why i always ends up playing like a support instead of a massive killer like what i found in the youtube?

3. I get the idea of basic combo, the problem is (as i'm still noob) i often miss my ult. And even tho i already dealing all the skill to the enemy, why they often ends up still dying instead of die. This sometime make me rage lol. I already giving all my skill, i even use execute but enemy always ends up dying instead of die and yk, free food for my team ,yeay! That is why i always ends up playing her like a support lol

4. This is more asking for advice tho but can you tell me how to gank with her? Because i still often failed at ganking by playing with her especially in early game, especially to gank high mobillity enemies like ling lance and chou

Other information about me maybe? Idk probably it's gonna somewhat useful so i just throw it here lol
-My rank is still master, playing this game like a few weeks ago and i fall in love with kagura since she is a free hero right now.

-other than kagura, my favorite hero is chou and tigreal, i can play clint too but it's just for "safety" in case no one want to use mm

-and not only i can't use kagura, i actually a bad midlaner in every moba. I force myself up just to use this hero lol

-i use mage emblem, but it's still on shopkeeper

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Kagura has multiple ways to play, ultimately depends on a situtation. This is extremely important to know. For example, nonmobile mages in 1v1 situtation like cecillion u could play as assassin or be as close to them as possible. However, if u up aganist zilong there no need to be in zilong face, u could just poke him and make him low as possible. In teamfights don't be quick to use second skill if u have use the red ultimate which is the pulling enemies back aganist 5 people. Use it at the right time, when there is a tank or when enemies dont have cc. Her blue ultimate is purify, and could deal dmg. You could use it to escape. For mid lane, be sure to clear your lane first and gank. You do not want enemies to push your tower.
Since you are in master rank, I don't know if you are bad at ganking or your team is just bad so I can't really say
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No problem. If you want to use Kagura well, you should use an item that deals full critical magic damage. Never use a defensive item. His ultimate is bilateral like the Lunox. You have to practice a lot in custom mode to use both as combos. Kagura's umbrellaless ultimate pushes the opponent out, and her second ultimate pulls the opponent in. Quickly use both at the same time. If they are more than 2 heroes, never dive into them. Kill them one by one. Don't use all your skills on tanks. Attack heroes with no magic resistance.
Always put magic emblem on kagura. Use Kagura like a mage in early game mid lane. If you think the items are enough for the damage, use it like an assassin.
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Sorry for my bad english
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How to get better with Kagura:

1. Prioritise target: Prioritise your target. Know who to burst. Preferably aim for Mages and Marksmen. Avoid targeting Assassins with Blink abilities and Fighters with high defense.

2. Keep distance: Always maintain a safe distance. But also always be in range to burst down enemies.

3. Conserve and Keep and Eye Open: Your passive is your bread and butter. Do not let your passive be on Cooldown when there are enemies nearby. Your passive will determine whether you kill or be killed.

4. Be a Sentry: Your umbrella should always be positioned in bushes whenever possible to avoid being ambushed or to see incoming enemy ganks.

5. You are not immortal: Your second skill will free you from CC. But it does not make you immune to it. Always carefully use your 2nd Skill at the right time. For example, using your 2nd Skill during Tigreal's Ultimate cast will not save you, wait for Tigreal's animation to end before freeing yourself. Same with his second skill.

6. Do not bother with mana regen: Conserve your mana. Always have enough to burst. Maintain at least 25-30% mana. Kagura has always been mana thirsty, always spend your mana wisely.
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Hi @Sususamogus ,

First of all, welcome aboard!

I've noticed that you have a lot of questions about your main hero which is Kagura and I am very pleased that there are some players who replied to your questions and I hope they answered your queries.

Anyways, if you need more information about techniques and guides about your main or other heroes, you can find it here.

~ Greetings!
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