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[Complaint] Dominance Ice completely shuts down DPS

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There's no counter to it, either. It's basically equip this item and reduce enemy damage output by 30%.

As a melee basic attack hero, once the enemy has this item my DPS is negated so much that bringing myself to team fights is pointless.

I'd understand if it were on a CD timer or had some thought process to use it in situations, but at the moment it's basically equip this item and counter specific heroes completely with no counter play.

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Edited by Magnum_bangbang at 2021-10-25 08:42 PM

I am a tank player, and i must tell you about this item indispensable and required but defintly not OP.

Frist reason - you cant just buy it. This item really bad alone. It not give you any health or magic defence bonus. And you not really need a physicle defence, because you make some from passive/boots. So, if you will try buy it frist, you will be like mm for opponents. They will kill you with few attacks and just farm you like a minion.

Second reason - because of frist reason, you may not buy this item, with fighter/hybride builds. You will have 1-2 slots for items, maybe. And if you will buy this one, it not give you enough stats. So you may buy it only for a tank build.

Thrid reason - You was tell about 30% of dps. But is it THIS high? Twilight Armor, for example, will give you 36%(-20% from crit and -20% if you will take hight damage), but it also will give you health and protect from range heroes and protect against physic skill damage. And if you will try calculate a Athena's Shield or Antique Cuirass its will be even more.

Fourth reason - because of second reason, you will kill you opponent with this item easly. Tanks not have enogh damage anyways in 1v1. And if you not attack a tank one, it doenst matter, because you will attack from side, somewhere tank will cant destrib you. Or if he will destrib you, he will just stun. And reduce you dps by 100%. while hes carry kill you.

Fifth reason - most likly, melee base attack heroes have no only base attack damage. Most time, its a some skill damage(like helcurt) or percent damage(like masha), or some negative effect(like argus). So in reallity, its will not reduce you damage by 30%. And even its is, it will not stop you to kill anything, because its still a 3 attacks to kill mm/mage/assasin. And attack speed not matter against tank. Its will be matter against fighters, but so, as i said fighters cant buy this item himself. And if you was attack fighter+tank 1v2 and die, its deffintly you mistake.

But so, why this item necessery? And why tanks even buy it?
Reason is it only good anti-heal item for tanks. And you will not sacriface a lot for a buy it. For sure, other items will give you more protection. But this one will give you anti-heal, that really-really good effect. And you will still make some protection.
Good tanks will buy this item for 2 situations. If you opponent have a lot base attack heroes it ream(3+). Because buy it for only reduce you damage is meh. Or if some heal in you team(you always have at least one). In other ways this is too expensive item.
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Completely disagree, its just a weak item. Its only advantage is the anti-regen like bangbang said. Honestly even then it still is weak bc many heroes use skills shots to deal a lot of dmg. Antique cuirass is a lot stronger and cheaper too. For me, i still think it needs a slight buff.
Post time 2021-10-26 01:39 AM | Show all posts
what is the point it just makes the tank and other hero weaker
Post time 2021-10-27 12:23 AM | Show all posts
The item has become meta because of the Lifesteal meta that is happening atm. Best way to counter it imo is build Malefic Roar and Blade of Despair combo
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