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[Query] What is toxicity?

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Wanna hear what is toxicity for forum members? For me this is:

*Layla 1st pick - biggest toxicity in game

*Stealing jungler's buffs and farm

*Not knowing any hero mechanic except few which you only play

*Practining hero on rank

*Picking Nana/Diggie/Rafaela to avoid any report because you didn't like something on draft

*No AOE mage - picking Nana

*Playing hero you don't know how to play on rank

*Picking role your team doesn't need but you pick it anyway

*Boy/Girl duo - he is tank she is marksman, don't have mini map and don't give a fuck for the rest of the team until enemies reach your base (after Layla 1st pick, biggest toxicity in game). This applies to any duo no mather it is boy/girl or boy/boy or girl/girl

*Going for mage because it is the most safe option if you stay under towers all game

*Going into 2-3 or more enemies alone for no reason, dying and blaming your team

*Going solo all game without any plan or idea what to do, feeding and crying or escaping all team fights so you can blame rest of the team how they are al nubs

*Don't know how to finish the game - 3 enemies dead, 1 teammate dead, 3 of your teammates fighting vs 2 enemies for destroying base while you taking enemy's buff with full build.

Post time 2021-10-26 07:43 PM | Show all posts
Here are the different types of toxics in the game:

1. The Blaminator: These type of people like to blame others, a lot. It's never their fault, it's always your fault. It doesn't matter if they die at mid while you were at bot lane, it's always your fault.

2. Feeding Frenzy: These are the people who are still angry from their previous game and decide to Feed for no apparent reason in your game. There's no talking them out of it.

3. The Boss: The type that likes to tell everyone what to pick and gets angry when you don't pick what he/she wants. They really love to pick Layla when you don't pick what they want.

4. The Three/Two Stooges: That duo or trio that doesn't want to blame their teammate for playing poorly and instead blames everyone else. They love reporting people for verbal abuse. And even more so, love to watch you die.

5. The Showman: Their favourite quotes are Show or Feed" and "Show or I'll pick Layla/Rafaela".

6. The MVP addict: They play to be MvP. They don't care about you or anyone else but themselves. If there is any chance they'll die, they will grab a popcorn and watch you get wrecked.

7. The Infant: They always pick MM regardless of enemy pick. And unsurprisingly always end up needing Babysitting or feeding. And surprise surprise, it's your fault for not helping them 24/7.
 Author| Post time 2021-10-26 05:18 PM | Show all posts
Anand replied at 2021-10-26 03:15 PM
Picking Layla is not toxic. It is the players who are not supporting Layla in-game are toxic

You can see obviously that main post says: 1st pick Layla.

Btw, no one will ever support first pick Layla because she is just a food for 70% of heroes in this game. She needs constantly babysitting for 10mins and today's MLBB is a fast game, no time for babysitting marksman. Only marksman who can solo lane is picked in today's MLBB. Not just today, that's a thing last 2 years.

Layla is a default, basic hero you got first to learn basics of the game.

When was the last time you see Layla pick in any big tournament, in any clash of proffesional teams, in any streamer video? Never. Why? Because MM without any escape option is just a food.
Post time 2021-10-28 06:21 PM | Show all posts
Anand replied at 2021-10-28 11:02 AM
Are you a Layla player too?

It's not my main, but I love play with her haha
(I love late game with her huhuhuhu)
Post time 2021-10-26 02:51 AM | Show all posts
Edited by Magnum_bangbang at 2021-10-26 02:52 AM

For me most toxicity is blame/offend you teammetes with any reason. Oh no, my teamete is bad. I must call him nub and report. Hate it.

About other things:

*Not show you priority hero, and pick that already picked as s5.

*Talk about lose before game will be even starting.

*Try to learn you teammetes what they must pick/ban/use as spell.

*Concede before game starting and trollpick for "i not want to lose my winrate'

*Show one meta heroes, and when you team not ban it, change and give it to opponents.

*When you team was deny to concede, went afk, and move every 15 sec by a pixel, for you cant be reeported by afk.

*Went afk and chating in game, skip farm, teamfights and kills, because you must send a very important message about you teammete mom.

*When all you teammete doing its run in to opponent and die.

*Trolling in game(jawhead trow you in to opponent tower, stealing buff, stealling kills)

*Cheat rank with wintrades.

*Scam in cake events (never buy it in next one).

@s5tank . As you saw, my position is not really different this time.
Post time 2021-10-26 05:47 AM | Show all posts
For me, toxicity in mlbb is.
1. calling people nub or being mean or racist.
2. running it down mid and just feeding.
3. Not adjusting for your team- aka picking 3 mages in a team.
4. blaming a person for no reason. For example picking layla or miya or nana even. These players picking these heroes are not necessarily trolls. After all, they could go 15-2 in your game.
5. wintrading or cheating.
6. Stealing buffes and farm from jungle unless jungle is not doing good and u are going 15 kills, u could take their buff bc u are going to carry.
Post time 2021-10-26 03:15 PM | Show all posts
Picking Layla is not toxic. It is the players who are not supporting Layla in-game are toxic


thats right I'm agree with that  Post time 2021-11-1 05:00 PM
Post time 2021-10-26 04:14 PM | Show all posts
Toxic scenarios in MLBB:
Autolock MM/core, then beg someone to play tank. Also would blame/trashtalk the tank/support if you're not beside them for the whole game.
Someone already pick MM/Mage/Core, then s2/3/4/5 would also pick the same role.
Doesn't care about winning, only care about getting kills.
Going solo 1 vs 5, then blame teammates for not having backup.
Blame others because they have low KDA, but all you do is just kill steal.
Duo/trio that only help themselves.
Post time 2021-10-26 08:22 PM | Show all posts
s5tank replied at 2021-10-26 05:18 PM
You can see obviously that main post says: 1st pick Layla.

Btw, no one will ever support first pi ...

I agree Layla is an MM without escape skill. But still Layla deals super high damage and with good support.

I hope Layla gets a buff in future
Post time 2021-10-27 12:26 AM | Show all posts
ayyo don't pick on mah baby Nana, I always carry my team with her a lot of time
Post time 2021-10-27 03:51 AM | Show all posts
Toxic: stealing jungle / someone already picking jungle but someone else also clicks it/ talking trash when ur good and he is bad / reports you and you report him and both succeed since a bot reports it fully  
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