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[Hero Concept] Shotgun Messenger

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Stuard 'Ryker' De Coulomb
Shotgun Messenger
Class : Marksman/Support
Specialty : Guard/Magic Damage
Lane Recommendation: Gold/Roam

Passive : Omen
Ryker's Basic attacks deals (+100% Total Physical attack)(+20% Total Magic power) Magic damage.
[Good Omen:] Each time Ryker's Basic attacks hits a target, he gains a stack of Omen for 4 seconds up to 8 stacks. Each stack increases Ryker's Magic power by 10 and critical chance by 3.75%. Stacks of Omen returns to 1 upon reaching maximum stacks if Ryker's Basic attacks hits a target again.
[Ill Omen:] Upon gaining 3 stacks of Omen, Ryker next Basic attack deals (+130% Total Physical attack)(+50% Total Magic power) Magic damage to opponents in a straight line, gains a stack of Omen per each hit. Each hit carry attack effect and can critical.
The Attack speed obtained from items and emblems is reduced by 30%.
The Magic power from this skill, can be increased by Holy Crystal's Unique Passive.

Skill 1 : Narcoleptic Bullet
Cooldown : 7.5 Seconds
Mana cost : 45/48/51/54/57/60
Active : Ryker's Basic attacks for 3.5/3.75/4/4.25/4.5/4.75/5 seconds, can slow opponents' Movement speed by 0(+2.5%*stack of Omen)% for 0.625 second. The slow effect and duration can be doubled or 0(+5%*stacks of Omen)% for 1.25 seconds if Ryker's Basic attacks deals Critical damage.
Passive : Ryker's Basic attacks deal 0(+1.25%*stack of Omen)% Extra damage against slowed targets.
Narcoleptic Bullet resets Ryker's Basic attack timer.

Skill 2 : Twilight Omen
Cooldown : 12/11.1/10.2/9.3/8.4/7.5 Seconds
Mana cost : 120/108/96/84/72/60
Ryker removes all slow effects from himself and gains 235/280/325/370/415/460(+65% Total Magic power) Shield absorption and 0(+6.25%*stacks of Omen)% Movement speed for 2.5 seconds. The Shield make him immune to opponent skills (Esmeralda's Skills excluded). Increasing the amount of Shield by 6.25% per stack of Omen.
Ryker lose the bonus Movement speed if the shield breaks.
Use again : Once the Shield is breaks or after 2.5 seconds, Ryker can casts this skill.
Ryker dashes forward, dealing 235(+65% Total Magic power) Magic damage to opponents along the way and silencing them for 1.25 seconds. Enhancing the range of dashing by 12.5% per stack of Omen.

Ultimate Skill : Overture
Cooldown : 48/44/40 Seconds
Mana cost : 60/105/150
Ryker shoot a bullet that hits the first opponent hero hit, dealing
350/450/550(+100% Total Magic power)(+0(+3%*stacks of Omen)% of target's lost HP) Magic damage and forcing opponent Hero to cast their Skill towards Ryker for 3 seconds. Reduces affected opponent Hero's Magic power by 65% and Critical damage by 65% for duration. Allies along the bullet’s way are gained 440(+80*stacks of Omen)(+10% of their Max HP) Shield absorption and 0(+3.75%*stacks of Omen)% Movement speed for 2 seconds. If opponent hero is silenced or their skills are on cooldowns, it'll become charm effect.
Provoked : A state that forces a target to casts one of their skill to the caster. The target can't use Basic attacks within the duration and will attack the caster.
Taunt but for Skills.

[Picture is for illustration purpose only]

Post time 2021-10-31 12:49 PM | Show all posts
I like the idea of 1st skill: Narcoleptic Bullet. Hope it can be the official character
Post time 2021-11-2 08:06 PM | Show all posts
Wohhhh it's a good hero concept !!!

Phylax is the futur marksman Tank (Guard) with magic power ! Do you see ?
Post time 2021-11-6 04:36 AM | Show all posts
There you go, another good hero concept. You got me when I saw that pic. I like the skills, Love the skill names and the idea of a shotgun hero. Please do submit this suggestion to customer support ingame
Post time 2021-11-26 05:56 AM | Show all posts
Why do I have a feeling of this would be a great skin for Clint instead of a new hero.

'Cause I don't see a Shotgun as the concept art's gun, more of a pistol? You see?
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