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[Other Bug Report] Magic Chess Problems & Bugs

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Edited by Crowcaine at 2021-11-24 06:32 PM

User ID: Crowcaine
Server ID: 5234
Game Version:
Device: iPhone SE 2020
IOS Version: 14.7.1
Screenshot: n/a
Video: n/a

Magic Chess Problems/Bugs:  

    Esmeralda (Problem):  Too powerful.  She should not be able to take down 6 other heroes by herself.  Her life-steal out-heals the damage of 5-6 Weapon Masters and she kills them all because she can hit all targets surrounding her at the same time, but she shouldn't be able to kill all of them.  That's OP.  Even if she's supposed to be a counter hero to Weapon Masters, it's 6v1, her advantage should not be so strong.

    Fanny (Problem):  Fanny's problem is that her ability is too powerful.  She also can wipe out an entire team of melee heroes all by herself.  It's simply not fair.  I can understand if my heroes are distracted by fighting other heroes, but even when she is the only enemy hero eft and I have the majority of my team left, they cannot attack her, they just chase her around, never once attacking while she cuts them all down and wins.  Yes, ranged heroes can eventually take her down, but if you chose to go with synergies that don't incorporate ranged, she can kill them all and that is OP.  

    Terizla (Problem):  Just like with Fanny, his special ability seems problematic in the sense that the heroes that are affected by it are unable to attack while under its effect.  That is unfair as well.  Without being able to attack, you might as well just call his ability a "team stun" for 4 seconds (or however long it lasts).  Even if the heroes are within range to attack, when they are sucked back into the center, it resets their action and they never get a swing off.  I don't think that is appropriate.  The purpose of the ability is really to hold the heroes together in one spot where they can all be hit with AOE or splash damage, which is great in combination with other heroes that have AOE abilities such as Kaboom v2 (Kapoom), Harley, etc., but those heroes affected by the ability should still be able to attack other heroes that are within range.  

    Kaboom (Problem): Kaboom's level 3 ability (Katoom) in which he drives across the map to hit the farthest enemy and then disappears from the game, is really a completely worthless ability.  To explain:  say that you spent all the resources and got lucky enough to get a level 3 Katoom, but the furthest hero on the opponent's team is only a rank 1 hero, well, Katoom is going to drive across the map, take out the rank 1 hero and then disappear from the game, and now you're down a rank 3 hero while the opponent is only down a rank 1 hero, putting you at a disadvantage.  Even if the target hero is a rank 2 hero, you'll still end up at a disadvantage.  The only time it is possible for an equal outcome is if the target hero is also a rank 3 and even then, that hero might remain alive depending on the buffs and items they are equipped with, leaving you once again at a disadvantage.  So, the ability can only result in either a disadvantage or a neutral outcome, there is no advantage from this ability and that's quiate a shame considering it's a level 3 ability, which is supposed to be the most powerful of them all.  I think that the mechanics of this ability should be updated to something that rewards you for spending the time to unlock it.  If the ability also did splash damage like Johnson while guaranteeing that the target hero is completely destroyed, regardless of buffs or items, then it would be a lot more reasonable.  Please redesign this ability.

    Tharz (Problem): Tharz's level 3 ability is broken.  It is currently ruining magic chess.  The only way to stand a chance is to also play Tharz and use his level 3 ability.  I don't really need to explain this one, it's well known, and youtube is chock full of videos.  

    Magic Chess Store - Booty Bay (Bug):  This one has to be a bug.  Currently Booty Bay price is listed at 440,000 Magic Chess Coins. It seems like an extra "0" was accidentally added to that figure.  It should be 44,000 coins because 440,000 is way too much it's crazy.  I have been playing Magic Chess for a long time now, for many years, almost every day and I don't think in all that time that I've made even close to 440,000 coins.  Nothing in the entire game comes even close to costing as much as that.  Even the next most expensive item in the shop is a 7-Day Double EXP Pass which costs 16,000 coins.  Think about it, that means that I could literally pay for a Double EXP every week for an entire year straight and it still wouldn't cost as much as Booty Bay.  It costs more than 13 of the most expensive heroes in the game.  If you tried to save up the 100 coins you get just for logging in every day, it would take you over 12 years to accumulate enough to buy it.  It is obviously a mistake and there is one too many zeros.  Please fix.  Thank you so much.  Cheers!  

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Edited by Rafael0000 at 2021-11-8 04:48 PM

If Valentina comes to this game, Fanny will be my favorite hero. Because Valentina is a useless copycat hero. If you use long range high damage heroes in magic chess, you can stop the fanny.
 Author| Post time 2021-11-9 11:08 AM | Show all posts
Edited by Crowcaine at 2021-11-9 12:54 PM
Rafael0000 replied at 2021-11-8 04:38 PM
If Valentina comes to this game, Fanny will be my favorite hero. Because Valentina is a useless copy ...

Yes, fanny "can" be stopped, but that's not quite the point.  The point is, she, all by herself, can beat an entire team of Weapon Masters.  What point is there in going 9xWM, which is the only synergy that allows 9 if it can be completely beaten by 1 single hero?  I understand that Weapon Masters or melee heroes in general should be at a disadvantage, but not 100% useless.
Post time 2021-11-9 03:29 PM | Show all posts
Crowcaine replied at 2021-11-9 11:08 AM
Yes, fanny "can" be stopped, but that's not quite the point.  The point is, she, all by herself, ca ...

Fair game environment can be disturbed because some heroes are too advantageous. But if most of the players prefer Fanny in magic chess, she will get nerf soon and be among the weak heroes in the list.
Post time 2021-11-10 03:16 PM | Show all posts
Zilong can stop Fanny. His run speed is almost as fast as her cable and he can chase her down. Also I noticed that the heroes “anticipates” where Fanny will go and waits there. It’s only when they’re in the middle of the map that’s the problem.
Post time 2021-11-13 12:26 PM | Show all posts

Please provide screenshot/video proof of these problems, also please save the in-game replay of the match where bugs occur
 Author| Post time 2021-11-24 06:28 PM | Show all posts
Edited by Crowcaine at 2021-11-30 12:19 PM

Okay, I uploaded a screenshot of the Booty Bay price mistake.   It should be 44,000 NOT 440,000.  Please realize this mistake, it is over a magnitude of 10x larger than even the most expensive hero in the game, which clearly makes the extra "0" an obvious mistake.  Thank you.
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