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[Patch Note] Patch Notes 1.6.30 [Advanced Server]

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In this patch, we're pre-applying some of the adjustments for the December season, with the focus on giving the battlefield events more obvious visual cues and boosting Lord's presence in the very late game (after 18 min). After collecting enough data, we'll roll back most of the battlefield adjustments and part of the hero adjustments in ver. 34 to avoid causing a significant impact on the M3 World Championship. The adjustments will be further optimized and released in the future.

Use (↑) (↓) (~) to indicate strengthening, nerfing, and adjustments.

Besides the Attack Speed conversion ratio, the other adjustments won't affect much of Phylax's final damage in the game.

Extra Attack Speed Per Point of Energy: 1% >> 1.5%

[Attribute Conversion](~)
Extra Magic Power Per Point of Defense: 4 >> 2.5
Skills' Magic Power Bonus: Increased to Around 160%

Mid to late game performance improved.

[Skill 1](↑)
Magic Power Bonus: 150% >> 185%

Floryn was hit pretty hard by the previous nerfs, so we're returning some power to her kit.

[Skill 1] (↑)
Cooldown: 8s >> 8-6.5s

[Skill 2](↑)
Stun Duration: 0.8s >> 1s

HP Regen: 450-600 + 40% Magic Power >> 450-700 + 60% Magic Power

We're partially reverting the buffs from the previous patch. This adjustment has been applied to the official server.

[Skill 1] (↓)
Damage: 220-370 + 120% Magic Power >> 220-345 + 110% Magic Power

Selena's managed to keep a rein on her Abyssal Devils. This adjustment has been applied to the official server.

(Skill 1)(↑)
Abyssal Devil Duration: 30s >> 60s

[Lesley] (↑)
There's room to weave in a bit more power for our sniper lady. This adjustment has been applied to the official server

Physical Attack Growth: 7.5 >> 9

Roger's fallen behind on the Pro field.

HP Growth: 158.5 >> 178.5

[Human Form - Ultimate](↑)
Extra Physical & Magic Defense in Wolf Form: 20-50 >> 20-65

Lancelot's Skill 2 might be too perfect.

[Skill 2](↓)
Slow Effect: 30% >> 20%

We're boosting Badang's damage in the early game,

[Passive] (↑)
Passive's Extra Damage: 20% Physical Attack >> 50 + 50% Physical Attack
New Effect: Fist Wind from Badang's Skill 1 and Ultimate can also trigger the Passive's extra damage.
Added a 2s cooldown to the Passive's knockback effect

We're handing Martis a better tool to finish off his enemies.

New Effect: Killing an enemy with the Ultimate increases the Ultimate's damage by 15%, up to 30%

The mermaid princess is able to surf around at an even higher speed.

[Skill 1](↑)
Speed: 7>> 8

Extra Movement Speed: 30-60% >> 60% at All Levels

The previous adjustments were proven less effective, so we're going a bit harder this time.

Base HP: 2629 >> 2429
Physical Attack Growth: 12.6 >> 9.6

We hope these adjustments could give Amon's opponents a fighting chance against him.

Camouflage Duration: 4s >> 3.5sk
HP Regen: 4% of Lost HP >> 2.5% of Lost HP
Transparency in the Camouflage state is slightly reduced.

[Yi Sun-shin](↓)
Early to mid game damage reduced.

Base Physical Attack: 110>> 100

Early to mid game performance slightly improved.

Base Physical Attack: 105 >> 110

We're tapping down Bane's Physical Damage in the early to mid game.

[Skill 1](↓)
Base Damage: 180-380 >> 150-350

Early to mid game damage reduced.

Base Damage: 400-600 >> 350-600
Enhanced Damage: 450-750 >> 400-750

[Free Heroes]
8 Free Heroes: Server Time 11/12/2021 05:01:00 to 11/19/2021 05:00:00 (Tap the Settings button on the top-right corner of the main page to check.)

Bruno, Benedetta, Franco, Gusion, Lapu-Lapu, Fanny, X.Borg, Khufra

6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes: Hayabusa, Claude, Gatotkaca, Vale, Yi Sun-shin, Johnson

[Battle Spells]
[Battlefield Timeline]
Aside from making the timeline of the battlefield events clearer, we expect the following adjustments to slightly reduce the proportion of matches that are too long or too short. After collecting enough data, we'll roll back these adjustments in ver. 34 to be optimized and released for further testing in the future.

[2 Minutes]
1. First Turtle Spawn: Time unchanged.
2. New Mechanic: In the first 2 minutes, heroes equipped with Retribution will gain 15% extra Damage Reduction in the allied jungle. This mechanic will protect Junglers (especially when they're alone) from invading enemies in the early game.
3. Iron Crab Upgrade: 3 min >> 2 min

[5 Minutes]
1. Removal of Outer Turrets' Shields: Time unchanged.
2. Special Siege Minion Waves: 7>> 10, that is, 3 min 30 sec >> 5 min. We reduced the reward for each side-line siege minion killed (~7%), while the overall reward is slightly increased (~3%) due to the extra waves.
3. Removal of Retribution's Minion Penalty: Time unchanged.

[8 Minutes]
1. First Lord Spawn: 9 min >> 8 min. We slightly increased the Summoned Lord's attributes but reduced the minions' attribute boost after slaying Lord. This adjustment will slightly accelerate the game pace but reduce the pressure to defend other lines.
2. Removal of Inner Turret's Defense Skill (Gains a 1-min Damage Reduction effect when the corresponding Outer Turret is destroyed): 9 min >> 8 min
3. Removal of Roamer's Devotion Effect: 9 min >> 8 min

[12 Minutes]
1. First Lord Enhancement (Gains the ability to charge at the enemy turret): Time unchanged
2. Base Turret's Defense Skill (When the corresponding Inner Turret is destroyed): Adjusted from increases Defense for 1 min to gains a chance to eliminate approaching enemy minions before 12 min.
3. Minion Acceleration: 9 min >> 12 min

[18 Minutes]
1. New Mechanic: Lord will be enhanced for the second time at 18 min, gaining the following abilities:

  Ability 1: Neutral Lord has 40%-15% Damage Reduction by default, which decreases when there are more heroes around (5% for each hero within 5 yards, reaches the minimum when there are 5 heroes around).
  Ability 2: Summoned Lord grants 15% Damage Reduction to allies within 5 yards.
  Ability 3: Summoned Lord gains 5% Damage Reduction for each allied hero within 5 yards (up to 25%).

2. Death Timer Increase: 15 min >> 18 min. This adjustment will reduce the death timer between 15-18 min.
3. New Mechanic: After 18 min, heroes will gain a higher Movement Speed boost when leaving the Fountain (decays over the duration).

[Battle Spells]
We're partially reverting the previous buffs and simplifying the effects of Arrival.

Attack Speed Cap: 5.0 >> 4.0
HP Regen: 50 + 2 × Level + 20% Physical Attack + 15% Magic Power >> 70 + 15% Physical Attack + 15% Magic Power
Optimized the spell description (the Attack Speed boost is calculated by multiplication instead of addition)

Enhanced Basic Attack removed.
Decay ratio of the extra Movement Speed reduced, that is, overall speed-up effect increased.

We're partially reverting the buffs from the previous patch.

[Brave Smite] (Tank)(↓)
HP Regen: 10% >> 7%

[Unbending Will](Fighter)(↓)
Max Extra Damage: 20% >> 15%

[Feather of Heaven](~)
We're boosting Feature of Heaven's presence in the early to mid game and making its attributes more appealing to Magic heroes who rely on Attack Speed.

Magic Power: 65 >> 55
5% Movement Speed >> 5% CD Reduction

Damage: 40% Magic Power >> 20 + 2 × Hero Level + 30% Magic Power

1. Changed the attribute bonus of Kimmy's and Kaja's skins to Magic Power.
2. Optimized the in-match attribute display so the attributes are now displayed more accurately. Also added advanced attributes.
3. Optimized the skill demonstrations for all heroes.

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