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[Hero Concept] Andromeda, MM/Assasin (Reworked)

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Hero name: Andromeda
role: Assasin/Marksman
Specialist: Chase/damage
Difficult: Normal~Hard

-Passive: Saber-tinator
Andromeda weapon has 2 form guns there are Saber and Energy gun, both of weapon has different passive and active skills
-Energy gun
Energy gun gain more power if keep continuous attack, gain stack when hit enemy. Every stack deal 3% more physical damage, up to 10 stacks. Stack only applied by using basic attack. Last for 2 seconds if doesn't continuous attacking. During this form, basic attack damage multiplied by 115%

Andromeda enchance his next basic attack 175 (+75% total physical attack) True damage everytime he's cast skill, this skill cannot stack, last for 3 seconds

Skill 1:
Gun form:
-Beam cannon:
Shot a beam Cannon, deal 100 (+120% total physical attack) physical attack with straight line penetration on direction. This skill can be critical (crit chance depend on current stats)
Energy cost: 5/5/7/7/10/10
CD: 8/8/7/6/5/5 Seconds
Base Damage: 100/120/150/180/220/260

Saber form:
-Blitz strike:
Andromeda blink forward on direction and damaging all unit in dash lane, deal 150 (+80% total physical attack) physical attack and cause 10 physical&magic penetration
Energy cost: 5/6/6/7/8/8
CD: 10/10/9/8/8/7 seconds
Base Damage: 150/170/200/230/280/330
Penetration: 10/13/15/19/22/25

Skill 2:
Gun form:
-Shockwave emitter:
Shot an shockwave with wide-short fan shaped area, deal 100 (+150% total physical attack) magical damage and cause 30% slow for 1 seconds
Energy cost: 10/12/14/16/20/24
CD: 12/12/11/9/8/6 seconds
Base Damage: 100/120/140/160/180/200

Saber form:
-Blade hook:
Andromeda Saber can shot it blade like fishing rod, shot his hook to direct area within very short range. If hooked an enemy hero will cause enemy get pulled to Andromeda, hook damage deal 150 (+100% total physical attack) physical attack. After hook enemy Andromeda strike 2 basic attacks significantly, basic attack gain more damage
Energy Cost: 3/3/3/3/3/3
CD: 10/10/10/9/9/9 seconds
Hook damage: 150/200/250/300/350/400
Basic attack multiplier: 125%/135%/145%/155%/165%/175%

Gun form:
-Space missiles:
Andromeda shot his Guided missile, with man portable system enable to control the missile, missile have limited fuel and constant speed which it can't be slow down or more faster. Tap again on ultimate tab to impact the missile to ground. When explode, deal 800 (+125% total physical attack) true damage and slow 70% for 1.4 seconds in area radius of explosion. If missile ran out fuel it will automatic explode on sky but doesn't deal damage and will receive bonus 25% cooldown reduction on this Ultimate skill. If Andromeda eliminated when missile still on going, missile automatic explode and receive no cooldown bonus
Energy cost: 30/35/45
CD: 120/110/100 Seconds
True damage: 800/900/1000
Fuel (flight duration): 20/22/25 Seconds

Saber form:
-Lightspeed showdown:
Andromeda blends into Lightspeed which he's invisible and strike nearby enemies rapidly, max 3 strikes per enemies (include minion and creeps) max 12 strikes, deal 75 (+50% total physical attack) (+350% total magic power) true damage. Damage are multiple if enemies has one more strike. If Andromeda can't find closest enemies after 3 strikes from current target Andromeda will automaticaly cancel his skill. If there are strike left, it will convert to cooldown reduction, 1 strike give 1,5% CD reduction. After striking enemies, Andromeda will back on his original position.

Use again:
If Andromeda successfully use all 12 strikes, he can charge straight line further with short time charge Lightspeed which give his immune during this skill on process, if hit enemies will deal 100 (+300% total physical attack) (+900% total magic power) true damage
Energy cost: 25/30/35
CD: 60/50/40
Base damage: 75/100/125
Strike multiplier: 150%/175%/200%
Extra charge base damage: 100/130/160

Special skill: Gun transformation
Andromeda can transform his gun to saber and vice versa. If transform gun to Saber, Andromeda will shot shock grenade that cause slow 30% for 0.5 seconds with AoE damage and deal 150 (+100% total physical attack) physical damage and jump backwards. If transform his saber to gun Andromeda will dash significantly forward, gave immune for 1,2 seconds and deal 100 (+100% total physical attack) true damage
CD: 12 Seconds

Appearance: Andromeda is an experimental cyborg made by Alien, previously was an human form but get kidnaped by Alien. With Space battle suit and Carry Saber that can Transform to Beam gun and able to move fast as lightspeed

HP: 2670 (+120 per level)
Energy: 75 (+3 per level)
Physical attack: 120 (+6 per level)
Magical power: 0
Movement speed: 260
Physical armor: 24 (+3 per level)
Magical armor: 16 (+3 per level)
Energy regen: 3 per seconds
HP regen: 4.7 per seconds


Andromeda did not come from the Land of Dawn.  

There is a planet far from the Land of Dawn, namely Terra.  Andromeda is not his real name, his real name is David.  David is just a high school boy who is often bullied and harassed by his own friends.  He is often called a crybaby by his classmates.  David is also not very smart in class which is why he is often bullied, but David is very interested in astronomy.  

Once when David went to the mountain at night to see the beautiful stars, he accidentally saw an alien ship coming slowly, David could not run because he was scared, until the plane saw him then he was stolen without any resistance at all.  

After being kidnapped by the alien plane, he left the planet with David.  5 hours after being kidnapped, David woke up and was shocked he was already in a water tube.  After awakening from his stupor, the aliens then took him out of the tube and put him in a cell.  after days in the cell, David began to feel weak and sick from not being fed and he was also given frequent injections, then the aliens took him to a special lab to try their research using David as a guinea pig.  David couldn't fight back because he was weak.  After the experiment, David loses consciousness and has been brainwashed by the aliens.  

The aliens rename David to 'Andromeda'.  

After Andromeda brainwashed then the Aliens gave a little training to master his strength, unexpected things happen on Andromeda. Able to run as fast as lightning, after months of training, Andromeda ready for battle.  

He was given a weapon such as a machete that could turn into a laser weapon and was given instructions on how to use it.  Now Andromeda has lost consciousness so he can't remember his past, all he knows is destroying his enemy.  

A week later the Aliens prepare to attack their opponent.  A fierce battle ensued, the opponent was overwhelmed with their strength because Andromeda could run as fast as light, making the opposing fleet unable to target Andromeda accurately, finally the opponent lost and their planet was overrun by the aliens.  With this victory, the aliens are increasingly ambitious to rule the entire galaxy.  

The war continued until one day Andromeda was seriously injured, he lost both his eyes and his left hand and concussed his brain.

Andromeda's consciousness began to emerge, he realized that he had been brainwashed by aliens, he had even forgotten his name where he lived and so on.

Andromeda is looking for a plane to escape, he's packing to escape including his main weapon, Andromeda is currently still feeling bad because his eyes have been replaced with special optics that can make his vision limited.  While running away Andromeda was caught, but still managed to get out of the hangar and get ready to do a time warp, but unfortunately there were a few seconds of time warp left, the machine was hit but managed to time warp.  

Everything went smoothly but suddenly the time warp stopped and caused the plane to spiral out of control and crash into the Planet Land of Dawn.  Andromeda attempted to control his plane and managed to land in the desert.

After the emergency landing, Andromeda saw a group of people on horses and cars heading towards him.  And it turned out to be Los Pecados crime boss Waldo Kane, Waldo Kane and his squad besieged Andromeda.  But Andromeda did not dare to fight because they were not enemies, but Andromeda swiftly managed to move places at the speed of light so that Waldo Kane and his troops were confused. Andromeda just disappeared, but it wasn't until Andromeda appeared just a few meters from them because Andromeda's strength could not be used optimally because  injury.

Waldo Kane finally catches Andromeda, but there are 3 people who attack them suddenly, there are Clint, Claude, and Mathilda.  A fierce battle ensued, Andromeda could only use a little of his strength to fight Waldo Kane, suddenly a strange thing happened, the plane chasing Andromeda managed to find Andromeda.  The battle is getting fiercer.

Will Andromeda survive or not?
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Thank you for sharing your concept with us.. it would be better if you add an image reference about the hero and then submit it to the in-game cs as well
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